Microbiology - Summer 09 - page 4

My class starts on June 1st. Its a 10 week long semester and I'm taking it along with A&P II and General Psych. Thought I would start this thread since I know a few others have to be taking it this... Read More

  1. by   nursoon
    My thoughts now that I only have 2 weeks left of micro. The class is okay, kinda interesting kinda boring, I haven't actually been going to lecture because the professor just reads straight off her slides which are posted online and I can read myself. Death by powerpoint anyone? First test I got an A on so apparently I'm learning what I need to know just showing up on test day. Micro is all memorization and that I am good at.

    The lab on the other hand sucks, very boring material, we have a different ta teaching us everyday, no clear guidence. We are now working on our unknown projects, which is a random bacteria with a number, we are supposed to put it through all the tests independently then write a lab report on what bacteria we think we have based on the test. Problem, no one was told how to write it, each tests takes atleast 24hours and we only have one more week to finish it. My bacteria failed to grow so I had a replate meaning I am behind, if it fails to grow again I don't know what I will do.
  2. by   lightsnoise
    I hope micro is all memorization or else it's going to be hardddd. Conceptually the material is not too bad, but the labs are terribly long because we do like 3-5 labs in a day and I am the worst at following directions. So scared of doing the unknown =[
  3. by   mom35
    We started our unknowns today. I think it will be fun, I did a streak plate and found out it is gram positive. That narrows in down to about 10 possibilities. I just hope that I get a good isolated colony. We had practical yesterday and it was not too bad. However, lecture test 2 was KILLER! Two more lecture tests, the unknown, and 12 pages of extra credit to finish by next Thursday-and prayer to get through it
  4. by   SierraMoon
    I love Micro, it's so interesting to me. Makes me want to do research.
  5. by   redbeans
    i'm taking micro online this summer (lab is not required at my cc) and its not as bad as i thought. we are taking our second test on tuesday.
  6. by   nneokill175
    so hows everyone doing in their microbio class...?
    is it harder than AnP? (some people told me its easier, but im not so sure due to the fact thats its condense into 4 weeks...)
    my class starts next week
    wish me luck
  7. by   horselover1
    I've heard that Microbiology is VERY VERY tough, but of course VERY helpful!
  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    I find it easier than AP2 (which I'm also taking) and AP1. Its very interesting, but AP is taking up most of my time right now.
  9. by   Brighten
    Micro has definitely been harder than anatomy. micro is so much memorization but at the same time you have to know the conceptual stuff and lab can be a drag...
  10. by   MsKaz
    Are there any sites or books that can help someone understand micro better?
  11. by   Piglet68
    I am taking my Micro at MC3 in PA. My lab final is Monday and my department final is Wednesday.....YEAH! Six intense weeks but well worth it. The class was really interesting and lab was awesome.
  12. by   lightsnoise
    I haven't taken Physio yet, but Micro is definitely harder than Anatomy because in lab you actually have to know what your doing--your not merely memorizing models...I wish our school didn't have labs like one of the earlier posters said but then Micro would be super easy like intro to o-chem.
  13. by   Cee_Lee_78
    I start Micro on Tuesday for 10 weeks, meeting TR from 1-7pm (ouch). I have already taken the chem prereqs along with A&P I-II. I just need to take A&P III and English. I am hoping Micro will be just as easy as A&P was, otherwise it is going to be a brutal summer for me (keep in mind I have a 2 and 5 year old running around the house as well).

    I wish everyone luck this summer and upcoming fall.