Spring 2007 Classes - page 4

Hello everyone, first time poster. I was just wondering what all you are taking in Spring 2007. This will be my last semester of pre reqs, and I hopefully will be in the nursing program come next... Read More

  1. by   L&D_2b
    Pharmacology II and Microbiology
  2. by   djnme2000
    I'm just starting my pre-req's but am excited none the less I'm taking Intro to Psychology, Eng 112 and Computer and Info Systems.
  3. by   xptp29a
    I'm taking...

    Intro to Sociology
    Brain and Human Behavior
    Animal Behavior & Lab
    Aquatic Biology & Lab

    These courses are for my BA in biology. Since I have only one major and no minor I'm able to take a lot of electives. In the end I will have all but one of my general education requirements done for nursing for the two particular community colleges that I plan on applying to for the ADN program.
  4. by   mnj0105
    I am taking

    Eng 112
    A&P 2
    Lifespan Development
    Technical writing
    Algebra 2

    I will only have micro left and my pre and co requsites will be done! =)

    I am trying to get in Fall 07. There is a huge amount of applicants for 160 places though.
  5. by   Mamakidee
    This is my very first quarter!! Starting in Jan. I'll be taking Eng 98 and Math27. I am also excited...... but very nervous too
  6. by   Reese17
    Working on last prerequisites:

    Human Anat&Phys
    Medication Dosage Calculation

    Hopefully, I will get into the RN program in the Fall '07.

    Good luck to you.