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  1. ellieRN06


    Although it is not a SNRI, I take Wellbutrin. No sexual side effects, no weight gain. I haven't had success with pure SSRIs so I figured I would try something that acted on dopamine and norepinephrine. Like effexor, it does increase anxiety. I am tempted to come off for that reason.
  2. ellieRN06

    Paying rent as an RN

    Thank you all for your replies. I am always hesitant to make big decisions. LLG, I am so glad you said I am really going to sit down before I graduate and make a list of my expenses and try not to go over my allotted amount. My biggest priority is to put $200/month into my ROTH. I am looking at all my options right now and I certainly won't be moving in with a stranger. That is a mistake I will only make once. Thanks again for all the input.
  3. ellieRN06

    Vote--Should I change career mid-life

    I am currently in nursing school and graduate this December. One of you brought up the difficulty of being in school with a family. I have to say, at least half of my peers who were married at the beginning of our program are now divorced. That should say something about the stress level and the toll it takes on you as well as a family. This has just been my experience. Don't go into nursing for the money. I think that is a myth. I have done my research and I most likely will not be making more than $40,000 at least when I start.
  4. ellieRN06

    Hair Problems...help !

    I have a very sensitive scalp as well. My hairdresser uses Aveda (all natural) hair color and foils my hair so very little gets on my scalp. I have long hair so it isn't cheap but she is a good friend so I get a discount.
  5. ellieRN06

    Wellstar Kennestone

    I just thought many of the nurses had bad attitudes. For example, I was in a room with a RN who said (in front of a patient who is totally coherent) "I really hate this woman". Very inappropriate!! It really broke my heart.
  6. ellieRN06

    What's your favorite pair of nursing shoes?

  7. ellieRN06


    I am really stressing about the NCLEX. I will graduate next semester and am so worried that I won't pass. I make mostly A's in my classes but it seems like I have forgotten so much already. I have a few NCLEX books and I look at some of the ?s like it is written in a different language. For those of you who have taken it, did you feel this way as well? Ellie
  8. ellieRN06

    Wellstar Kennestone

    Avoid Med-Surg at Kennestone at all costs!!!!:angryfire I know of two people who work in CCU who love it so much they say they will never leave.
  9. ellieRN06

    What is ur fave area in Psych

    I am interested in Psych. For those of you who work in this field, what is your favorite group of patients to work with? Thanks Ellie
  10. ellieRN06

    Georgia Wages

    I go to Kennesaw and think it is great.
  11. ellieRN06

    Paying rent as an RN

    I am graduating in December with my BSN. I was wondering how doable it would be to afford an apartment by myself ($820/month for rent). I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck and would like to be able to save some money every month. For those of you who have graduated, how did you make out with rent? Thanks so much.