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  1. SusanJean

    Arrival in US -- what to expect, what to do

    Clothes can be very expensive for kids, esp when you consider how fast they grow. Target is a good place to get clothes, esp if they are on sale. Having said that... My daughter is adopted from an asian country. She is smaller than most US kids - but by the standards from her country, quite "normal." This makes it hard to find clothing that fit her - anything that fits her waist is way too short. The more expensive stores offer options that allow the clothes to fit. (Lands' End, The Gap for Kids, etc.) While they cost much more, the quality is much better - but she grows so fast, quality is not really an issue since she wears things for 6 months or so. Most communities have resale shops for kids clothing: the clothes have to be in new or nearly new condition and are very inexpensive. If you don't tell someone where you bought them, no one will know. Also, people have "garage sales" where they sell used items, less expensively than resale shops. But you don't know what will be there... There is really no stigma attached to buying items from resale (in this country.) Most people will brag about the great deals they find at them. hope this helps. SJ
  2. SusanJean

    studying help and pocket pc downloads?

    I have not found any functioning freebies that are worthwhile. Since you have not started ns yet, I would consider investing in Taber's for your PDA. You will need a medical dictionary at some point. I purchased the download a year ago, use it almost daily. Saves tons of time and room in backpack. ALso has abbreviations and common acronyms. I have several other hardcopy med dictionaries and have not yet had to go to one for reference since download. SJ
  3. SusanJean

    APA Format

    Didn't use any program last semester, no real problems, but very time consuming. A prof suggested PERRLA this semester - I have used it for 3 papers now and find it to be timesaving - but a little frustrated since it is not set for all types of references, just the most common. Some I still need to look up and type in manually. But, given all the journals that we have to write, this will be a great timesaving tool. Very accurate.
  4. SusanJean

    September is National Preparedness Month

    I agree that family is always the first priority. Having said that, that would be one of the first parts of disaster planning: assuring family safety. I am fully aware that the medical profession often dictates that you put pts first, in an emergency. My family has discussed this (presently a student) and is aware that in an emergency I may have to work. There is also the possibility that my husband can be forced to work (in extreme emergencies veterinarians can be called in to treat humans). Our emergency planning has now modified to take that into account. We have had an emergency plan in place for years -- I will tell you that it makes my kids feel safer. There is the initial anxiety of discussing it, but when bad weather hits, or we loose power/water/etc, they know what to do and that we have resourses to ride it out. I do have to repack the "to go" kit, as my kids have grown a foot and the change of clothes would no longer fit them...
  5. SusanJean

    September is National Preparedness Month

    While I have not read these specific links, I recall in some similar links - and this recent disaster is reinforcement: Prepare for up to 1 week (longer if possible) to be self-sufficent; it may take take that long for disaster relief to become available. In the event you need to evacuate, you can do so immediately w/ your supplies (and avoid the lines in stores.)
  6. SusanJean

    refugees hit home

    I think this may well be the case. Some new grads from our school called to volunteer and were told "pack your bags and be here tomorrow." I have a friend that was at the Pentagon 9/11 (a civilian) and she said the RC set up a small station Day one, but no significant relief or any personnel showed up until 3-4 days into the disaster. While I believe that, overall, the RC offers a significant role to disaster relief, too much of the money they recieve does not get to the people it was meant to help (my personal opinion.) I do believe it is their policy to not charge for services or supplies at this time (vs during WWII.) I have donated time to the RC, but my money goes to other charities. There are other organizations there, including the Salvation Army. (My sister is turning 40 this month and has asked for donations to SA, instead of gifts...they were on the scene for a disaster she lived through.) I have also seen clips on the news of people driving down donated supplies and distributing them to the survivors - though you need to be careful where you go - if it is desparate, safety cannot be assured. Just some of my thoughts...
  7. SusanJean

    Need to vent (rant)

    If you like this school, contact them and see how you can "improve" for the next application go-round. (Some schools like to see persistance and will acknowledge your contact and follow-through.) Granted, if you didn't have grades other than your hs, that was all they had to go on... I have been told by numerous admission personnel, that they look at more recent grades if there has been a large time gap in education. You might consider contacting other schools...some really do value the "non-traditional" students and would love to have you in their program. It is not always just "luck of the draw." You still may be able to impact your acceptance - Good Luck - SJ
  8. SusanJean

    funniest thing you saw a nurse do.......

    Cara are you still a student? As morbid as it seems, when you spend a long enough time in the trenches this type of humor is what keeps you going. It is human and yes it is irreverent but I assure you these nurses probably have as much respect for their patients as you or I do. deedee :) We have some new nursing profs this semester - fresh from the trenches - and they are fantastic w/ their dark humor and tales from the OR/floor/ED, etc. I will admit, tho, that it leaves some of the class looking shocked and confused. SJ
  9. This is true at many, many institutions. The organic chem and biochem I took were "pre-med" and accepted for med school AND nursing school. However, the ones for "health care professionals" were not acceptable for PA school or med school.
  10. SusanJean

    Volunteer Nurses Needed for Hurricane Emergency!

    NSNA (the student nursing assoc - I am not sure if the initials are correct - has sent out an email to member schools asking for assistance. I am sorry, but deleted the email w/ info and links and cannot retrieve it. Maybe someone else has rec'd it and can post it here. I would suggest students work through their school, local Red Cross so assistance can be coordinated. Thinking even if we cannot go there, we can do something locally to free up others, hold drives for supplies and money, etc., etc. through our schools. SJ
  11. SusanJean

    Free rent for nursing student?

    I like this recommendation. Our school has a section for posting nursing/related positions - found my weekend job this way - and there are presently 3 other students from my school helping w/ same assignment (paid, not live-in.) I know for my employer, this cut down on the initial screening and insured a certain level of education and/or references.
  12. SusanJean

    Can't Get Motivated To Study re:Katrina

    I know how you feel - I am tempted to keep the news on 24/7... During 9/11 I did, was glued for 3 months and totally stressed from it. (More to it, but will stay on topic.) During the tsunami, I watched, wrote a ck to Doctors w/out Borders and kept up w/ my studies. Now I watch for 1 hour a day, then turn the TV off!! Watching it, even though you are safe and sound, can trick your mind and body into stressing, just as though your were there. I am able to keep w/ my studies now, knowing that it is providing the training and preparing me for the next "big one" - so that I can help, if I chose or it happens in my area (and I must.) This has also reminded me to update our familiy's disaster plan, restock supplies and water, make contingency plans w/ friends/neighbors/family in the event of an emergency in my area. Having something to do is helpful. Turn the tv off or limit your time... SJ
  13. SusanJean

    Free rent for nursing student?

    If you are near the college, it might be worth a try. I know of a couple of situations where this has worked well. Be sure to outline responsibilities so everyone knows what is expected. In one case, the individual was in very early stages, lived alone and wanted someone around just for reassurance and to help w/ one meal per day (cooking.) He could still manage on his own for the others. In the other case, the family could not afford to pay for home health and did this as a way for them to get breaks, tho family was primarily responsible for the pt. Good luck. SJ
  14. SusanJean

    Illegals affect Healthcare?

    People come to this country for a reason. Most illegal immigrants would not be here unless they got something out of it; people hire them and exploit them. Because they are here illegally, they do not seek redress for this (many legal immigrants do not either because they fear authority). Most go without health care until there is a life threatening crisis. A doctor here set up a system of "free clinics" for anyone who could not afford health care - this includes illegal immigrants - no questions asked. The clinics are run on donations ONLY and are a fantastic resource for the community. I was volunteering at one a number of yrs ago - a woman came in w/ severe 2nd/3rd degree burns on her arms. Seems she was working at a Mexican restaurant and suffered grease burns. She had no benefits, no money - and was fired at the time of the accident. She was suffering horribly and waited days for tx because she was illegal. I watched this dr. get on the phone, find free meds, tx, and he also reported the restaurant to authorities. (pre HIPAA). IMO, we should be taking issue w/ the people who hire (and draw/bring) those here illegally, not those coming here to seek a better life. In this country, even the worst conditions are better than what many can afford in their own country. Many put up w/ abuse and the conditions in an attempt to have a better future for their children - they themselves only sacrifice. I have a friend who is here LEGALLY from India. She comes from money and lived in India w/ servants, many homes and private schools. Yet she choses to live here in a bad area, very small apartment, ride public transportation -- all for the future of her children. The air and water are clean. The education system is good (relatively.) Medical care is available. There are resourses if you need them. If you have never been to a 3rd world country, or an emerging 3rd world country, you cannot even imagine what everyday circumstances are like. During the adoption of my daughter, I would wake up early - ok, she would wake me up - and I would see dead in the streets...people who just died overnight. Not one or two occasionally, but many, every morning. I would walk down the streets and people would see me w/ a child - and come up and beg me to take their child/children - with tears in their eyes - hoping their children would have a chance, not just at a better life, but LIFE. (At the time I adopted my daughter, infant mortality was 50% by year 5.) I am only describing the tip of the iceberg as to what I saw... So, let's not blame the people hoping to improve their lives... If we want to solve the immigrant problem, look to the employers. IMO, the healthcare problem is being driving by insurance and pharm. companies, for-profit healthcare where gigantic bonuses are given to those that don't even provide health services. SJ
  15. SusanJean

    Nursing as maid of all trades

    LOL. Great idea! Seriously, if they are offering room service, they should hire wait-staff. I cannot imagine adding this to the list of things that must be done... SJ
  16. SusanJean

    THinking of you... Please stay safe! Hurricane Katrina

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the gulf region. SJ