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  1. PaSSiNGaS

    Pedal pulses and posterior tibial

    This question can easily be answered by reviewing simple anatomy. Both arteries are branches of other vessels so knowing if one is present and one isn't is a good idea to know where ischemia is coming from. Might want to refresh yourself on anatomy.
  2. PaSSiNGaS

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    Not trying to scare anyone but this school has students all over florida right now due to the hurricane and them losing their main campus. Students are being required to move to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. and rotate through places that already have students from other programs.
  3. PaSSiNGaS

    New Grad in the ICU

    This exact question has been asked a million times here. All good advice on the many other threads, take a look at them via the search feature
  4. PaSSiNGaS

    Best critical care book

    Guyton - the bible of physiology (very dry and a lot of material), unless going into a PhD for physiology I wouldn't read this cover to cover, use to look up more detail if Constanzo doesn't cover it Constanzo - amazing physiology book with a lot of detail but watered down compared to Guyton BRS - review book, excellent after you've read Constanzo
  5. PaSSiNGaS

    Drop 5 months before graduation....what can I do!!

    There has to be more to the story than one test...
  6. PaSSiNGaS

    How long before turning?

    Why are you having to change the sheets in the first 30min? We bring out all fresh hearts on a new clean bed so not sure why the sheets would need to be changed so quickly.
  7. PaSSiNGaS

    IV Drip Rates

    It will eventually get to the patient. The problem comes with things like Levophed or Vasopressin that are only running at a few mls/hr and you are just starting them. When you first start them you want it to start working immediately and if you have to wait for it to get there at 5ml/hr it would take too long so you run it with a carrier at a higher rate. The elephant in the room to me though is how everyone wants to run insulin in a separate line.
  8. PaSSiNGaS

    Iv push question

    You are correct in the way to flush things, but just realize many places make ridiculous rules on what can run together based on ZERO actual evidence. Many places want insulin and all these other meds to run separate and when you have a patient on 12 different gtts it just isn't possible. You can run many things together that "they" say no to and it will be just fine.
  9. PaSSiNGaS

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Pretty sure he is referring to an AA degree. Prereqs for that are different than CRNA school and not all states allow AAs to practice. Also AAs cannot function independently like CRNAs can. Huge difference in types of practice for an AA vs CRNA.
  10. PaSSiNGaS

    Advice would be appreciated :)

    You failed the same course 3 different times? Try business admin or something else. Healthcare may not be for you.
  11. PaSSiNGaS

    CMC and/or CSC?

    Not really sure what advantages you are thinking they will give you other than learning the stuff in each exam but that's about it. You are not going to make more money by having them. It could perhaps allow you a leg up on job interviews or the ability to be a RN who has 1500 letters after their name on their badge or jacket though lol
  12. PaSSiNGaS

    Do not understand scheduling issue

    If you want to continue practicing as an equal in this group you have to start thinking of yourself as one. Calling yourself a mid level provider already makes you sound like a 2nd class citizen in the group and someone who shouldn't be seeing their own clientele in the first place.
  13. PaSSiNGaS

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    You'll never know if you don't try...
  14. PaSSiNGaS

    Do I need to maintain my BLS instructor cert?

    It wouldn't hurt your chances by keeping it.
  15. PaSSiNGaS


    Yes, CRNA only practices are coming up more and more which is great. The issue that will always be there is in a CRNA group you have to be better than the MDAs. Administrators and surgeons will see a bad outcome from a CRNA and say "see we need MDAs" but if its a MDA practice they would never say they need CRNAs. Same goes in my current practice. I have personally seen MDAs dilate the SC artery or carotid while trying to put in central lines... If I were to do the same thing accidentally you could guarantee I and the rest of the CRNAs would never be allowed to place another CVL. Unfortunately it's a double standard and as a CRNA you will have to be better than the MDAs.
  16. PaSSiNGaS


    Salaries are continuing to go up. Market was saturated a few years ago in my area but has since become pretty open and starting to see a lot more sign on bonuses around 10-30k. I consider it good money but still not what we should make considering CRNAs do all the work while the MDAs collect our money while sitting in a lounge relaxing.

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