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I applied to 6/7 different nursing programs and I didn't get in. - SFSU, USF, CCSF, SDSU, SONOMA STATE, SJSU, and pending CSUEB. What should I do now that it's my 3rd year of undergraduate... Read More

  1. by   Mandy0728
    Yeah, don't ever give up! I had so many people at my school tell me to choose a different major because of my low gpa...it was a 1.93...after retaking classes & finishing pre reqs, I have a 3.47 now and am applying in June. Our community college accepts students with a 2.9, but our universities are so competitive that you need pretty much a 3.4 and up to have a shot at getting in. Good luck & don't give up!
  2. by   Strive2Survive
    Quote from windsurfer8
    I would say this...open up to more schools. I was living in MA and ended up getting my BSN in Virginia. I would say apply EVERYWHERE...look at schools in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah...because truly..once you are IN..you control how hard you work. I knew when I was accepted that I had "made it" because I knew I would not quit until I graduated. The hard part is the part you don't control...the getting accepted part. Even if you end up in South Dakota at least you are in.
    Truly awesome advice!
  3. by   Collegegal28
    Hi I am applying for nursing programs next winter. I am finishing up my senior yr and receiving a BA in liberal arts. I was going to ask where did you apply to in va? I am also from MA and looking to apply to out if state programs. Thank you.
  4. by   Collegegal28
    I was asking windsurfer8 or anyone else
  5. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Anything in california is saturated. I'd move and you can always come back in a few years. If that's not an option retake classes and/or easy A's to boost the GPA. Also it looks like you have many pre requisites for a registered dietician if that's something you're interested in. Or you could get undergrad nutrition and apply to PA school. Good luck!
  6. by   MommaTy
    You have to remember these programs have soooooo many applicants. Do you have any healthcare experience? If you don't I suggest working as a CNA to add that to your list. Also apply to community colleges as well. You can always apply for RN-BSN programs. Good luck.
  7. by   "doc"2rn
    "Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end."

    [FONT=Geneva]- Unknown

    California is a tough place to want to become a nurse. I left and I'm pursuing it elsewhere. My daughter is on a wait list for several schools after pushing herself for the past two years to achieve her prerequisites.

    I don't know what's right for you but I just hope you don't give up on what you want to do.

    Best of luck to you.
  8. by   Kvedaa
    The schools in my state (Oregon) dont require a TEAS but they do require a 3.5 (prereqs only) for most BSN programs and there is no way that a B in anatomy/physiology is competitive even though you have really good grades besides that one. Also for most BSN programs in this area you get a lot of extra points on the application for 1000+ hour as a cna/ma/ems, and have a previous bachelors degree. If you are already in your third year maybe getting a bachelors degree but I am no sure what kind of system the schools you applied for use.

    If I where you (which I was 2 years ago) I would retake any classes you have a B in, get more direct patient care experience, and I dont know anything about TEAS scores but if it is average or lower I would try and get an "above average" score, and possibly get a bachelors.

    Whatever you do DONT GIVE UP! Youll get it, it only took me 6 years to get in

    Good Luck!