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  1. had to take all the question for my nclex rn but am getting the good popup. I am sure I failed, anyone else take all 265 and pass?
  2. Im working on my first careplan and am having difficulty understanding how I should rank these diagnosis. My patient has Huntington's Chorea and here are my list of dx Impaired Swallowing Insomnia Constipation Impaired physical mobility Self Care deficit (bathing/hygiene, toileting, and feeding) Risk for Falls Impaired verbal communication Disturbed Thought process Ineffective Coping Risk for Powerlessness Risk for Loneliness Impaired social interaction. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is my first careplan and I'm wokring on it but am a little confused. Has anyone else had to do a care plan on an Huntington's patient?
  4. djnme2000

    Spring 2007 Classes

    I'm just starting my pre-req's but am excited none the less :) I'm taking Intro to Psychology, Eng 112 and Computer and Info Systems.
  5. djnme2000

    Question about clinicals??

    I know this is a silly question but how often in the semester do you have clinicals. I'm just starting my pre-req's but was curious. I work full time in a law office right now. Do they give you like X amount of days a semester or every Thursday or how does that work?
  6. djnme2000


    Yes the new online program. I am doing the prerequisite courses online right now. The actual nursing courses, bookwork is online and the labs and clinicals are on weekends and evenings. I'm excited and nervous about it but know I can do it. :) Sabrina
  7. djnme2000


    Hi all, I'm currently a paralegal but am enrolled at Virginia Western in Roanoke, VA working toward my RN degree. I'm currently in Lexington, VA with my 4 kiddos and hubby and am excited to get started in the nursing field. I plan on taking the new program through VWCC, the Commonwealth Nursing Program. Anyone else been through this? Nice to meet you all. Sabrina