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  1. greatpyr_mom

    Diagnosed with MS

    If you need more support, I highly suggest that you contact your local chapter of the National MS society. They have some great programs, info etc that I found very helpful when I was newly diagnosed. Good luck!
  2. greatpyr_mom

    Diagnosed with MS

    I have MS and I am currently in an entry level master's degree nursing program. For the post part, my symptoms have been under control, with the exception of severe fatigue in the summer months due to the heat. I was in my med-surg clinical and as June and July brought hotter weather (which exacerbates sx), my fatigue was getting worse. I would lay on the couch before my PM clinicals wondering how I was going to find the energy to even get up off the couch! I went to my neurologist and he gave me a script for provigil, and that helped a lot. You can do this! One of my class assignments was we had to spend a day with a call center "ask a nurse" for Kaiser hospital. Patients call and to get advice. At the call center I saw a few nurses answering the calls who where in wheelchairs. So, even if you symptoms cause a degree of immobility for you, there are always options in nursing to keep us working.
  3. greatpyr_mom

    ADN students, how much do you study?

    There must be a big difference in the ADN vs. the entry level master's degree program because I study 3-5 hours on weeknights and 8 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. There would be no other way to keep up without putting this time in.
  4. greatpyr_mom

    case management at Samuel Merritt

    I was recently accepted to the entry level master's program in rn/case management at Samuel Merritt University in Sacramento. I was wondering if anyone who has gone through the program could clue me in in what I have in store? Did you like the program, the instructors, etc? Did you work while you were in the program? Realistically, how many hours a week did you study? How many hours a week did you spend in class + clinicals + study time. Thanks!
  5. I was just called to be scheduled for an interview for the case management program at Samuel Merritt. Any pointers on how to prepare for this interview?
  6. greatpyr_mom

    CNA training

    Thanks for the info!
  7. greatpyr_mom

    CNA training

    I want to know the same thing. American River College and Sierra College have programs, but I think they have a waiting list or very hard to get into.
  8. greatpyr_mom

    TEAS question

    I just took TEAS version 4. I used the TEAS study guide and I purchased on online TEAS practice tests. I felt that using those was a good prep for the exam, but I searched this site too for any additional information, hints, etc. I don't know about version 5, but all the info that was on my TEAS test was NOT in the study guide. I started studying 6 months in advance. I scored a composite of 88%. I felt the test was hard, so actually I'm surprised that I did as well as I did. Good luck to you!
  9. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    I'm confused with NursingCAS's calculation of all those different GPAs. I was told my the admissions rep for Sacramento that they only are interested in your last 60 credits. NursingCAS doesn't even calculate a separate category for that. If you look at my last 60 credits, I have a 4.0, but if you take into consideration all my stuff, it's not as good.
  10. greatpyr_mom

    Teas June 24th,2010 @ SMU

    I just too the test yesterday. The reading was very easy, the math section not hard, but damn, it was hard to do all those calculations in that short amount of time! I finished the math section with 30 seconds to spare, and even then, I had to use educated guesses for the last few. The science section was terrible. Some questions were easy, but many of them were hard. The grammar section was ok, but some of it was hard. Overall, I think I did ok, but not great. I haven't received my scores yet.
  11. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    Yeah, I think they are looking for a mix of all the characteristics. They want the 'total package' nursing student!
  12. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    I asked that same question to the admissions counselor and she said that it does not negatively impact your potential admission into any program. So on that advice, I applied for both programs, which will increase my chances of getting accepted in one of these programs (I'm hoping:clown: ) That's Victory for the compliment. I worked very hard for those grades, like I'm sure everyone else does who is applying to these programs. Man, the competition is high! I figure I'll get into a program when the timing is right. Things always happen for a reason. I'm interested in Case Management because I think it will be a good fit with my BS in business. However, I think I'll really like hands on patient care too. Right now I volunteer at UC Davis Med Center, and I love helping the nursing care for the patients. The nurses on my ward are great, they are pulling me in and including me on procedures, and showing me a lot of stuff. Last week I got to sit in on an in service on an indwelling rectal catheter. It was interesting. I can't believe some day I'll actually be doing that sort of procedure on someone! I'm looking forward to learning all this stuff, crazy as it sounds, even the 'poopy' jobs sound fun!
  13. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    I'm applying for Sacramento, for the accelerated BSN and the Case Management. My GPA is 3.97, science GPA is 4.0, and I'm taking the TEAS on June 24th (I'm nervous!)
  14. greatpyr_mom

    TEAS practice test 4 vs.5

    I just took the practice teas (on the ATI site, not the real teas 5) out of curiosity and to get more practice. I was just surprised how much harder it was.
  15. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    I just checked the website, and here is the FAQ you were talking about. I believe if you do the electronic letter, you do not see the option of printing a request form. I am thinking if you do the electronic letter, as long as the reference followed the directions in the link they were sent and filled in the info correctly, we'll be alright. I did electronic references too. Login to your NursingCAS application, and select the Institutions Attended folder from the Application Checklist To the right of the Reference Name, you'll find the link for the Reference Request Form. Click the link associated with evaluator for whom you want to print a Reference Request form, which looks like this: This will initiate the download of a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the File. Print out, sign the first page, and then send to your evaluator to complete the rest of the form. Be sure to advise your evaluator to send the Reference Request Form with an official letter of recommendation directly to NursingCAS.
  16. greatpyr_mom

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2011

    I believe when they do the letter electronically, you or they don't need to actually send in any paper letters. I am so confused! By the way, I submitted and paid for my app fees, even though I'm waiting to hear for them to receive the transcript info. Hopefully I did that right!