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  1. accepted to bsn @ suny-b, but what about my job?!

    I don't know if you guys realize but the OP was from 2010, the issue has passed lol.
  2. St Francis ICU as a new grad

    Has anyone been hired to the ICU at St. Francis in Roslyn as a new grad?
  3. accepted to bsn @ suny-b, but what about my job?!

    I graduated last May. Do you already have a bachelors? Are you applying for the accelerated or as a junior transfer. Although I already had a bachelors, I applied to start traditionally at the junior year. I had a BA in Psychology with a 3.4, and had...
  4. Nslij icu/ccu fellowship

    New york
  5. Nslij icu/ccu fellowship

    Bump, can a mod relocate this post to an area that might get more traffic. I think it may be in the wrong area.
  6. Nslij icu/ccu fellowship

    To anyone who has completed a nslij fellowship at any of the participating hospitals, can you PM some information including:What does the classroom consist of (i heard an ebqm project?)Did you enjoy the program?Did you find it beneficial?Are there ot...
  7. Interview with NYPH as a new grad

    Your interview will most definitely be different than their RN interview.
  8. LI to NYC commute

    I was talking about LIRR. I am from Bethpage, NY: Nassau County and the LIRR to Penn is 55 minutes which is pretty long considering you still need a subway. I am just asking for a ballpark about when people leave... 55min + at least a 20 min subway r...
  9. LI to NYC commute

    Does anyone make the commute from long island to new York city? If so, from where on LI? How long does it take total...what time do you have to leave..and how bad is it when you have multiple shifts in a row?
  10. by what % does blood volume increase in the antepartum period
  11. Tuition Reimbursement & FT Work

    I know that some hospitals provide tuition reimbursement for employees who go back for continued education. Has anyone had their CRNA program covered by their hospital of employment. If so, how much did they require that you work while you were in sc...
  12. chronic bronchitis leads to emphysema?

    i just have a powerpoint slide with my emphysema notes that says Panacinar Emphysema: Result of genetic abnormality or progression of chronic bronchitis. Nothing about how though...
  13. how can chronic bronchitis lead to panacinar emphysema?
  14. I got into Binghamton with a 2.85 GPA but I already had a bachelors degree. I applied as a traditional transfer though so I am in the 2 year program. They do have budget cuts, and I had to really work my butt off to get into the program (my last 4 pr...
  15. pulmonary angiography

    if this post is in the wrong place can a mod please move it to the correct location for me? i dont want to double post --- thanks!