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  1. xptp29a

    Sad news

    Brian Short, founder of Allnurses.com, and family members were found dead today in his suburban Minneapolis home. Thought to be a murder-suicide. Link below is to an article published in a local paper. Five found dead in entrepreneur Brian Short's Lake Minnetonka home - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
  2. xptp29a

    NHCC current nursing student

    You must get at least 90% on the math test. The first attempt is your grade. You're given three attempts to pass and kicked out of the program if you don't pass on the third try. Initial test is given in class. Retakes are done on your own time in the testing center. I didn't hear of anyone in the evening and weekend who didn't pass. Examples in the Pickar book are good. Your instructors should give you a practice test that is almost identical to the real thing.
  3. xptp29a

    NHCC current nursing student

    I am a current first year student. Coursework is reasonable. I spend 15 hours per week preparing for classes. I also work full-time. I did well my first semester and anticipate doing well during the rest of the program. The HESI entrance exam was not required when I applied.
  4. xptp29a

    Brain aneurysm kills suddenly

    My mom had a subarachnoid hemorrhage a few years ago. She didn't have a headache at all. Was conscious one moment, out the next. Detachable coiling after the bleed stopped things from getting worse in her case. It was a long hospital stay, but lucky there were no lasting deficits. Not a common outcome. Sorry it didn't turn out better for your cousin.
  5. xptp29a

    Need help for a budget watch for males.

    I bought an Invicta Specialty 1038 around $50. Has military, second hand, nylon strap, is water resistant, white face.
  6. xptp29a

    NHCC Acceptance Letter for Fall 2011

    The wait is over lol. I am in the evening program. Congrats!
  7. xptp29a

    NHCC Acceptance Letter for Fall 2011

    My letter came today.
  8. xptp29a

    Mercy Hospital Cardiovascular Care Unit

    Nurses never seemed more stressed out on 4 Heart and 3 West compared to other floors when I worked there. Maybe they are willing to take new grads because permanent nights are difficult positions to fill? It is encouraging they are considering new grads.
  9. xptp29a

    NHCC Acceptance Letter for Fall 2011

    NHCC's nursing website says letters will be mailed by the beginning of May. I would expect them to be sent around the same time this year as last year. Good luck!
  10. xptp29a

    RN-BSN in MN

    You don't have to be religious to go to Bethel. Bethel will expose you to different worldviews, not indoctrinate you into its baptist heritage. I didn't go to Bethel, but did go to another private religious school in MN. Must say I am glad I had to take "religion" classes. These classes may seem irrelevant (I know it did to me at first), but it broadened my perspective. Wouldn't let the whole religion stand in the way. It can be as important or as unimportant as you want to make it.
  11. xptp29a

    NHCC and Anoka Ramsey

    NHCC has a higher NCLEX pass rate according to the MN Board of Nursing, for whatever that's worth.
  12. xptp29a

    Nhcc acceptance letters?

    If you were accepted into NHCC's nursing program, would you mind sharing what grades you got for AP1, AP2 and micro? I, as well as many other of my classmates, are curious. We all have different ideas of what a competitive candidate is when it comes to grades received for these classes and actual chances of getting into the program. I have visited the health care advisors and he and she were both vague on what grades accepted folks had. Just curious... Congrats, by the way, if you got in! How exciting! : )
  13. xptp29a

    Maple Grove Hospital

    Wow! There were 8,500 applicants for 180 positions according to local news sources.
  14. xptp29a

    Promoting Team Bonding/Spirit on a Unit/Floor

    We use Great Team Cards as a team building tool. The cards are used to thank fellow coworkers for going above and beyond their normal duties and helping each other out. During our monthly meetings a few cards that originate from our department are read aloud so everyone can hear about the good deads. These cards are typically only a couple sentances and are filled out using a form on our intranet which is available to all employees. I always print mine out and tuck them away in my fluffer file so I can brag about myself during review time.
  15. xptp29a

    Should I take Chemistry before Biology?

    If you are talking about Biol 1001 at NHCC, then chemistry is recommended, but not required. Pretty sure there isn't a lot of chemistry knowledge needed for a basic biology class such as this.
  16. xptp29a

    Maple Grove Hospital

    Maple Grove Hospital will be opening on December 30. Has anyone applied to work here? If so, have you been hired?