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  1. lightsnoise

    Help please!! DNA translation

    It's ACC. The MRNA codon is UGG and TRNA anit-codon would be ACC
  2. lightsnoise

    CSUEB Teas Scores

    They don't have an application pool data from previous years like Sac do they?
  3. lightsnoise

    2 Yr School with no waiting list.

    Man why can't live where soon of you. 2.0 and no wait-list my god
  4. lightsnoise

    Letter of recommendation requirement for CSUs?

    No unless its a private school.
  5. lightsnoise

    Finally Took Teas!!

    Because certain programs use your TEAS scores to rank you, while other schools have the "score" you need to get in order to be eligible to their program.
  6. lightsnoise

    CSUS Fall 2010 hopefuls

    Applied, but haven't taken the teas.
  7. lightsnoise

    CONFUSED - nursing application deadlines??!

    If I were you, I would go to each of the schools websites and look for yourself. I know SJSU is around late Feb-March, but if you really want to go to any of those schools, I would suggest doing the above.
  8. lightsnoise

    Taking Notes - By hand or by Laptop?

    Hand--and like people said, rewrite the notes if needed.
  9. lightsnoise

    CONFUSED - nursing application deadlines??!

    I don't want to be a harbinger of bad news, but you are pretty much screwed if you haven't applied to any of the schools yet (not supplement) because the deadline for apps to most of the schools was like Nov 30, 2009. I don't know about the southern ...
  10. lightsnoise

    teas test information

    You get the study guide from ATI.
  11. lightsnoise

    So Frustrated! (Vent)

    But how can I memorize 3 whole chapters of material? Ummm keep studying until you get it...The best advice I can give you is for you to reflect on why you didn't do as well as you wanted. Maybe it's a problem with your studying strategy or maybe you ...
  12. lightsnoise

    HELP PLEASE. cal state prerequisites..

    Since you're just entering college, there's pretty much no way you'll get priority over the people who have been at the college already, so it's all up to luck to see how much pre-req classes you can get during a semester.
  13. FYI...there's an s-load of mistakes on there; but, nonetheless, the book explains stuff (especially the English and science portions) way better than the ATI book does.
  14. lightsnoise

    Are You Volunteering For You or Just For Show?

    Depending on the hospital and what they let you do, volunteering can be a complete waste of time. For one, if you're actually doing legitimate (i.e., not pushing patients around in wheelchairs or doing "work" at the information desk) volunteering wor...
  15. lightsnoise

    Any good links to Micro Pathogen classifications?

    What kind of classification are you talking about? Are you talking about morphology, oxygen requirements, etc?