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foreign born nontraditional student, wife, mother, fitness enthusiast

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  1. stpauligirl

    Anyone could help me wid nursing schools?

    I'm leaving allnurses because of EXACTLY the same problem. Can you believe they put an "infraction" under my profile because I "publicly argued with a moderator"...I now have a "criminal record" here on allnurses and anybody who reads my profile can see it ?!?! Isn't that silly and just plain stupid? Outa here!!!!!
  2. stpauligirl

    Do you think this would be goofy?

    Review Chemistry
  3. stpauligirl

    Finally got in!!!!

    It took me about that long, too to get the prereques done. Wow, we've come a long way Good luck and enjoy the preparation. I've already bought supplies here and there.
  4. stpauligirl

    Finally got in!!!!

    :balloons:congratulations:balloons: my own acceptance hasn't sunk all the way in yet. i am starting the end of august. it's such a big deal!
  5. stpauligirl

    Anyone could help me wid nursing schools?

    I don't think that this was a serious post,you find the most bizarre people around the holidays surifng the net, driving around town. and even showing up at the gym ... makes you scratch your head where they suddenly come from.
  6. stpauligirl

    It is real!!!!

    :balloons: Congratulations:balloons:
  7. stpauligirl

    Anyone could help me wid nursing schools?

    Good lord, do you also speak like you write?
  8. stpauligirl

    Got my uniforms...

    Just for the fun of it and to try it I bought a can of Got2b hairspray...OMG the design...it looks like something the'd put on the Space Shuttle It's like super glue for your hair, huh?
  9. stpauligirl

    I finally got my letter!!!!!

  10. stpauligirl

    Help... What to do if my teacher is rotten???

    Thanks so much for your reply. I will definitely get those books I need all the help I can get particularly since I don't have a "Spring chicken" brain anymore. I am starting Fundmentals on August 27th.
  11. stpauligirl

    Got my uniforms...

    My guess is to only wear tan color underwear! No white, print, or lace underwear ?!?! Don't buy cheap scrubs at discount stores since they have thinner material. Mine are size medium and not tight but fit rather loose.
  12. stpauligirl

    Got my uniforms...

    Ooooh, thanks so much for this tip. My hair is touching my shoulders and will be long enough! I will look totally professional . I will start to practice TODAY
  13. stpauligirl

    What nursing class at your school has the most failure rate?

    I also heard that it is MedSurg at our school
  14. stpauligirl

    Got my uniforms...

    I got to figure out how to put up my hair to look professional....I am not very talented when it comes to hair! I know how to put it in a ponytail or stuff it under a baseball cap, but that's about it. Got my uniforms, too. We have to wear ALL white
  15. stpauligirl

    Nursing tattoos?

    Remember that patients may forever remember what they saw on their nurses rather than what their faces looked like! I remember being in the OR as a patient and the anesthesiologist had this COOL rainforest headcover, or on another occasion another wore this COOL golden motorcycle chain bracelet, but I never really saw his face because he kind of sat behind my head...we talked about motorcycles, traveling and all kind of other stuff all through my varicose vein surgery ( Ick, I was semi awake for that one LOL) Hey as long as tatoos and jewelry are in good taste, why not ?????
  16. stpauligirl

    Littman Stethoscopes?

    I am glad to hear that you are pleased with the Classic...I just bought one.