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Looks like they did some work around here! Lets do a quick roll call to see who's here (pre-nursing students)! I'm FutureNurse2005, hoping to start the BSCN program in Fall 2005. I'm in Canada... Read More

  1. by   TLC RN
    Another one waiting here

    I got accepted to my back up school (2 year traditional BSN). I am waiting for the 16 month accelerated BSN program to give word. They send out letters in a couple weeks.

    At this point, I don't care much because at the back up school, I can take the last 3 prereqs required for their program this fall and start the core nursing classes full time in January! So I am for sure starting school! Yeah!

    I cannot wait to get started :hatparty:
  2. by   luv2yoga
    Hi all, I'm a career-switcher, I have an accounting degree already and have worked in IT for the past 20 years. I am not making the switch because my job's in jepardy, but because I'm bored, bored, bored. I've always been drawn to healthcare. I've been taking one class a time while working but I am quitting my job in August and going full-time to take the last pre-req.s, 4 classes: A&P II, Micro, Nutrition, and Psych (Lifespan). I have been planning this since about last December. Now that it's so close, I am just super anxious to get on with it! I am so ready to learn something new, and this stuff is just interesting. I really enjoyed Chem. I will be applying in August for the January 05 class at a private Catholic school. The admit rate is about 25% so I have my fingers crossed. Oh, I also teach aerobics. And I have 2 kids and a great husband. Yes, I'm busy but soon it will be with things I love.
  3. by   sobelle
    I'm in semester #2 of prereq's. I will be applying for the fall 2005 ADN program. Hopefully I will have all classes, except Microbiology, completed before the nursing curriculum begins. I'm married to wonderful husband and we have one daughter together, almost two years old. My schedule includes 2 classes M-TH, in the evenings. We are currently a one income family, so I take evening classes to prevent day care expenses for now. Good luck to everyone. This will be a great forum, I'm sure.
  4. by   LauraF, RN
    I am applying for the spring to bridge into an ADN program and the local CC. All pre-req's are about done. This summer taking LPN-Rn articulation, Health Assessment and Comp I. The comp because I am a goof and can not figure where I did it to send the transcript. I have Comp II, so where the heck comp I is I don't know, so DO OVER.
  5. by   AnthonyD

    I'm Anthony, 23 and married. From NJ, then FL, now Rochester, NY.

    I'm just getting done with a year of active duty as an officer in the Navy, and hope to get started with a new career as a nurse.

    I have a degree in English, which is basically useless in finding a job. Time for me to get back to school and do what I really want, which is to get my hands dirty and help some people along the way.
  6. by   tuppence
    I'm Erin, 25, married 4 years in August, and with a previous BA in French.
    I originally planned to be a teacher but changed my mind after a hospitalization.

    I just finished up a year of pre-req's. I had applied to start my nursing classes this fall, but because of the number of applicants, I've been offered a spot for 2005 instead. It's probably for the best, since our baby girl is due in about a month! (My husband and I also have a 2 1/2 year old son.) I only have a couple more non-nursing classes to take. I'm going to be in a BSN program, but since I already have a bachelor's I'm not taking any general ed stuff, and I'll be earning a second major in nursing.

    So I'm about to start my second year of pre-req's, but thankfully I know I have a spot reserved in the fall 2005 class. I'll be taking ethics and nutrition this fall.
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  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    I guess I still qualify since I don't officially start the ADN program until August. Hi everyone!
  8. by   bebenurse
    [font=Comic Sans MS]hi, i am applying for spring 05. right nowi am taking three pre-reqs over in summer school since i had b's in them. i started out a different major and really messed around. now seven years later i am having to re-take them. but math it my absolute worst. so i might bug some of you with a few questions. i have a daughter that is 5 months and a husband so school is a little different now. anyways, i am glad i found these boards! i am going adn, for right now but the more i read i am wondering if i should be going bsn. i can always go back for the year transition.
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  9. by   ARmickie
    I suppose I would be officially included in this group! I am just starting college at the tender age of 33! This summer, I'm taking Personal Health and Western Civilization I for the first term. Scond term, I'll be taking .... uhmm.. I don't know yet! Whatever it is, it will be another 6 credits of prereq's for the BSN program. I'm taking classes at a CC and then I'll transfer over to a tradition 4 year program to finish up. I have four kids, ranging in age from 13 to 6, a husband and a dog.... Good luck to one and all, and may God have mercy on our souls through all of this... :uhoh21:
  10. by   Spoiled1
    Hi guys! I am pre-nursing! I am taking pre-req's at a CC, I am hoping to get into a BSN program by Fall '05!! I will be applying before February!! Does anyone know if ALL the prereq's need to be done before you apply ??
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    All the pre-req's don't have to be done at my school...but some may. You might want to give them a call and ask.
  12. by   madamewalker
    Hello all!

    I am beginning an ADN program in the Fall at the Borough of Manhattan Community College; I'm preparing my schedule now. That, my significant other, my daughter (14 mo. old) and a career with a fluctuating schedule are just a few of the current challenges.

    Good luck to all!
  13. by   need2be
    HI, I am from Rochester, ny , I am taking physiology over the summer and I will begin the adn progam here at a local cc come september. I am nervous but excited to start the process.