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TLC RN has 1 years experience and specializes in CVICU.

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  1. Has anyone taken any of the nursing theory classes before starting the anesthesia program at OU and gotten them to accept them transferring the credit in? OU won't tell you if your class will transfer in until after your first semester is finished. I want to lighten my load this fall and try to take a class or two this summer but I don't want to take a class elsewhere and have it not transfer in. If you did take a class and it was approved, will you post what class and where also? Thanks
  2. TLC RN

    bad news

    Here is a thread from someone who was in your shoes a few months ago. Good luck! https://allnurses.com/forums/f16/my-feeling-after-taking-boards-lesson-all-179679.html?highlight=vinny
  3. TLC RN

    Work during school?

    Quit and focus on school.
  4. TLC RN

    University of Detroit Interview pending...

    Congratulations asianrn & nursekern! :balloons: Doesn't it feel AWESOME :)
  5. TLC RN

    Accelerated 2nd Degree-Oakland University

    How many days per week is the program? Usually 5 days. But I did have clinical on the weekend and during the evening. You have to have the ability to be flexible. Is it only during the day, or is there an option to take classes in the evening? Most of the classes are during the day. Sometimes clinical run 7a-7:30P or 3-11:30 Did you say you had to study 4-6 hours per day or week? I studied 4-6 hours per day average. I thought I read something on their website about doing your program through a certain hospital where more help is needed, and in return your tuition is paid or partially paid??? Do you know anything about that? I think that is the program at St John Conner Creek. You can get a work sponsorship for signing on to work with them after you graduate. Do you have to go to the Oakland campus for all the classes or are there other sites? I live in Monroe, so it would be a hike. I did the program at Macomb campus. We did go to OU Rochester campus for one class but spent most of the time at the campus next to Macomb Community College. They also have the cohort at St John Connor Creek which is on the east side of Detroit I think. I heard they MAY have a cohort starting at OU but that was not from anyone at the school. Have you looked at schools in Toledo? Are there any options there? Hope this helps & good luck!
  6. TLC RN

    Accelerated 2nd Degree-Oakland University

    I felt prepared leaving school. The program is totally doable if you are organized and set priorities. I put in about 4-6 hours a night a week studying. After the first semester, I started working out about 1 - 2 hours per day too. I did not go out as much as I used too but could have made more time to do that if I wanted. I think if you are flexible and have a positive attitude you will do much better in the program. It was very easy to find a job. Most everyone had a job by the time we finished school. I went into a critical care internship and have been working in a ICU. I have since applied to grad school and will be starting this fall. I did the program at Macomb. I have a friend who is doing the program at St John and she seems to like it. PM or email me if you have any specific questions and I can try to answer them. TLC RN
  7. TLC RN

    Advice for CRNA School Interview

    Do you mean one should go into the interview WITH prior knowledge of the interview questions? When I asked an admissions coordinator how to prepare for the interview she said to speak with people who interviewed in the past.
  8. TLC RN

    CRNA Boards Tomorrow!

    Good luck! You will do awesome!
  9. TLC RN

    New Grad to ICU...

    Yes, one can go directly into the ICU.
  10. TLC RN

    Oakland university in Michigan

    Congrats! I will be there with you - YAHOO!
  11. TLC RN

    Calling all SRNAs

    I am an SRNA - became one last week - Yahoo! Sorry...I am still in shock :) You can PM/email me too. Go MSU - I am an alumni too.
  12. TLC RN

    Oakland university in Michigan

    Congrats :balloons: That is awesome :) Good luck to you!
  13. TLC RN

    Science Grades

    Why would anyone be pissed off? You also worked hard to get to where you are. I came into nursing as a second career and had a low first degree GPA. There were schools that did not want me because of my low GPA and others that did because of they looked at the 30+ credits I took after my first degree that showed a huge improvement. People need to understand that, (as I am sure you know) there is so much more to getting into a program than GPA. Good luck to you in your upcoming interview!
  14. TLC RN

    Who's going to Anesthesia school?

    Me too! I am with RNsneedchange and am going to Oakland University next fall 07! Good luck everyone!
  15. TLC RN

    Oakland university in Michigan

    :balloons: So...Who is going with me fall of 2007????:balloons: Calls started today!
  16. TLC RN

    Oakland university in Michigan

    Anyone hear yet at all? I think they have one more day of interviews tomorrow...