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PaSSiNGaS has 15 years experience and specializes in Nurse Anesthesiology.

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  1. PaSSiNGaS

    Sigma Theta Tau International membership

    This stuff doesn't matter one bit on a CV or resume.
  2. PaSSiNGaS

    CRNA in Wyoming???

    I'm not in Wyoming or know anybody personally there but Wyoming is a state that is mainly independent CRNA only practice. CRNAs practice without MDs in many areas of Wyoming to their full scope of practice.
  3. PaSSiNGaS

    Union University

    I have heard many of these new professors are not even CRNAs. Good luck to anyone going here...
  4. PaSSiNGaS

    Where to go after the ICU?

    Go to CRNA school
  5. PaSSiNGaS

    Retake Health Assessment Online

    Don't waste your time retaking that course. If you don't get in this time around look at taking some Grad level physiology or pharmacology courses to boost you up for next time.
  6. Easy hours, usually out by 3 but many students leave earlier. There are occasions SRNAs stay later than that if independent but that's rare as well. You will get all your numbers and they get several really good heart and OB rotations. You will not get many PNBs and you will not do any trauma. Can't really speak on classes because that really is whatever the SRNA makes of it in any program. I will say this program needs to let the SRNAs do more "bigger" cases on their own. Many of the independent days they do are in Endo or simple rooms with a bunch of cystos or surgery center cases.
  7. PaSSiNGaS


    To be honest I rarely ever use a stethoscope as a CRNA. Don't spend hundreds on one...
  8. PaSSiNGaS

    Pedal pulses and posterior tibial

    This question can easily be answered by reviewing simple anatomy. Both arteries are branches of other vessels so knowing if one is present and one isn't is a good idea to know where ischemia is coming from. Might want to refresh yourself on anatomy.
  9. There has to be more to the story than one test...
  10. PaSSiNGaS

    A&P/Microbiology.. Help!!!!!

    A&P and Micro is simply memorization. All you have to do is memorize stuff. If you are still struggling to pass exams when all you have to do is memorize stuff with no critical thinking involved then you need to figure out a different way to study for yourself. Some are visual learners, others are auditory, but you need to figure out what works for you because a class like this doesn't involve a whole lot of critical thinking type questions and really is much easier than classes where you're having more abstract type questions.
  11. PaSSiNGaS

    Laminectomy complications

    I hope this isn't a serious question....
  12. PaSSiNGaS

    New job as critical care practice specialist

    Only thing I can offer is make sure whatever policies or education you do, you do it with evidence to back up the change. You should be able to provide research and actual scientific reasoning behind policies and education pertaining to whatever you're doing. Education is important but people can't give you a hard time when you have the articles and research to pass out at the same time to show why you're doing something.
  13. PaSSiNGaS

    Can med surg nurse go into ICU?

    Not sure about the whole story here or not, but you're name has ADN next to it and I know most if not all the hospitals in my area prefer and give preferential treatment to RNs with a BSN over ADN. And IF they even do hire an ADN they make them sign a contract requiring a Bachelor's within 2 years.
  14. PaSSiNGaS

    Can med surg nurse go into ICU?

    You may not have all the critical care skills down but I by now you definitely have time management and how the system works. A big thing I feel like ALL new grads struggle with is time management and all they want to focus on is charting. Yes, charting is important (for the lawyers and to keep track) but too many times I see RNs in the OR worried more about that damn computer than the actual patient. You need to just pull the trigger and apply if ICU is what you really want to do. Just be honest in the interview and tell them why you really want to do it.
  15. PaSSiNGaS

    Best men's watch for male nurses

    I wear a Breitling SuperOcean 44 with a rubber band at all times when I'm working. Love it. It's automatic, waterproof, and has sapphire crystal so no scratches.
  16. PaSSiNGaS

    ICU Drips

    Honestly its not a hard and fast rule that says you have drip X so you titrate it by 2mcg every 5 min. Best thing for you to do is to look each of these drugs up and learn the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of them. Then you would know how to titrate them better. Knowing the half life of these drugs will be a large help to you. The ones you listed don't have a lethal range really except for lidocaine. You need to know how much mg/kg of lidocaine you can give someone before you cause an overdose and send the patient into cardiac arrest. Lidocaine isn't something you really titrate but again I suggest actually looking up these drugs and fully understanding how they really work.

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