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Critique my resume please (have been in non medical field)


i am having a bit of an issue because i have never worked in a medical field. i just passed my lpn boards on monday and am in an rn program and will graduate in may. i am looking to send out some resumes but am really at a loss how to change my resume to be more "medical career" friendly. i have worked for an attorney so long....

below is my resume (other than references). any help would be great.

sabrina d. st.clair, lpn


somewhere, virginia



objective: to be a valued part of the team within a health care organization and provide skilled nursing to patients.


2010-present dabney s. lancaster community college clifton forge, va

- adn program

2009-2010 dabney s. lancaster community college clifton forge, va

- practical nursing certificate

2007-2009 virginia western community college roanoke, va

- coursework towards nursing degree program.

2002-2003 mary baldwin college staunton, va

- general education classes.

2000-2002 dominion college roanoke, va

- associate's degree in paralegal


june 2002 ellen arthur & associate's pc lexington, va

to present paralegal

- legal research.

- greeting and assisting client's with scheduling and questions.

- preparation of legal pleadings and correspondence with courts.

- scheduling court hearing, court reporters, and meetings.

- preparation of asset schedules for equitable distribution hearings.

- preparation of subpoenas and discovery responses.

- corresponding with various attorney's and judge's offices.

- filing and keeping records organized.

- handled ethical and conflict check systems.

- worked as a team with other employees.

- maintenance for office web site and blogs.

- used computer, adding machine, fax machine as well as other office equipment.

march 1998 burlington industries glasgow, va

to june 2002 cable twist operator

- reported to shift supervisor and department manager.

- checked quality of the yarn (color, size, and texture).

- maintained operation of verdol and volkman cable twist machines.

- weighed yarn, and check for correct usage, waste and number of ends.

- quality control of finished product yarn bobbins.

- worked as a team with other members in order to ensure production.

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development. Has 43 years experience.

I recommend clarifying your nursing status -- not lumping it all together under "education." I can't tell what your current status is. Do you currently have an LPN license? If so, list it and give the state and license number. When do plan on graduating with your ADN? Are you going to be an RN in a couple of months ... or not for a couple of years? There is no way to know any of that by looking at your resume.

Does that make sense?

Yes I just passed my state boards and am a licensed lpn. I will graduate in May with my ADN. Thanks that does make sense. Thanks.