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    I want you to help me, but you will do it my way.....

  2. KungFuFtr

    I want you to help me, but you will do it my way.....

    Actually, coverage works pretty well. Novolog/Humulog is dosed based on a sliding scale and carb counting. It's slightly different than the old school NPH/R insulins in which you get insulin spikes. As long as your A1C's, lipids and cholesterol are in the desired range these foods can be eaten.
  3. KungFuFtr

    IM injections -should we massage or not?

    When I was in nursing school, we were taught to massage the site of IM injections. However, during my last semester in school, massaging and ventrogluteal injections were taken out of the newest Nursing Fundamentals book.
  4. KungFuFtr

    Mobitz type 1, Non-Weinkebach?

  5. I've searched other posts on accreditation; however, none fit my situation. I've been an RN for almost 2 years. I applied and have an interview in the near future. I re-read the job description and I more than meet the expectations for the job. Unfortunately, the description also reads "graduate of an accredited school of nursing". It turns out the school I graduated from wasn't accredited. Does this really matter? I have an RN license...heck, I have two of them, lol. It's not like I'm a brand new grad. Should I disclose this in the interview? I don't want to be dishonest nor do I want to disqualify myself from a potential job. Seriously, is a non accredited degree a dis-qualifier?
  6. KungFuFtr


    A big difference between Chicago and Texas is the driving/traffic. In Austin the traffic is crazy. San Antonio is pretty sweet with a massive freeway (just stay off it from 430-6pm). I can't attest to the other Texas cities. One major difference is the use of the inside-fast lane, it just doesn't exist in San Antonio. Go to Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, house prices, home value estimator, recent sales, cost of living, crime, race, income, photos, education, maps, weather, houses, schools, neighborhoods, and more It's a great resource forum!
  7. KungFuFtr

    Moving to San Antonio......advice on hospitals

    these are some pretty judgmental and bold assertions. in order to make these assumptions you would have to know every person's pay rate, performance, experience and reasons for staying or leaving in all departments and locations. just because a hospital may have a hiring rate based on experience, doesn't mean that pay, sign on bonuses and travel expenses aren't negotiable. op: did you move and start at a facility yet?
  8. KungFuFtr

    Daytonite has passed away...

    RIP Daytonite
  9. KungFuFtr

    Atropine for ABD Pain?

    We had a pt the other day with abd pain. The pt was given Bentyl with no relief. The new Dr. in our department spoke of injecting Atropine in a 1000 mL bag of ns and letting it run wide open. It wasn't my pt and I didn't give the treatment, so I don't know how well it worked. I've never seen Atropine given in this fashion for abd pain. Is this common where you work?
  10. Congrats Streptococcus! What does that have to do with this thread though lol? The story had some momentum; however, the plot threw me off and it left me confused. Most common complaints/diagnosis? Chest Pain Sob Asthma ABD Pain Flank Pain Vomiting Cold Symptoms Chronic Pain ETOH
  11. KungFuFtr

    Resume Depth

    Hello I'm writing my resume and I'd like your opinion. I've been an ER nurse for a little over a year and an ER tech for about 7 months prior to being a nurse. This adds up to just under 2 years working in an ER. Since I'm applying to another ER as a nurse, should I list other non health care related jobs on my resume e.g. cellphone repair technician; production machine construction electrician; retail sales? I guess if I can find a way to use the past experience into a marketable skill... What do you think?
  12. KungFuFtr

    Scary story I heard from some nursing students

    A BS less than 1? So, what happened to the pt? Did the
  13. KungFuFtr

    I have a hunch about a patient and I cannot prove it!

    Thanks for clearing this up. I had a hunch about one of my neighbors too. It's an awesome coincidence that you happened to read/post here and that you have 5 members in your family who happen to be in law enforcement; especially in the D.E.A and or K-9 and that you've discussed such search tactics with them. I'm going to do my duty and make a phone call.
  14. I have a book on cover letters and resumes. There is a section that states : " On a personal note, I am single and currently renting my home. Therefore, relocation can be immediate." This would be accurate for me because I'm able to move on short notice; however, about me stating that I'm "single". Would you not recommend this? Back in nursing school I applied for a student nurse internship. During that interview, the interviewer asked me how I could commit time for the internship while being in school? I told him I have a short workweek and flexibility because I have no children or spouse. The interviewer stuck his fingers in his ears and said "I can't listen to that". (What the heck...he asked?) Would you recommend that I change the bolded sentence above?
  15. KungFuFtr


    You know something... That's a great Idea! Thanks :cheers:
  16. KungFuFtr

    how can we fix healthcare if ppl keep abusing the system?

    The OP was referring to a post that I made in which someone arrived via EMS for a pizza burn.