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  1. 2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Has anyone had their credit checked yet? It seems like in past years, they usually start right around now.
  2. NP Residency Pay

    I was thinking cardiology, GI, or derm. Thanks for the perspective! I think that makes a lot of sense to just apply and get training without the pay cut.
  3. NP Residency Pay

    I have been a Family NP for two years now and I'm considering specialty NP residency. I don't have my heart set on any particular specialty but I have a few mind. How big of a pay cut is it to go from experienced NP to NP resident? I live in SoCal if...
  4. NHSC for Providers

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that the wait is pretty excruciating.
  5. NHSC for Providers

    On page 16 of the guidance packet, right under funding preference, the first bullet states: The NHSC will give priority to an applicant who has characteristics that indicate a higher likelihood of continuing to practice in a HPSA once the service c...
  6. NHSC for Providers

    I have applied. I don't have the strongest numbers, but I did come from disadvantaged background, so I'm hoping I have a shot.
  7. How fast did you land a job?

    As a native Californian myself, I agree with this. I graduated in SoCal for my undergrad, and it took a year to find my first full time RN job. I went to grad school in the east coast for FNP, and got a job offer in writing three months before gradua...
  8. Nurse Corps Loan Repayment 2016 Cycle

    I'm an NP applying for the first time as well. HPSA score 14, which I believe is Tier 1. D/I ratio of 140%. I got my credit checked twice by Credco. Once on April 11 and again April 19. I am sure though that the reason is because I also applied to t...
  9. Do you feel ill will from doctors?

    There is real life and then there is internet. For some reason, the latter attracts the most lowly of trolls hiding behind the veil of anonymity, whether that be directed to NPs or celebrities or funny cat videos. I would ignore it. In reality, there...
  10. study group or nah?

    OK, this may sound totally random, but I really wish someone would have told me this when I was in nursing school. I was much like you, I had aced pretty much all of my prerequisites prior to nursing school. And my grades were never that good again i...
  11. NP Stats

    The ACNP is the newest NP specialty at around ten years old.
  12. What do FNP students do during clinicals???

    At my school, it really depends on the preceptors and what they do. My first preceptor was a physician who did simple surgeries like shave biopies, so I was able to do that. But most of the time, the focus is on the actual office visits--chief compla...
  13. The hospitalist dilemma

    Jules, Thanks for your response but I never meant to make an argument for sound practice. I meant to add to that it doesn't always apply only to nurses. Of course most people, I would hope anyway, would want to give birth with someone with formal tra...
  14. The hospitalist dilemma

    Just wanted chime in that this is true in rural areas across professions. A family physician I worked with has a friend from way back in medical school who is also a family physician. But this guy works in a small rural town in the Southwest, and als...
  15. Entrance essay for FNP school

    You have a lot of great experience, and so if you want to make a powerful essay, go back to a time when something happened that really inspired you. It could be something you did to help a patient or it could be something a patient said to you. In th...