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  1. L&D_2b

    BC3, Sewickley, UPMC Shadyside

    I'll keep you posted. We have a new Dean of Nursing this year, so will see if anything changes. --Marci
  2. L&D_2b

    BC3, Sewickley, UPMC Shadyside

    No, there is nothing else you can do, Sorry. I'm starting their program at the end of this month. Entrance is completely based on GPA. If you did well with your last 12 credits, you should be fine. I think my GPA for the last 12 credits was a 3.85. I believe they accept applications up until December, so you should hear something by February. Good luck! --Marci
  3. L&D_2b

    I can't find a program...need a 2nd chance

    Butler Community College's (http://www.bc3.edu) RN nursing program admission is based on your last 12 semester hours of nursing college credit. Admission is ranked by GPA from those last 12 semester hours. You can apply up until December for next fall (2010). There is no admission interview, pre-entrance tests, etc. So you can literally enroll as a pre-nursing student now, take 12 credits while trying to do EXTREMELY well, and get in next fall. I hope this helps. --Marci
  4. L&D_2b

    CPR classes

    Call the Red Cross or the education dept. of hospitals. I do know that Butler Community College and Concordia in Kittanning teach them as well. --Marci
  5. L&D_2b

    I don't know what my score means???

    If I remember correctly, it means you did at or better than 28% of the people who took the test. I looked into CCBC's LPN program at one time, I believe you have to be in the 60th percentile to get accepted. You get to retake it don't you? Atleast this time you would know what to expect. I've always done better the second time around. Hang in there, you'll get it.
  6. L&D_2b

    online nursing

    The University of Wisconsin has an online accelerated BSN program. You can check it out at: http://www.uwosh.edu/con/undergrad/accelerated.php Good luck. --Marci
  7. L&D_2b

    LVN online programs?

    I don't know where you are located, but Minnesota has a nice LPN program. The lectures are online and clinicals are done in person. You can check them out at http://www.distance.minnesota.edu Good luck.
  8. L&D_2b

    Any advice?

    I have a bachelors degree in education with an overall 3.65 GPA. However, my school only used the grades and courses that were relevent to their program (ie, sciences, math, psychology, english, etc.) They then refigured my GPA based on those courses and I think I had a 3.85. If you did well in prerequisite courses and explained the situation for the other grades, I think you have an great shot at an RN program. However, apply to more than one school. You never want to limit your options and put all of your "eggs in one basket". Good luck! --Marci
  9. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    Can you transfer any of your RN credits to the LPN program to lighten your courseload? Or if you can, try taking all of your pre-requisites first so you can concentrate on just the nursing courses. Children make going to a nursing program hard. I know, I have 4 myself. However, they also give you the determination you need to succeed. Good luck. I'm sure you will find your path to nursing. Sometimes it just takes awhile. --Marci, SN
  10. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    Sorry all, but my computer has been broken. Hence, the delay. I finished level 1 with an "A". However, (and I hate to tell all of you this) I have decided to move to an RN program this fall. I think it is the best route for me. I really want to work in L&D or a NICU someday. Around here, I need an RN license to do that. However, the LPN program just wet my whistle for nursing. For all of you aspiring LPN students out there, stop reading this post and GO FOR IT. You will be so happy you did. If you can't go full-time, look into part time programs. Everyone here can do it. It just takes a great deal of determination and a true love of nursing. Good luck to you all! --Marci, SN
  11. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    I had a great day at clinicals today. I got to pass meds and it was sooooo much fun. I did tube feedings and meds, glucoscans (a ton at 7 and 11:30), administered oral meds, eye drops, ear drops, nitroglycerin patches and for the finale: I gave my FIRST injections today! I got to give 5 insulin injections. I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. I have to be a sick nurse because every time someone needed an injection, I wanted to be the one to give it to them! I'm so tired now. When I'm with the med cart, I'm on my feet all day long. I didn't even get a break because I had so many meds to administer. I also didn't get to take a lunch until 12:30, well after the time the rest of my classmates got to go to lunch. Oh well, passing meds was fun. I have class tomorrow. We have a pharmacology calculations quiz to take (10-15 questions). Wednesday, I have a 30 point test on First Aid. Until next time......... --Marci
  12. L&D_2b

    My first day!

    Do a search at http://www.campusi.com It will pull up tons of online places that the book is available at, including ebay and half. Like someone already said, you'd better get the book instead of waiting for it. --Marci
  13. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    I had clinicals today. It turned out to be an ok day. However, my resident refused to cooperate this morning. I went into the room expecting to do a head to toe assessment and her a.m. care. Instead, she told me to leave her alone because she wanted to sleep! So much for getting my work done on schedule. I went and helped my fellow classmates for about a half hour and then returned to see if she was a little more cordial during that visit. Fortunately for me, she was. Nothing else really major happened today. We got to do the glucose scan's for the floor. I got to use the hoyer lift with a patient. Other than that, same stuff we've done before. However, here's the kicker! I get to play "nurse" next week and pass meds! Yippeee! I don't get a resident to take care of, per se. But, I do get to pass meds on all of the students patients. I can't wait. Well, I have class tomorrow. No tests, thank goodness. I hope you all are having a good week. Talk to you soon, Marci
  14. Just remember this quote, "You only see the obstacles when you have stopped focusing on your goal". Now, just keep the LPN license in mind:) --Marci
  15. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    Wednesday was a pretty fun lecture class day. We all had to bring in oranges to practice giving injections on. We practiced cleaning off the vial top, measuring the amount of med we needed in the syringe, injecting the air into the vial, then turing the vial over to fill the syringe with the med, recap the needle using the scoop method, cleaning our orange with an alcohol wipe, removing the cap, and then darting into our oranges. I thought it was a pretty cool lab session. I injected my poor orange with so many meds that you couldn't squeeze it anymore! It was a hard, round ball:lol2: I only have two days of class next week. Clinical on Monday and lecture class on Tuesday. I only have eight more clinical days left of this level. Although I like being in a nursing home, I can't wait until level 2 when we are going to an acute care facility. No tests next week. Yeah! However, I have to turn in my careplan and drug cards on Monday. Well, I'll keep you all posted as to how next week transires. Please keep us all posted as to how all of your programs are going. I'm sure our experiences are helping to alleviate some of the anxiety for future LPN students. --Marci
  16. L&D_2b

    I started LPN school today!

    Well, another day of clinical down. All in all, it went very well. I had one resident again. I was in charge of her ADL's and daily care. I also got to do my first head to toe assessment on her. Although it took me awile, I'm sure I will get faster as time goes on. We got to learn how to do glucose checks in the afternoon. We got to do them on one another. Now that we all passed, we get to do them on the floor next week. We also got to write our first nursing documentation note. Although we only wrote them on the back of our physical assessment papers and not the chart, it was still fun practicing. We have a bunch of papers to read on insulin. I guess we are going to be learning how to draw it up and give it next week. I can't wait for that. Finally, "real" nurse duties. I have a test tomorrow in lecture on physical assessment and vital signs. Hopefully that will go ok. Take Care, Marci