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  1. Advice for acing A&P?

    YouTube has some great videos especially on the lab portion. They will have videos of different models and some have more explanations than others. They also have great animated videos for different concepts for more visual learners.
  2. new grad RN, help finding a job

    Maybe a blood drive?
  3. How to get EKG training?

    There also may be a hospital based program. Like the other poster said vocational school and community colleges may have it. The community college where I am from has the class listed where the CPR courses are listed.
  4. A&P2 help!

    Have you tried YouTube? There are books called "Made Incredibly Simple" on a ton of different subjects,
  5. moving with a pet?

    I have moved with cats. We moved them last because one has anxiety issues and the other feeds off his energy. We kept them in a bedroom with the door closed until we were ready. It was very stressful for them. They stayed under my bed or dresser and ...
  6. Mneumonics/Ideas For Learning Material

    There is actually some on Pinterest.
  7. Retaking a lab without the lecture

    It really depends on the institution. I've only been to one college where you can take the lab by itself. Speak to an advisor at the college your attending.
  8. how do you get L/D experience if you are required to have experience?

    That's how it is where I am looking at the open positions in my area. I would suggest looking at more rural hospital to possibly increase your chances.
  9. Not doing well in nursing school?

    I found a website/FB page called they also have YouTube videos. You may have to subscribe but the reviews on the major improvements in test grades seemed promising. I would check it out.
  10. Should I take medical terminology (not req'd)?

    I would take it. I would reconsider the timing of it. Micro itself is a hard class. Maybe take it a different semester or during the summer. Maybe just teaching yourself at home with a book.
  11. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2014

    From information I got from an employee there this past summer majority of the jobs cut were either positions that were not filled in the first place or people that just needed to exit for whatever reason. I'm note sure about the 1000 that are going ...
  12. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2014

    Don't forget they are expecting to lay off 1000 more by the end if the year to come in line with next year'a budget. They cut 300 during the summer.
  13. considering crna school after bsn

    There is one in middle Tennessee that requires you to travel to different hospitals for a certain length of time in different states as part if your rotation. If there was a crna school online I would run for the hills!
  14. Gpa when accepted?

    It is only relevant to the schools in your area. There are many factors schools can potentially look at. Some private institutions only care if you meet the minimum requirements while others want the highest GPA possible. Then as someone else stated ...
  15. What did/do you dissect in A&P lab?

    Sheep's brain, cow eye, and fetal pig. We also did a heart just can't remember what animal it came from.