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  1. Floor nurse, please forgive me....

    If you read my original response, then you would know that I did not apply this to all of ER. And I am not here to complain. I posted an experience that I have encountered as a floor nurse that could possibly lead the ER nurse to be on the receiving ...
  2. Floor nurse, please forgive me....

    How do you pop out to say hi to someone that you are unaware of UNTIL you walk out of the room? As I said in my post, I was completely shocked to see that there was a patient in a hospital bed outside in the hallway with his family. There was no repo...
  3. Floor nurse, please forgive me....

    I, a coronary care stepdown unit floor nurse, had the pleasure of working on a day that we only had 3 nurses. The ER nurses, please note 'nurses', brought up 4 patients at the same time. Our census was low, that's why there were only 3 nurses, so we ...
  4. Took NCLEX-RN today and got the good pop-up w/ PVT

    If I understand your question without any specifics, I would say that if a patient says something like, "I couldn't sleep last night", that statement needs more follow up. You, the nurse, need to find out why. If the question states a scenario in whi...
  5. Does everyone really study?

    I took boards in June 2010. I studied a total of about 8 hours during the two months that I waited for my ATT. Passed on the first try with 75 questions. But honestly, I did a whole lot of praying because I couldn't bring myself to study.
  6. NCLEX PN Nerves, Bad Result from Pearson Vue Trick :(

    I understand how you feel. Everything should work out in your favor.
  7. NCLEX PN Nerves, Bad Result from Pearson Vue Trick :(

    Dang! Do you know for a fact that you sent in ALL of the required documents? If so, relax and enjoy the victory. All you can do at this point is have faith and hurry up and wait. Really sucks.
  8. NCLEX PN Nerves, Bad Result from Pearson Vue Trick :(

    In 48hrs, you can pay for quick results through Pearson vue. You will get a definite pass or fail then.
  9. NCLEX PN Nerves, Bad Result from Pearson Vue Trick :(

    Took 8 days for mine to show up....depends on what state you're in.
  10. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    Everyone has their own opinions. Obviously you disagree. To each his/her own. I know what I see, I know what I read and you are more than welcome to debate your issue with any physician at any time if you feel that they are improperly diagnose patien...
  11. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    You can tell them that, too, while you're at it.
  12. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    Tell that to the doctors that make the diagnosis and to the families and patients who complain that this is what caused them to get even sicker.
  13. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    You've never been so cold that you developed a runny nose, the sniffles, sneezing, etc? These people are already in the hospital for whatever reason and because we are always removing their linens for assessments, tests, etc. After a while these snif...
  14. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    We have soooooo many people that come in with one thing and end up with 'colds' so severe that the physicians diagnose them with pneumonia after being subjected to extremely uncomfortable temperatures on the general hospital floors. Just this summer ...
  15. Mandated Flu vaccine?

    I'm 40++++++++ years old and I have never had the flu vaccine nor the flu! I don't even catch colds! So, I, for one, am not about to let anyone start forcing me to treat/prevent crap that I never had. Obviously, my own prevention techniques are worki...