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  1. Wsmith16

    16 months....still NO JOB

    Go upstate they are the only place hiring. Only prob is u will make les then $40,000 a yr. If u can do afford it go.
  2. Wsmith16

    personal cell phone and the internet and impact on staff moral

    I have never seen a nurse not giving a pt proper care becasue she received a call from home or logged on the internet for a few seconds. So my statement still stands it does not bother me if a fellow nurse has to make a call or goes on the internet for a few seconds. Again, I don't work with the type of nurses that you guys must work with. The nurses I work with are professional all the time when it comes to work. So it does not bother me.
  3. Wsmith16

    personal cell phone and the internet and impact on staff moral

    If it doesn't harm the pt then what business is it to anyone if a coworker uses their cellphone or the internet on down time. I mean really jeesh.
  4. Wsmith16

    Do you see a generational gap in nursing?

    I don't believe it has to do with a generational gap. I am in my mid 30's and nursing is my second career. Coming from a corporate environment I saw people who devoted 25 plus yrs to their job and were given the pink slip. It didn't matter that they came in on their sick days, or stayed late to work, or gave up time away from their family. My life outside of work is more important. SO if I can't make it or need a mental health day I will put myself first. Because we are easily replaceable by administration. Kudos to this generation for putting themselves first maybe if this was done in earlier generations nurses wouldn't be carrying this martyr attitude on their shoulder. ANd we'd get more respect from administration.
  5. Wsmith16

    So what is the deal with nursing.....

    Please take sound of MUsic's reply very seriously. I left a good paying job with sick leave, vacation days, a job where coworkesr respected each other to be a nurse. The healthcare system sucks nurses are overworked and pt's have more rights then you ever will. And they know this. I love being a nurse but I don't know how long I can stay at the bedside it is not what I thought it would be. They never told me in school that your cooowrkers could be your worse enemy, pts can verbally abuse you and there's not much you can do and that you must give all yourself all the time. Gawd forbid you call in sick--or can't come in on a snowday. Disgraceful. Good luck in whatever you choose. If you go the nursing route hope you get into a specialty with a good nurse to pt ratio an d a great staff.
  6. I really don't think it's gonna pick up. IN NY another hospital has closed heard over 500 nurses are out of jobs. Future may be in homecare. But that doesn't mean you won't get a job it's just really hard for everyone now.
  7. Wsmith16

    What to choose? Nursing school vs. Radiology school

    Run to radiology. You will experience less stress, less drama with family, none of the "nurses eat their young" syndrome, and will receive more respect from pts and staff. Nursing is not all its cracked up to be. Don't believe the hype. Good Luck in whatever you choose.
  8. Wsmith16

    New Grad going into Hospice

    Franky, I never understood the rationle of "you need atleast two yrs experience in a hospital to work in hospice or home health". Especially when you are dealing wit one pt at a time and in home health most of the pts are stable if their not you smply call 911. I always thought it was a farce. My friends who began their nursing career in hospice and home health are flourishing and they are generrally happy in their jobs and love nursing. Those who are dedicated, professional and are willing to learn generally make it. Congrats to the OP for not listening to naysayers and doing what you love.
  9. Get another job before you quit. Bedside nursing isnt for everyone. Good Luck.
  10. I checked my union book it says that when serious weather arrives and we are not able to make it we can take a vacation day or personal day. Thus I don't understand why they told me they "would take care of me later". Or refused to transfer me so I could request a personal day. I've come to the ugly realization that my hospital doesn't care about its nurses. All those nights of having 11pts per nite means nothing to them. I'm just expected to give give give until I can't anymore. And that means putting my safety las I guess.
  11. I was scheduled to go to work today. I live about 40 miles away from work got in my car and found visibility to be very bad and did not feel safe driving--train not an option. I called out and was told that my patients needed me and that administration was not happy and that I would be dealt with later? Intimidation or is this ground for termination? I feel that I give so much of myself at work. But it's still not enough. Can I be let go or this?
  12. Wsmith16

    Still possible to get into a nursing program?

    You basically have to go for it and try if you really want it.
  13. Wsmith16

    does night shift make you fat?

    i work 7pm to 7:30am. i eat in the morning whatever i want and before i go to work. after 7pm i don't eat again, i will drink water and if i have the munchies then i have a yogurt or some crackers. this works for me. i'd prob lose more if i followed the same motto on my days off.
  14. Wsmith16

    does night shift make you fat?

    I actually lost weight. By not eating anything once my shift starts. Just drink water and the weight started to come off.
  15. Wsmith16

    Am I crazy because I love med surg???

    I dislike med-surg because I can have 10 to11 patents a night. What is there to like about that?