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  1. PaSSiNGaS

    IV Drip Rates

    It will eventually get to the patient. The problem comes with things like Levophed or Vasopressin that are only running at a few mls/hr and you are just starting them. When you first start them you want it to start working immediately and if you have to wait for it to get there at 5ml/hr it would take too long so you run it with a carrier at a higher rate. The elephant in the room to me though is how everyone wants to run insulin in a separate line.
  2. PaSSiNGaS

    Iv push question

    You are correct in the way to flush things, but just realize many places make ridiculous rules on what can run together based on ZERO actual evidence. Many places want insulin and all these other meds to run separate and when you have a patient on 12 different gtts it just isn't possible. You can run many things together that "they" say no to and it will be just fine.
  3. PaSSiNGaS

    CMC and/or CSC?

    Not really sure what advantages you are thinking they will give you other than learning the stuff in each exam but that's about it. You are not going to make more money by having them. It could perhaps allow you a leg up on job interviews or the ability to be a RN who has 1500 letters after their name on their badge or jacket though lol
  4. PaSSiNGaS

    Do not understand scheduling issue

    If you want to continue practicing as an equal in this group you have to start thinking of yourself as one. Calling yourself a mid level provider already makes you sound like a 2nd class citizen in the group and someone who shouldn't be seeing their own clientele in the first place.
  5. PaSSiNGaS

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    You'll never know if you don't try...
  6. PaSSiNGaS

    Do I need to maintain my BLS instructor cert?

    It wouldn't hurt your chances by keeping it.
  7. PaSSiNGaS


    Yes, CRNA only practices are coming up more and more which is great. The issue that will always be there is in a CRNA group you have to be better than the MDAs. Administrators and surgeons will see a bad outcome from a CRNA and say "see we need MDAs" but if its a MDA practice they would never say they need CRNAs. Same goes in my current practice. I have personally seen MDAs dilate the SC artery or carotid while trying to put in central lines... If I were to do the same thing accidentally you could guarantee I and the rest of the CRNAs would never be allowed to place another CVL. Unfortunately it's a double standard and as a CRNA you will have to be better than the MDAs.
  8. PaSSiNGaS


    Salaries are continuing to go up. Market was saturated a few years ago in my area but has since become pretty open and starting to see a lot more sign on bonuses around 10-30k. I consider it good money but still not what we should make considering CRNAs do all the work while the MDAs collect our money while sitting in a lounge relaxing.
  9. PaSSiNGaS

    Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

    Sorry to be so blunt, but if you failed 3 classes maybe this isn't the career for you. Your prerequisite grades aren't that great either so you may want to decide on another career path. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  10. PaSSiNGaS

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    When you say you took anatomy and physiology 7 years ago, is this the prerequisite courses you had to do for your RN? If so, those classes are a joke and barely cover anything in depth. I'd recommend taking a grad level physiology course. In regards to books I would recommend "Physiology" by Constanzo or if you really want every detail get Guyton and Halls Textbook of Medical Physiology
  11. PaSSiNGaS

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    Never said admission requirements were changing other than schools increasing the required years of ICU. If someone gets in with 1 year of experience good for them, but looking at the avg experience of admitted students 1 year is on the very low end.
  12. PaSSiNGaS

    New recert cycle

    Yea many CRNAs do write for them but the president is very well known in FL for the ASA
  13. PaSSiNGaS

    New recert cycle

    You can just have your class A credits roll over to class B once you meet the class A requirements. The problem I have with this whole idiotic plan is them basically just saying pay this money... take this test and pay us without any actual data to support a test like this in the first place. Tons of studies show these tests don't prove anything and if they truly wanted to make sure we were competent then it would be a simulation test. The other issue I have is how they say its a 8 year recert test but renew every 4 years but still charge you every two years so they have a continued money stream. You can even get class B credits just by precepting SRNAs or doing journal club presentations. I plan on just doing my yearly conference and allowing the credits to roll over. I definitely would recommend avoiding Current Reviews. The MDA who owns that group is a very big supporter of the ASA and has made many strides to prevent CRNA scope of practice. I'd look into doing other seminars like NAFA, NWAS, Twin Oaks, etc. that will support CRNAs much better.
  14. PaSSiNGaS

    Ask a CRNA anything...

    Not sure what kind of source you want me to post where I get my info. You can easily find this stuff by looking on the program's website. Many schools do still require just 1 year but mention 2 yrs are preferred and also if you look at the mean for acceptance it is well above 1 yr. More and more people are applying to school and the programs can only accept but so many so it is getting more competitive and if you just barely meet the minimum requirements you may struggle getting in on the first try. Here is just a small handful of some that I know of. Miami - 2yrs Univ. of Tenn - 2yrs USF - 2yrs Our Lady of Lourdes - 2yrs Duke - 2yr preferred Rush - 2yr preferred Adventist - 2yr preferred
  15. PaSSiNGaS

    Defasciculating dose before Succs?

    I am someone who mostly uses Succs for all my cases, but I do avoid non depolarizes all together for most cases as well.