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  1. Why not paralyze??

    Might want to look up the actual costs. It is just about identical in price when you compare it to using Neo/Glyco for reversal. Not to mention there are plenty of studies showing it is far superior for reversal of paralysis. If admin is giving pu...
  2. Why not paralyze??

    Unfortunately as a SRNA you have to just "go along" with the CRNA you are with. My advice is pick up stuff from everyone that you like, that you don't plan on doing, and what is just dangerous or incorrect. Like off label said there isn't a r...
  3. I wouldn't worry about any of that. Just be prepared to start your nursing courses and enjoy the time off. If you absolutely have to do something I say try to get a job in any unit at your hospital just to get a feel for how things run with the nur...
  4. Swan-Ganz/PA Catheters

    No, they will only be in the ICU and honestly are not used nearly as much as they use to.
  5. Are Cranial Nerves on the NCLEX?

    Short answer yes... Know what each one is and corresponding number and what their purpose is.
  6. Advent Health University CRNA 2022 cohort

    Congrats to all of you. The hours they require in your clinical rotations are very light and out early so that is one plus from this program I guess.
  7. Advent Health University CRNA 2022 cohort

    Basically if you bring up a type of patient you see on a daily basis or certain drugs/pathology you see when you work then be prepared to answer questions about it.
  8. Hold out and just start straight in an ICU. Many hospitals are desperate for help and are hiring new grads straight to the ICU now.
  9. Career advice for CRNA applications

    Not quite sure what your question is since you didn't actually ask one in your post but I'm assuming you want to know if you should look for a higher acuity hospital or stay? If you are handling patients who are surgical and medical with multipl...
  10. I may be missing something here but how in the world would you do clinicals remotely or online?
  11. Get the vaccine... I can assure you any side effects you may get from the vaccine far out way the side effects of covid (ie Death). We are putting people on ECMO left and right and they are all unvaccinated. People with hypothyroidism get vaccinate...
  12. CRNA mentorship

    I think many CRNAs are more than willing to help RNs with questions about CRNA programs. Feel free to PM myself or anyone here and I think we would all be willing to help out.
  13. CRNA job alternatives

    Everything you mentioned you are struggling with are tasks and procedures. I tell SRNAs all the time I could care less how great they are at placing an Aline or getting the best grade I view during intubation. This stuff will come with practice and ...
  14. MICU to CVICU tips?

    The most important thing I find many RNs lack in the ICU is simple physiology. Read read read up on physiology. Anything new can be overwhelming but if you understand the basics it will really help you understand and bring it all together. Find a ...
  15. IV experience

    Best way to learn IVs is to do them. Do as many as you can. Tell all the RNs around you each shift if they have an IV that you would like to do them. Sad to say but best patients to learn on are the ones who are already sedated.