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Hello, Everyone I just took some placement test to see where I stood before I took prereq classes and did very poorly :o . I feel very disappointed in myself. I would hate to start taking prereq... Read More

  1. by   todell80
    I can empathize with you so much. My family (my mother in particular) is so negative about everything I do. When I first told her I was going back to school for nursing, she said, "But you don't like needles or blood." Like there are really people love them. I have been trying to accept that her attitude is her problem, not mine, but it is tough.

    And by the way, half my class failed our math placement test and had to take a basic math course over the summer. Doesn't mean they will be bad nurses, just meant they needed a brush up. That's why the schools give the tests, so you can catch up, not to discourage you. Keep your head up. The only person who knows you can't do it is you. Everyone else doesn't matter. If you think you can do it, and you want to, go for it. Some of the best nurses out there aren't "book smart."
  2. by   staygold
    Many people tell me I can't be a nurse because I'm black,because i'm a male,because I have tattoos blah blah blah you get the idea. My point is other people's opinions don't have to stand in the way of you reaching your goals if you want to achieve them bad enough(as cliche as that sounds)
  3. by   AngiePangie
    I'm sorry your family isn't more supportive, but you know what? In the end it doesn't really matter what they think. If this is what you really want to do then you should go for it.

    I did horribly on the math portion of my placement test. Math has always been my weak spot, and I've tried to use it as little as possible in the nearly ten years since high-school. I'll be starting at the bottom with math 095, and if I was going into physics or something I would probably be wondering if I was choosing the right career path. :chuckle

    If your family isn't supportive find that support elsewhere. Make friends with the other pre-nursing students. If the college you are attending has a student support services program, and you qualify, apply for it. Brushing up on the basics isn't a bad idea either, but don't let low placement scores make you think you can't handle college at all. Just start wherever they recomend you start. I'm going to be taking a student success class, which basically teatches you how to study effectively.

    It may be a little harder for some of us, but if you want it badly enough, it can be done.
  4. by   fgoff
    If nursing is what you want go for it! Talk with the guidance workers at the school you are trying to get into. Discuss your concerns/issues about not doing well on the test...( they the training to look the level of performance compared to the level of study in certain course of study) Then ask them what you need to achieve in order to be accepted in & pass a nursing program.

    Things that have worked for students in the past....
    * take developmental classes as recommended
    * take any classes that do not require a declared nursing major but are required credits for the nursing curriculum prior to entry (English,math,psych,...) that way the nursing department will see your level of work and your commitment. Your class load will a little lighter once you start the required nursing classes as well.
    * getting tutoring as needed. This is often offered by the student affairs organiations on campus.

    Please don't listen to the nay sayers....Believe in yourself & your abilities.
    Some people go to school get the 4.0 but we all can't do this for ...what ever reason... Do your best.. Try your hardest.. Take your time...
    It took me 5 yrs to get a 2 yr & 4 yr degree...But it happened.

    Best of LUCK!!!!!
  5. by   ladside
    In my opinion, prerequisites and placement scores are things only required of the administering entity. Those are just a few of quite a few obstacles required to get into nursing. Study and overcome them because on the floor when you are looking down at your patients, you don't need to know what the square root of 144 is. I have a nursing license and when I decided to go for my RN, I had to attend remedial classes because these components were not required for me to take care of patients. Humor these skeptics and the professors. After all, it's their job to come up with obstacles for us to overcome to prove we are 'worthy'. Kinda like suckin' up and kissin' ***. Hey, yall know we can all pucker up with the best of 'em when there's something we want. Just keep plenty of chapstick!
  6. by   thida
    DON'T let other people's opinion stop YOUR dream! You will get takes time, you know. You can do it!
  7. by   rnsmday
    I am 40 have 4 young daughters everyday I wake up and wonder if I am going to be able to complete this and the answer is YES
    I have had to retake a class or two because I want my GPA to be better than it is. dont ever let anyone tell you that you cant do something.
    People laughed at Fred Astair and said he couldnt act but could dance a little. Look what he did.
    KEEP THe faith and shoot for the moon you will make it just keep on truckin
  8. by   KungFuFtr
    Sit down and take a deep breath. I have some news for you...
    It's true. You won't be able to make it into nursing school. These are the facts: You must start college the summer after high school. You must be 17 or 18 years old to start. You must come from the upper class$$. You can't have a spouse, girl/boy friend and you can't go on dates. You can't be employed full or part time. You can't have children. Only then, once you start... you must get straight A's!

    Let me tell you
    The only thing that's preventing you from getting what it is you really want is the excuse that you give to yourself.
    The only person who gets to determine YOUR capabilities is YOU. Who's driving the bus...? You are! Everyone has the ability to grow no matter what they've done or how they've acted in the past. The past doesn't=the future.
  9. by   prmenrs
    The only person whose opinion REALLY counts in this decision is yours. If you want it, do what you need to do to get it. As for the rest of the family, if they can't say something positive and encouraging, ask them to please no say anything.

    That said, I think your husband is right. A school that can give you the foundation upon which to build your education would benefit you no matter what direction life takes you. Take that step. It will open lots of options for you.

    Good luck!
  10. by   AmericanChai
    If there's a will, there's a way.

    When I started college (the first time around-- this is my second degree) I had to take remedial classes the first year. I took a math class that was for zero credit. I just kept taking the next math class and the next one and pretty soon I had B's in Algebra and Statistics! I worked very, very hard, spent most evenings in the math lab getting help with my homework. I would memorize the formulas and refresh my memory right before the test. As soon as the test was passed out I would quickly write them down on the top margin and then use them for the rest of the test. Those strategies really helped me.

    This time around I have forgotten most of the math since it's been more than 10 years. I just bought the Algebra textbook and studied it all summer long on my own. The first day of chemistry lab we had a pop quiz with algebra equations on it! I was able to do 80% of it with confidence because of my summer studies.

    I think you will do fine. You just need to take it one step at a time. It may take you a little bit longer but you'll get there.
  11. by   ellieRN06
    I am so sorry that people can be so discouraging. Let me tell you, YOU CAN DO IT. I am never one to give false assurance. Remember the law of attraction in Physics? Whatever you put out there you will attract. So put out positive energy and guess what, you will get it back. Sound crazy? Just try it!!
  12. by   Euskadi1946
    When I was a senior in high school a nun told me that I didn't have what it took to be a nurse and that I would never make it in nursing school. That was 41 years ago and here I am an RN. I graduated from nursing school 13 years ago at 46 yrs old. It took me a while to but I did it and so can you!!!!!
  13. by   casi
    So what if you did lousy on a placement test? There is absolutely no shame in taking a few (or even a lot) of remedial classes. Not your fault that you forgot a few things from high school (honestly who remembers much from high school except for the social interactions?!?!), never quite got a few concepts in high school (or never even was introduced to them!), or sometimes lousy scores can just be an indication that you're not the best test taker! Even a lot of fresh out of high school students find themselves taking a remedial course on occasion, I know I had too.

    The point of the placement testing and remedial courses is that so when you reach those pre-reqs and nursing school you don't drown because you didn't have the foundations.

    So look into taking the courses to bring you up to the level you need to be at and :trout: to all those who have told you that you can't do it. You'll never know until you give it a try. One lousy test score will NEVER determine you're future.