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Hi - Just curious if anyone else sees rampant cheating going on at their school. I witness it in my Chemistry class all the time. Its so lame. Adults pulling out cheat sheets and writing... Read More

  1. by   drdan
    Quote from RainDreamer
    Wow, I can't believe they allow cheating like that to go on!

    I've NEVER seen any cheating going on within my class. I don't see how it would be possible. When we get into the room to take our exam, we have to sit at our own table (normally there are 2 students/table), we have to put our backpacks/purses/etc against the walls. If we want to go to the bathroom/blow our nose/get a drink, one of the proctors has to go with us. It may seem strict, but that's how it should be. I'm told it's like that during the NCLEX, even more strict .... so why shouldn't it be like that during nursing school, too?

    Cheaters suck. They deserve to fail. They are putting their patients in harms way by cheating on exams. And they are hurting themselves, because I don't see how they would be able to pass the NCLEX after cheating all throughout nursing school ... and they deserve to fail it. Sorry, I just have no tolerance for that crap.
    That does seem a bit strict but that's probably for the better. I would think that our nursing program probably has something along those lines with extra precautions taken during exams to catch cheaters. I'm not in the program yet so I don' t know. The only classes I wouldn't really care if anyone cheated in are the General Education like Art 1A(art history), music history, etc...Unless they are Art majors or music majors of course. But for a nursing major, it shouldn't matter much.
  2. by   BoonersmomRN
    I have never seen any cheating in my classes...but I think that's because I am so focused on what I am doing that I tune everyone else out- HOWEVER- last semester I guess there was a problem because our first 3 tests ( molec bio) she had us just sit in our lecture hall seats right next to one another and for the 4th test suddenly there were multiple versions of the test and everyone had to spread wayyyy out.
  3. by   MryRose
    I too am so absorbed in my own test I have no idea what else is going on around me.

    Cheating is just WRONG! Nursing is a profession that demands ethics.... if cheating is a means to pass the test, they do not deserve to continue. Give those seats to people who are waiting to fill them.

    That said, I have to say that I was accused of cheating on the last midterm.

    During the test, I used the border of my scantron to help me figure out an answer (wrote A B C D E to figure out some matching lab values....) then erased it. We were not allowed to write on the exam itself because he reused them.

    After class I was talking with another classmate and told him how I got past that part..... I was pretty ill with asthma during test and get getting confused on that section. Anyway, a not so nice classmate (for other reasons) overheard this and went to the Prof telling him I brought the lab values into the test on my scantron! She went on to lie that I personally told her...but that's another post.

    My prof knows me well and didn't believe her.... but it might not be the case for other people.

    Fortunately for me my classmates rallied behind me and didn't believe this malicious person.

    I just want you to realize that mistaken accusations can also happen.


  4. by   *PICURN*
    We had some pretty rampant "cheating" going on @ my school.....

    Basically a group of people (still don't know who they were!) would get together IMMEDIATELY after a test and try and remember the questions/answers and write them all down.

    Then they would do this for every test, and pass it down to the next incoming semester.

    In a way, its really the teacher's fault. It is his/her job to CHANGE the tests every semester. I know its hard to find good nursing questions, but sorry thats what you are getting paid for. Still, many of the people who used those little "reviews" failed the tests b/c they just tried to sit and memorize the answers rather than studying the material.

    Eventually someone turned in the "cheat sheet" and all hell broke loose.... I'm sure its still going on to this day though.....not much can stop a cheater....

    When it all comes down to cheating.....those who cheat are going to have a hard time passing (or may NOT pass) the NCLEX. What does it matter if you sit and cheat all through nursing school if you CANT pass the boards!!!
  5. by   smk1
    it is hard when people cheat and get A's and then have the high GPA to get into the programs and others are unfairly rejected. Our school is annoying because we have 3 different teachers teaching A&P and one teaches it like a gross anatomy course and is well known throughout the state for the difficulty of his classes. The other two give study guides and easy multiple choice tests with clear cut choices, so it is irritating for those students who are making B's in the hard teachers class to see the other students getting A's easily with study sheets and guides. The bad thing is is that the sciences are more heavily weighted at our school as well, so these students are at a serious advantage as far as getting into the program. Oh well so is life I guess... sigh(and at our school the A&P and Chem classes are so impacted, you better accept the first seat that is open in those classes instead of trying to pick and choose or you might be waiting another 2 semesters or more to start the A&P series which puts you back another .5 to 1 year to start the nursing program afterward)
  6. by   Lawnurse
    Since this is the pre-nursing student forum, I'm guessing you are one of the 2,200 competing for 120 spots.

    Are you okay with these seats going to people who cheat while you get a thin envelope saying better luck next time?

    I know there's no doubt in your mind that cheating is wrong. It's not appealing to be the whistleblower, but think about what is personally at stake for you - your seat the nursing school class!

    Seems to me like not reporting the cheating would be kind of like not studying for any of your tests...you know it puts your chances of getting into school in jeopardy - but there IS something you can do about it!

    Good luck. Consider anonymous reporting or going to your school's ombudsman to maintain privacy.

  7. by   Maggie Mae
    I saw alot of cheating at my school, and yes I did report it. The instructor couldn't beleive that anyone would cheat. To make a long story short, the cheaters had trouble passing the NCLEX, and some had difficulties on their jobs coping with the people and the stress.
  8. by   danu3
    Time has changed a lot. In the 70s and 80s, I don't remember that cheating is like all over the place. Now a days, it is so bad that in my school there are cheating policy. During exam, we put all our backpacks in the hall or in front of the prof like as if we have bombs or something. Then the exams are not the same for everyone, usually around 3 or so different exams so that there is no way for a person to look at another person's exam and cheat. Plus we have exam seating assignments. And the prof will walk up and down throughout the exam.
  9. by   moonberry
    Cheating is definitely wrong. But I do not disagree with some of the replies. I think it is more important for a student to realize that cheating is wrong and would not bring any future. As nurses, we should be empathetic, sympathetic, and forgiving to a certain extent. Just because someone cheated on an exam doesn't make one completely unethical. When we are young, sometimes we do not make the smartest decisions.. this doesn't mean we don't deserve a second chance.

    These students should not be kicked out of school.. but rather learn that they have done something wrong and never fall into the same pithole again.
  10. by   smk1
    If you are sure of what you have seen, then make an appointment to talk to the instructor about what you have seen. You can even say you don't want to name names, but _______ has been happening and she/he needs to be aware. This should take care of it. Yes, it is true that most of those people would probably fail out of nursing school if they have no foundation in A&p/chem, but they also took a seat away from someone who earned it. They need to be stopped in there tracks. We had a few girls in A&P that would sneak out a cheat sheet during lab tests. She was reported and expelled. others would move the microscopes etc... so others would not see what the pointer was really pointing to leading to the wrong answers. wouldn't it be nice if adult people would actually act like adults.
  11. by   chelli73
    The OP made a good point that everyone seemed to kinda overlook--COMPETITION--to get into a nursing program. Some people will do just about ANYTHING to get what they feel they need or want. That being said, I think everyone cheats a little in life IN GENERAL! Don't flame me but cheating is going on all around us on a daily basis, and I for one agree w/ mercypot, I would not report anyone for cheating. It is way to hard to focus on being fair and just in my own life--I sincerely DO NOT have the time to check out anyone else's actions. God sees ALL!!!!!!!
  12. by   maryshome8
    Quote from nycNurse2b
    Hi -

    Just curious if anyone else sees rampant cheating going on at their school. I witness it in my Chemistry class all the time.

    Its so lame. Adults pulling out cheat sheets and writing answers and formulas on their desks.

    I am taking A&P I next semsester and when i asked around for Professor recommendations people said, "oh, try to take so-and-so, everyone cheats and gets A's".

    Ummm...kinda scary. Correct me if i'm wrong, but wouldnt a nurse actually need to know some of the things taught in A&P to be a good nurse?

    Anyway, my school is an ultra-competitive community college - something like 2,200 students trying to get into 120 nursing spots. Perhaps that is what is driving lots of people to feel they have to cheat.

    Anyway, was just curious.
    Report it to your instructor as well as the department head and to administration if that doesn't get it done. It's not fair for someone to get a grade the easy way when you have worked 10x as hard for the same thing.
  13. by   mixyRN
    Quote from SMK1
    We had a few girls in A&P that would sneak out a cheat sheet during lab tests. She was reported and expelled. others would move the microscopes etc... so others would not see what the pointer was really pointing to leading to the wrong answers. wouldn't it be nice if adult people would actually act like adults.
    This would happen ALL THE TIME in my A&P lab exams!! The teacher would place a pin in the disected specimen or a piece of tape on the model and someone would move it! It was soooo infuriating! I would ask the most questions during lab exam and would have the teacher come over to fix it if I was unsure and it had been moved. Very Disgraceful.