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PaSSiNGaS has 16 years experience and specializes in Nurse Anesthesiology.

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  1. PaSSiNGaS

    CRNA question for VCU

    You must really be confused. I’ve been a CRNA for well over 10 years. I also know many graduates and some CRNAs who work there so my info is straight from the source. CRNAs there almost exclusively do all the offsite anesthetics. Why? Because these sites are a pain and they don’t want to have the residents do them so they can focus on bigger cases. That’s just one example of many but to each their own.
  2. PaSSiNGaS

    CRNA question for VCU

    "THE" premiere school? I don't know where you got that info from and if it's from that US News thing that isn't accurate one bit. I can tell you the CRNAs at VCU are used to benefit the residents 100%. That whole program sets up to cater to the residents at that hospital. And saying VCU doesn't allow people in with "holes" in their resume is another false statement. I know of CRNAs who got accepted to VCU with misdemeanors on their records and poor GPAs.
  3. PaSSiNGaS

    Sedation Certification for CRNA School

    More than likely that will not help at all. If you want to stand out the 2nd time around I would try and take a grad level course in pharm, physiology or take a biochem course. You get an A in one of those or a few of them it will show you have the ability to do well in graduate level course work and show that you took the extra initiative to make your application better. Having the CSRN really isn't improving your stats all that much at all.
  4. PaSSiNGaS

    CRNA question for VCU

    1. I would go back to ICU and keep gaining experience there 2. Score high on the GRE 3. To boost your chances and show them your GPA isn't a reflection of how you will do in graduate studies consider taking a graduate class in physiology or pharmacology or take an undergrad Biochem class. And I'm curious how can you still hold a CCRN without ICU experience currently?
  5. PaSSiNGaS

    CRNA masters program versus doctorate

    You will get a job regardless of which degree you get. The only reason to go for the DNAP is if you plan on going into academics in the future. The issue with a DNAP though, is you will only be able to teach in DNAP programs. Most if not all DNP programs do not recognize the DNAP as a terminal degree like they do DNP which means you could not teach in those programs. So it totally depends on what you want in the future. If you can see yourself ever teaching then you will need a terminal degree like a DNAP or DNP.
  6. PaSSiNGaS

    Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU

    If you were hired at a SICU at a large level 1 trauma that will probably be the best experience you could get. Especially if they recover hearts in the SICU. Great experience if you ever consider CRNA school as well.
  7. PaSSiNGaS

    BIS monitoring and sedation titration

    If the order for a RASS is -4 then that should be equivalent to keep the BIS 40-60 and be in a good range for titration of the sedation.
  8. PaSSiNGaS

    Infusion of Meds Question

    Most meds are compatible with the small percentage of drugs being NaHCO3, Lasix, and some other rare combinations. In regards to a dialysis catheter they are some of the biggest gauged access lines you could ask for and are amazing to use especially when you want to give blood products very quickly. If you need to use one because you don't have other access the biggest thing you want to do is pull off blood to waste because many times the lines are flushed with Heparin. There are usually numbers on each lumen (1.5 or 1.7cc) and this is the amount of heparin in mLs that the dialysis nurse will sit into the catheter to prevent it from clotting. So as long as you pull off 5-10ccs of blood to waste before using it it should be just fine.
  9. PaSSiNGaS

    BIS monitoring and sedation titration

    Having a patient paralyzed and awake is not only wrong but basically malpractice in my eyes. BIS is used as a trend to determine the patient's state of consciousness. Like someone said anything over 60 and you worry about recall or being "too awake." You can think of a BIS of < 20-30 as having a patient in burst suppression and very deep. If you have a patient who is paralyzed and the BIS is slowly trending up close to 60 or higher then you need to deepen them with either increasing your propofol gtt, giving additional PRN versed/ativan, or increasing the versed gtt.
  10. PaSSiNGaS

    Gentamicin Questions

    Literally a simple Google search explains this. If you are asking for yourself or a family member who is being prescribed this drug or any drug I'd recommend speaking with your primary care.
  11. PaSSiNGaS

    Is the nursing environment hostile?

    The "nursey nurse" mentality is horrible and pathetic to me. I recommend if you are looking at CRNA that you just get through your RN program, work a few years SICU or CVICU and apply. Just keep your head down and get through it all.
  12. Sorry, but if I was the working for the BON and saw this I wouldn't believe you. No offense, but someone doesn't just forget that they received misdemeanors on their record regardless of it being in your 20s which isn't far off from how old you're saying you are. I would own up to it all and just submit the all the needed paperwork and hopefully they will let it go.
  13. PaSSiNGaS


    Honestly depends on what advanced degree you're looking at. If you want a well rounded ICU experience where you will see a large variety of stuff I would suggest SICU, but CTICU is still a great place to learn as well. Really depends on what you will be happy with.
  14. PaSSiNGaS

    ED pharmacology course?

    Medications used in an ED? That is a very very large variety of meds. I suggest rereading a pharm book.
  15. PaSSiNGaS


    Yep pretty common side effect with the elderly and even with younger patients
  16. PaSSiNGaS

    Life in burn / trauma ICU

    This was one of the reasons I really hated doing Burns in the OR. Having that OR 80+ is no fun at all.