microbiology in summer school?

  1. Is it realistic to do microbiology in a 8 week summer school session?

    I think I can do it. I am a 4.0 student (because I study all the time!) and work part time. No kids, 1 understanding husband that doesn't pester me too much when I'm trying to study.

    I think I will try to take it at American River College.

    Anyone take summer school class before?
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  3. by   2bJoshRN9788
    god yes. i need to take it this summer in a 4 week session. you'll survive no problem.
  4. by   lorba
    I think it is realistic. I took A&P II in a six week session and pulled off an A. It took up most of my time, but I think it was worth it. I'm currently taking microbiology and I definitely think you can do it in an eight week session, especially since you are a motivated student. Good luck!
  5. by   ccjus123
    I'm taking A&P 1 for the first time during a 5 week session in June, and I'm a little scared because everyone here is saying it's so much info. to remember in such a short period of time, then others say it's doable. I prefer to actually do it in a shorter time span to get it over with. Science was never my best subject, but I'm tackling it head on instead of running from it. I've already bought "Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies" book and it's helping me alot with just the basics. I've already got some things memorized like anatomic terms like: anterior, superior, distal, lateral, adenopathy, epithelium, connective tissue....etc. Next I'm going to try and get a jump start on learning the skeletal system.

    I say anything is doable just get a head start and get some books and read websites on microbiology in order to get a better idea of what you're getting involved in.
  6. by   donsterRN
    I took a summer session (6 weeks) 4 credit hour Chemistry class several years ago, complete with lab. I got an A. It was fulltime effort, but worth it to get it over and done with. I don't think you'll have problems doing that with Micro. Good luck!
  7. by   Gourley Gal
    Hey guys,

    I am taking Microbiology completely online at Ocean County College. I decided against their First Five Week ( I needed the break) and I am taking it in their Second Five Week. It starts June 24th and runs until July 28th. My kids will be off of school but I can do it anytime I like. I will get up real early do the class and then go the beach. I live near the Ocean and my kids live at the beach in the summer.

    So many people have encouraged me to go for it.

    I their website is www.ocean.edu/micro.htm

    Will anyone join me?

    Gourley Gal
  8. by   4lotus8
    Personally, not only is it realistic...it's highly encouraged!! Of course, not every situation is right for every student. I too am an "A" student, and I loved micro during the summer. It didn't feel THAT much work because it was literally only one class... there were no other classes that took time away from the studying. It was better than taking it during the semester because of that very fact. Good luck!
  9. by   SierraMoon
    It better be realistic because I'm doing it, too . It's my last non-nursing class so I better get accepted for the fall or I'll have nothing to do .
  10. by   afranklin
    As long as you're Not taking it where I am, you will do great!!!
  11. by   CrunchyMama
    I finishing up A&P2 now and starting nursing in the fall. I had planned on taking micro during nursing 3, which would be fall 2010....but I think I'm going to take it next summer instead. It's a month long instead of a whole semester and that way I'll only have to concentrate on nursing. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  12. by   mom35
    I took five classes last summer: psycI in Maymester, psychII and Pre-alg in summer I, and Art Appreciation, and Speech communications in summer II. The classes were easier ones except for psyc, but I loved it!! I will be taking Micro this summer with an 8 week endurance. I think it is doable
  13. by   Lefty Lou
    I never took an accelerated science course yet, but I did take a 4 week calculus class over a summer and got an A. It was A LOT of work, homework every night with tests and quizzes weekly. If you put in the work, I think you'll be fine. Good luck to you!
  14. by   gottagetthere
    I took Micro last summer at my CC, and it was honestly really intense squeezing all that material into 6 weeks. I wasn't working, nor was I taking other courses, so I was fortunate to have the time to study, eat, study, sleep, go to class, and do it all over again. Yet, others in my class who did work that summer survived also, but they were of course exhausted coming into class. People who forced themselves through the short class thinking it would be easier than taking it during the semester were proved wrong. But at the same time, I know a handful of students taking it this semester, and they're struggling big-time too! This might depend on the actual instructor, but I'd say take it in the summer if you know you can honestly dedicate yourself to studying each and every day. There's a lot to learn in Micro, and if you are passionate about biology in general you will absolutely find Micro fascinating! It relates sooo much to nursing and to why people get sick in the first place. I ended up with the 'A' I wanted to get in the course, but it didn't come without a lot of effort! You can do it too, but you must accept the fact that it is accelerated and it may be tough, and then commit yourself to doing well! :hngon: Hang in there!