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I was a mediocre student in Chemistry, and by the time I am ready to apply for CRNA school's, my Chemistry will be 6 years old..Is CRNA extremely dependent on chemistry, or is it more functional chemistry? By this, I mean, is it taught as if you know none..or do you need a really large solid foundation in Chem. Also, if do not excel in Chem, could you consider yourself not a good match for this specialty?

I am an average student, but a hard worker..I am just curious to know if someone like myself would be able to succeed in this profession without being a Chemistry wizz...

Thanks for all opinions and information.



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You are going to need a very good understanding of organic, inorganic, and biochem. You will get some in school but you really need to know what is being taught and understand how to apply it when it comes to things like the gas laws and pharmacology, etc. But it really depends on your school. Wouldn't hurt to get a refresher course. Most schools require that the chem is 5 years old or less. Weber State University in Ogden, Utah has a good elemental chem that covers organic and biochem. It includes a lab and it is entirely online and because it is on line it considered in-state tuition. It is 5 credits.



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Sorry but you don't need a "very good" understanding of those topics. While it will help it is not necessary to know the 50 million pathways in biochem. Yes some Ochem is helpful you do not need to be an expert and will get what you need in school.



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I beg to differ. Again it depends on your school. It makes things easier to understand if you have a good understanding of chem. I don't know about your school but when it comes to the way the gases work and how the meds metabolize, and being able to know to use what meds and gases and combinations or drugs on patients with a multitude of conditions it is necessary to know the basics of the chemistry. Chemistry is more than chemical structure. Again each school is going to require different things when it comes to chem.

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A basic understanding of general and organic chem should be all you need to succeed in NA school, and for CRNA boards. A lot of my classmates took Univ of NE online biochem course, and it seemed to work well for them. Personally, my last chem course/O. chem was over 7+ years old when I started school, and I didn't really have any problem with the gas laws or biochem. Most schools will give you everything you need to understand the material, but like everything else in NA school you will have to be self-motivated and study a lot.