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  1. afranklin

    Micro and A&P 2 together?

    Smart move! To those who did well taking both, congratulations. I had a very traumatic experience when attempting these two classes; my micro teacher was, well, like my mother always said, 'if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything.' Having a great instructor helps, too. Sorry to say I had neither. Am in the process of trying to find a micro class for summer II.
  2. afranklin

    Nursing Program Waiting List?

    NCTC Does count it against you if you Do not have Chemistry, Algebra, and all the other required pre-req's. At least, this is what they told me when I tried to apply.
  3. afranklin

    Survey: Nurse Recruitment

    6 minutes.
  4. afranklin

    Survey: Nurse Recruitment

    An option for the LVN would be nice, too.
  5. afranklin

    First year of adn DONE!!!

  6. afranklin

    Got into School!!!!!

  7. afranklin

    I am officially done with nursing school!!!

  8. afranklin

    I got in!

  9. afranklin

    This Is The Best Day Of My Life!!!!!!!!!

  10. afranklin


    SO, SO COOL:)!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. afranklin

    My Job Update

    So exciting! Enjoy!!!!!!
  12. afranklin

    Should I keep my Micro book???

    Are there any rad-tech students who wish to sell their books? I'd love to talk to you:)
  13. afranklin

    SO ANGRY...help!!!

    Move on; don't let this become bigger than it has to be. You are a nurse, and I'm sure a very good one so don't let one bad apple spoil what is about a great journey:) and, besides, living well is the best revenge!!
  14. Is it possible that it's the teacher and not you? I know, in my case, my micro instructor was so busy 'teaching' us on the PhD level that it just was too much, too deep and way over my head. Thank God, I finally got up the courage to drop and keep my 4.0 GPA intact.
  15. afranklin

    Glory to God, I did it!!

  16. afranklin

    LA Times Many nursing jobs but only the strong need apply

    What's wrong with having LPNs?