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Hi, everyone I'm new to this forum so bare with me. Well I'm just about finish with my A.A degree (last semster):yeah:! Now I'm at the point of sending out applications however, I'm really nervous and I know its typical but, I have a terrible ituation. I have three C's on my transcript. In A&P1, PSY, and chemistry. I'm so sad an afraid of not entering an nursing program. Does anyone have some advice for me?:uhoh3: My GPA is right at an 3.3, is there any hope for me??

Can you retake those courses, either at your current school or another school? it will be difficult for you to get accepted with C's in prerequisites.

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I can't speak for all ASN programs, which are extremely competitive, but the Accelerated BSN programs by me have accepted students with C's. Like above poster stated, see if retaking at least one of those classes are acceptable. The ASN program at the CC by me will only allow one prerequisite to be retaken.

If you can re-take anything try to, especially A&P. I don't know about the programs in your area but a lot of the programs in my area look closely at your A&P grade. The program I'm trying to get into didn't take anyone last year with less than a sold B in A&P

Another option, and I'm not sure if there are any schools like this in your area, but where I'm at some ADN programs just have a GPA you have to have to get in (2.0/2.5 etc) and then you are put on a waiting list. The downside is it sometimes takes 2 years to start clinicals, but it is an option if you can't get into any other programs and don't want to retake the classes. Or look into private schools, I know of one private school by me for example that just requires a 2.75 GPA, and as of right now has enough space where they don't have to deny anyone.

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Retake A&P I (unless you got an A in A&P II) and you should still be competitive for merit ADN programs. For a BSN program you probably want to retake all three since they are prereqs.

The programs in my area require a B average in the sciences -- so if you earned a C in A&P2, an A in A&P1 will balance out to a B. The Psych grade of a C isn't as important as your sciences.

If I were you, I'd apply anyway, and try to retake those C classes as I waited to get a spot in a program. (The wait in my area can take a long time! Might as well make good use of that time.)

good luck! :)

Thanks everyone, that was a whealth of information that I will certainly use!!

It depends ENTIRELY on the program you are trying to get in, and how competative it is. Look at what type of admission it is for the school. If there is a deadline for application and all decisions are made after deadline, then unless everything else is very strong it will be much harder to get in as you will be "competing" against many more applicants.....especially if it is a very competative admission with many people having very good grades and that application process they take EVERYONE and then offer the best applicants the spots. However don't assume that you don't have an application that will get you in. A lot of people may get rejected simply because they had an incomplete application, where missing a prerequiste, or whatever......even with your C's there may be other things in your application, test scores, references or whatever that put you above other applicants.

If the program has rolling admission it MIGHT make it an easier program to get into. Rolling admission looks at applicants in batches as they come in......if you meet the prerequisite and have decent scores it should be easier to get in (especially if you apply early) aren't competiting with other students so much as being analized individually "will they make a good nursing student". A strong application, essay and references would probably make up for having C's.......afterall, if they wouldn't accept a student with C's, they would change the prerequistes to being B's or better.

Would at very least look at you enterence test scores. If those are on the lower end it might be worth getting a prep book, preping and retaking the test. Would be far easier, quicker, and less costly to improve your application by improving your testing scores then retaking 3 classes. Just a thought. Just know they do concider everything, not just the grades. If you meet the required grades, you CAN get in.....just make sure your application is as strong as it can be where you can.

my school uses a point system, but they also look for a B in certain classes like A&P1, and English 112. Just ask a counseler because as you can tell from this thread all schools vary.

I got in to a very competitive nursing school with a 3.1 many factors go into the decisions of who gets in. Does your school require you to take the TEAS? That score is what got me in. The department will also look to see if you repeated the science classes also so be careful with that. I would talk to an advisor, they will know what criteria that particular school requires.

i got into a very competitive BSN program as a second degree transfer with a 2.85 undergrad gpa. had C's in bio 1 and 2, and chem 1.

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If you have trouble getting into ADN/BSN programs you could try to find an LPN program and bridge over. I know some Community Colleges (like mine) do entry into the LPN program based on first come/first serve (or a lottery system). Then you could bring up your GPA and apply to ADN/BSN schools later.. You may have to wait to get into an LPN program but its a good option as a last resort.

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