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  1. Hello, Can anyone tell me what a restorative nurse does on a day-to-day basis? Im interested in this position at my facility but I'm not sure what the position entails...Thanks
  2. Reese17

    MDS..Where do I start?

    I am working in an LTC Facility, but I know nothing about MDS.
  3. Reese17

    MDS..Where do I start?

    Hello, I'm an LPN and I would like to become an MDS Coordinator for an LTC facility. Where do I start? I went on the AANAC website and I dont know if I should go to a seminar or just take an online course. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I should start? What should the first course be that I take? Thanks in advance.
  4. Reese17

    New LPN to LTC need organizational tips

    Congrats on getting a job in this crazy economy!!! I am also a new LPN working in a LTC facility....I've been on the floor for almost 3 months with only 3 days orientation (crazy I know!!). In the beginning I would keep a clipboard with my schedule of to-dos attached and notes. Also, watch how the others nurses go about their day. Dont be afraid to ask questions, very important...Along with my report sheet, I keep an extra blank sheet on my cart for reminders, if a cna comes and reports that a pt needs something but im in with another pt I have them write it on the sheet. Every day I find new ways of going about my day and everyday it gets a little easier. Stay focused, positive and patient. Good Luck to you...keep us informed on how you are doing!
  5. Reese17

    LPN looking for office work

    Can anyone suggest how to go about getting a job in a doctors office? I am a new LPN graduate and am currently working in an LTC facility but am considering looking fo a position in a doctors office but I dont know where to look? Ive checked monster.com, careerbuilder and indeed.com but never find any listings. Are there any LPNs on this site working in a drs office, how did you find your job? Thanks.
  6. Reese17

    how to leave work frustrations at work and not at home??

    I am in the same boat as you, I'm a new nurse and have been working for a month...I go home and constantly review my day in my head, I feel guilty about having to pass on my work to the oncoming nurse, at times. I think we need to learn to just let it go at the door. Do you have hobbies that you enjoy doing? With time and experience I'm sure we will learn to let go off all the frustrations at work. Good luck to u.
  7. Reese17

    When does this feeling end...

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you for everyones advice...like one post said, at the end of my shift I do feel better and I often think "wow, I cant believe I got through it!" I think I will try to establish a routine of calmness before my shift starts, the IPOD idea might work.
  8. Reese17

    When does this feeling end...

    I need some advice, I am a new nurse and have been working at an LTC facility for a month now. Some days I find it very difficult to go into work, my nerves get the better of me. I feel nauseous, my head is spinning and I find it hard to breath..its not that anything bad has happened its just the anticipation of working a new job, not knowing what to expect when I get in to work..How do I get past this feeling? Im getting ready for work now and am seriously considering quitting because this feeling is so overwhelming..thanks in advance.
  9. Reese17

    First 4 weeks feels like 4months

    I also feel the same way...Ive been working LTC for 3 weeks and I swear it feels like Ive been there for months..LTC is very overwhelming! Like the previous post wrote, maybe its not for you. But I would say this, give it a little while longer to make sure its not just new nurse nerves and if you still feel this same then look for another specialty. Good luck!
  10. Reese17

    Tips for Organizing Myself?

    First of all congratulations on graduating and getting a job! Im also a new nurse working LTC...what I do is I keep a small notepad in my pocket to jot down notes, also I have a census sheet w me on my cart so when a doc, DON, or CNA tells me something about my residents I write it down next to their room number on my census sheet along with the time they gave me this info just in case I need to chart. I also keep a clipboard at the nurses desk w a timeframe of what needs to be done....its challenging in the beginning but eventually you will find what works for you and learn to prioritize, just remember your ABC's, pain, cardiac, diabetics come first everything else can wait...Good Luck!
  11. Reese17

    New LPN, this is HARD. Need advice.

    Im in the same boat, Im going on my 3rd week and work the 2nd shift at an LTC facility. I only received 3 days training as a new grad. Its only been 3 weeks but it feels like I have been there for 3 months!!!! The stress is unreal !!! There are some nights where I stay over 2-3 hours. Some nights I dont take a break at all! Everyone I work with are really nice and supportive, some more than others. What makes it even worse is I dont have a regular set, they float me from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor different units so I'm not able to become familiar enough with the residents. There are sooo many frustrating things about working in an LTC facility, but like the other posts have mentioned we must hang in there. It will get better!:) I have some days where I feel like I did an ok job...also what I have found that helps me is I have a clipboard that I keep at the nurses station and on it I have a schedule written out, for example (2-3:15 get report, count narcs, load cart, get labs and pull charts, do rounds 3:15-5 do bgms and pass meds, etc)...this schedule has allowed me to stay on track and do more than just pass meds, such as call doctors and fax to pharmacy. In the beginning all I had time to do was pass meds, when I would finish my 4pm's it was time to do the 8's but with my schedule it keeps me focused. Maybe you could give something like this a try...I think we have to find something that is going to work for us or we will drive ourselves into an early grave. Good Luck and keep us posted!
  12. Reese17

    No one told me....

    Thanks everyone for their advice! Glad to know I'm not alone in all this pain.
  13. Reese17

    Reality Shock...

    I just started a thread about my 1st week on the job....reality shock for me was how painful nursing is...at the end of my shift my feet hurt like crazy...clinicals and the real world are totally different. There is this intense pressure when you get on the floor....trying to do everything within an alotted timeframe leads to so much stress as a new grad...residents who are so accustomed to having their meds given at a certain time even if its not at the right time and they become so upset with you....you are lucky if you get a break....the paperwork! I come from a corporate setting and paperwork was organized and labelled, at my facility there are no manuals that inform you what paperwork goes with what! i'm sure things will get easier once i become more comfortable and familiar with things....good luck.
  14. Reese17

    No one told me....

    Well, I just finished my 1st week at my very 1st nursing job in an LTC facility....nursing skool had me fooled! No one told me my feet would HURT soooo bad!!!! I'm fine when I'm on the floor but the minute I get home and lay down, I'm in agony....no one told me how angry residents will get if u dont give them their medicine when they want it just because the other nurse does this and pre-pours their meds & give them meds early or late....What are some things that surprised you about your first time?
  15. Reese17

    LPN Positions in Chicago IL

    which part of chicago? how far are you willing to drive? when looking for a job i used a website idph.com i believe is the name and it list all nursing homes in illinois... i would go to their websites and apply and the ones that didnt have a website i would call and ask if they are hiring and also u have to ask the MOST IMPORTANT question "do you hire new grads" because A LOT of places do not. it was a lot of work but worth it, i have 2 interviews so far next week. also their is a website called indeed.com on there you can select your location and how far you are willing to drive. good luck on your search!!!!
  16. Reese17

    When to apply for jobs?

    In Illinois, we cant apply for a job until we get our license..I dont know if Texas has the same policy. But as soon as you get your license I would apply...from my experience it takes several weeks before they call you in for an interview after you have applied...Good luck to u!:)