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  1. I am in my first quarter of pre-reqs and considering taking English 101 online next quarter. I was just wanting to hear about other people's experiences with online classes. I know I want to take my math and science at the college, but english, sociology, etc online. How did your online courses work out for you?

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  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    i have taken all my classes online including a&p 1,2 (took micro and chem on campus). i am also taking algebra as we speak, which i am happy to report i have a b average. i would have never been able to get me pre-nursing classes done if i could not do them online because of all these little kids i have. you have to be disciplined but it is very doable. english online was ok for me a lot of reading and i had to write about 5-6 papers. i made a high b in both comp 1 and 2. good luck with your classes
  4. by   GeneralJinjur
    I have also done most of my classes online: Psychology, English, American Government, Anthropology, Sociology, Nutrition, Ethics, Children's Literature and both semesters of A&P. I did have in-person labs for A&P. I am finally taking microbiology in a regular lecture. It's nice to raise my hand when I'm confused, but it is slower than reading and taking tests on my own. None of the courses I've taken have been self-paced, so you have to turn in assignments on your instructor's schedule. Right now, my Children's Lit teacher likes to load assignments on Wednesday that are due Monday, but most give you more time. I like that I didn't have to waste money on presentation folders or paper for printing. Most classes have required discussions, so you do interact with your classmates. Some of the teachers are uncomfortable with the online format and make you do more work to prove that you're interacting. My English teacher was that way and last semester was a bear because of it. Overall, it has worked well for me and allowed me to spend more time with my kids.
  5. by   psalm
    ...I did microbiology online. We had our labs on campus, all-day Saturdays that we prepared for somewhat online with assignments. The prof was accessable by net or phone and on campus. It worked well for me. I was also taking A& P 2 and sociology on campus so I was able to interact with students in the learning center. I was 47 at the time.
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    I love online classes! They are great for me because I am a night person, and I can do them on my own time. Also, I am not really an auditory learner, so I get more from the material when I read it, and don't have to listen to someone. Good luck!
  7. by   Jax3683
    I'm another who loves online courses!

    Sometimes they're VERY difficult, having to be very self motivated! But I really like being able to "go to class" at 3 in the morning if that's what suites my need this week.

    I started taking online courses with my previous major, thinking that it would be the easy way out, but honestly I feel like I've learned more by having to study harder! Plus I tend to zone out during lectures... this way there is no zoning out!
  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    I agree, you HAVE to be self-disciplined and motivated to do online courses, but I have enjoyed the ones I have done...

    I took Human Growth and Development and an 8-week summer chemistry course -- -- online.....I had a wonderful instructor for the chemistry course which was terrific because we did have weekend lab times and tests....but I loved each of those....

    I know I couldn't do a math class in that format as I really need someone to "show me" that material....but English always came so naturally to me, probably because I'm an avid reader, and if you feel comfortable with your skills, I think it sounds like a wonderful option for you!
  9. by   krenee
    I've taken several online classes. Now that I'm taking my first in-person class, I realize how much I like my online classes - although that may not be a "normal" situation, frankly it's because I have a bad teacher (Chemistry) so I have to go home and teach myself anyway, because I don't know what he's saying!

    With online learning - the flexibility is awesome, but . . . don't get behind! Do NOT get behind! Did I stress that enough? It is just too easy to procrastine, and you will be sorry later.

    Anyway - I definitely like it, it sure beats going out in the cold and walking a mile, plus my class is in the evening and I'm just tired by then.

  10. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I too have taken most of my classes online. I have taken English 1 & 2, Psych, Sociology, A&P 1 & 2 and right now am enrolled in both US AND Texas Government and World Lit, while also tackling Chemistry on campus. I was enrolled in College Algebra, but decided that it was too much!!

    As far as online classes, I LOVE them! I am such a visual learner that with me having to read everything and do it all myself, it really helps me to learn better. Plus, I don't have a chance to gripe about a "bad" instructor, because, in a way, I am my own instructor! :>) I don't have to deal with the "inmature" students who don't care to be there, who texts their friends the whole class or who sleeps in or disrupts the class. My instructors have always been great and are there to answer any calls or emails I have, and I feel that they have put in so much time on their notes and the websites that I get all that extra attention!

    Granted, I'm sure that there are some online classes that aren't very good, like my Sociology instructor who was an old racist b***h (and I am white,) but I made do as best as I could and got out of there. I just like the way that online classes work out for me.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do. You can do anything you set your mind to do!!

  11. by   Little Panda RN
    I am an older student and I did my entire degree online, except for clinicals and testing out on skills and I also had to go to campus for my IV therapy class. I love online learning and could not imagine doing it any other way. The best of luck to you!
  12. by   JMurse89
    For you gals who have taken online classes: Anyone taken A&P? Would you recommend in person or online? I really wanna get A&P 1, 2, Eng and Micro out of the way this summer, but i dunno if it'll be too hard. Also, how long does the 'summer semester' typically last?

    Any responses appreciated! Jeremy
  13. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    for you gals who have taken online classes: anyone taken a&p? would you recommend in person or online? i really wanna get a&p 1, 2, eng and micro out of the way this summer, but i dunno if it'll be too hard. also, how long does the 'summer semester' typically last?

    any responses appreciated! jeremy
    jeremy, i took both a&p 1 and 2 online, and wouldn't have taken it any other way! i had an excellant instructor who made the class that much better. all of the ones that you mentioned taking, i took online except micro, and that was simply because the instructor teaching the online class was known to be very scatterbrained who didn't follow her notes or seem willing to answer and emails or calls with questions about her class. otherwise, i would have definitely taken it online.

    i won't lie, online classes take longer; you have the reading to do, the notes to study and print off, and it is all on your shoulders. if you fail to follow the guidelines and be committed to the class, you will not do good. you have to be totally disciplined to doing the work. i have found in english classes especially, that there is more work to do than the actual classroom work. my first class online which was eng 1, we had to post every day, not only our post (assignment) but we had to answer 2 other posts and then at least once a week, we had an essay to do, and we had to respond to everybody in our essay group, which consisted of at least 4 other people. some groups had 6 people in them. we had 3 major essay/research papers to write, and we had to post our topics, our outlines and our rough drafts to our essay group, and respond to all of theirs, each time. so it is a lot of work. i was wondering what i had gotten myself into, because i was a new student, new to online, and never did well in hs. plus i was working full time, was married with 4 kids and was taking intro to a&p, human growth and math along with it. i passed with an a, and if you are committed and disciplined, you can also!

    please don't let me scare you off from taking online classes, especially with my eng 1 story, because i would do it again. i just want you to know and understand that it isn't "easier" to take an online class. in most cases, it is more intensive. now i have had a couple of classes where i didn't even crack my book, i just printed off the class practice quizzes, studied them and passed with an a. some classes are like that, but most are not.

    good luck with whatever you decide to do. as far as taking a&p online, if you know there is a good instructor teaching it, go for it. i would recommend it anytime!
  14. by   krenee
    Anyone taken A&P?
    Yes, I took it online (and I'm taking part 2 online now). It was hard. The problem is that I have no way of knowing whether it would've been easier in person . . . I think not, because mostly it isn't hard because I don't understand it, it's hard because there's so much memorization. An in person class wouldn't help with that.

    I didn't think to mention this in my previous post, but the one time you do not want to take an online class is if you're an auditory learner. My dh is a very strong auditory learner and doesn't like to read, so it's good for him to hear the lectures. The lectures don't stick with me at all, and I need to read the material, so online works well for me. If you don't know, there are online assessments you can take . . .