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I applied to 5 schools. Had to take the TEAS for one, the NET for another and the NLN for the rest. :specs: So far, I've been wait listed for one, and accepted to another. Still waiting to... Read More

  1. by   roxxy3773
    I applied to three and wish I had applied to a few more. I would be extremely happy in any of the three schools so I am just waiting on pins and needles to get a letter!!
  2. by   GottaGetIn
    Roxxy, maybe we will be in school together!That would be cool.

    From what I know, all letters from schools around here go out sometime this month!
  3. by   cad4296
    Just one hear as well. I know stupid stupid, but its the only one I had all the requirements for. I have done alot of praying this year! Plan to apply to another one too but their deadline is after I will hear from the one so hopefully I won't have to apply there. I should hear something around the end of this month. Man this is torture! Prayers are welcomed!
  4. by   gogatsby
    I applied to four schools. I'm in at first choice, which is also the most expensive! Still waiting to hear from the others...

    Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   L&D_2b
    I applied to only one. I got in as a first choice applicant and I start in August for my ASN program.
  6. by   Wsmith16
    I applied to 10 schools. I am a second degree student who has given up alot to go back to school. I wanted my BSN but know that it may not be possible in terms of the competition and killer gpa requirements. I got in to 3 schools and will most likely have to move. But hey--it's a testament that if you want it don't give up even if you don't have a perfect gpa.

    Don't give up they're are schools out there with no waiting lists..etc. You just have to do lots of research and not give up.
  7. by   Mexarican
    I applied to 2 schools...haven't heard from any but its not expected until later this month. The only 2 that made geographical sense. We shall see.


  8. by   DanEMT
    I applied to 2, got in my first choice and haven't heard from the second yet.
  9. by   trepinCT
    last year , I applied to 2(thinking of commute times). Did not get into either. Learned my lesson and at my age(39) I cant keep re applying, so I have decided to go anywhere(Ct. is not that big of a state anyway). I applied to 7 schools. the furthest from my home is an hour and half commute. But I have taken all pre requsites and electives (community colleges are pretty close with requirements), so I wont have to commute all week.It is very very competetive and I didnt want to put my bets on one or two schools.My back up plans..applied to 2 respiratory programs and am looking into LPN programs, I want to be a an RN very badly, but I need to do something soon, my husband is killing himself working 2 jobs and we have 4 children. with LPN I can work on RN while working and bringing home some money. I even have a "Plan C"- got into a 4 year college as an undergraduate and they take my pre nursing courses as a transfer PLUS a bunch of my electives, so It will take longer to get my RN (BSN), but I needed that option. Good luck to all, never give up and keep posted as you all hear back from schools....
  10. by   casi
    I applied to 3 schools. I hear back from them in April. I'm pretty sure I won't get in, my GPA isn't the bestest. So I'm thinking I'll take another year of pre-reqs make myself more marketable and apply to even more schoools! I don't care where they are, there's nothing here tying me down and I figure I can live off loans.
  11. by   littledarlings
    Any suggestions for nursing school interview?
  12. by   lc3
    I applied to 5 schools and got into 4. My first choice I was waitlisted. In hindsight I would have applied to more schools. I'm a second degree student and I really wanted to pursue grad school to become a nurse pracitioner, but programs are so competitive in my area.

    But since I did get into my second choice I really didnt need to apply to the rest of the schools. Although, it is nice to have options and insurance that I would be going atleast somewhere. I honestly didnt have any plans if I didnt get in this year and it would have been another year of waiting.
  13. by   lc3
    Quote from littledarlings
    Any suggestions for nursing school interview?
    What kind of interview? Is it phone or in-person? All my schools required interviews. I've done one-on-one, group and phone interviews.

    Feel free to PM if you need any specific advise on interviews and there are also some good threads about interviewing.