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I just filled out an application to be a school nurse. In the job description it said required knowledge includes Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point. Do you really need these skills to be a school nurse? I have never done a power point in my life. Thanks


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I have needed powerpoint to give presentations to staff.  I gave a COVID one and an epi one within the last year.  I don't have a lot of experience with power point but could kind of figure it out, but I did wish I was more familiar with the program as it would have been quicker to make and likely a better format.   I use all the Office tools in my job, but at a rudimentary level.


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I have never used power point, but I have used the other Office tools frequently and more recently, the Google suite of tools (Docs/Sheets).   I'm sure it would be beneficial to have a basic working knowledge of these computer programs or at least the ability to spend a few hours on Youtube learning them as you go!  


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16 hours ago, soontoretire2020 said:

I have never done a power point in my life.

Find a high school or college teacher that can help. I taught my husband how to use it in less than 2 hours. However that was for a basic program which is really what most use.. If you need to add embedded video, timed audio with changing slides... there is a learning curve/ 

For example when I presented at Oxford University in the UK, I had installed an audio of Florence Nightingale talking (a very poor recording but the only one in existence) with changes of visual slides as she spoke. This, I am sure, is not what you need.

You can call your local high school or college for a class. I learned my basic work from books like " PowerPoint for dummies" but if you want to continue from amateur to expert, talk to your community college.

Did this help? If not contact me via message on this site and I can give you better info.


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Microsoft hosts a few basic videos here: PowerPoint for Windows training.  There are also several good tutorials and videos available on line.

Best wishes.

School nursing is a whole different world from other nursing jobs. For my two cents, experience in nursing, an innate willingness to learn, critical thinking skills, and thick skin are what you need the most. You'll have administrative tasks and different schools use different programs to complete these tasks. If they are requiring those skills, they likely want to know if you are willing and able to use a computer with any level of efficiency and if you are trainable. Wishing you the best!


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16 hours ago, Jenny Campbell said:

critical thinking skills, and thick skin are what you need the most



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On 12/9/2021 at 12:41 PM, MHDNURSE said:

critical thinking skills, and thick skin are what you need the most


While I agree with this, the question the OP is asking is "Do you need to know powerpoint to be a school nurse'.  Unlike many traditional (esp hospital based jobs) I do need to know powerpoint as we are the point person for many health issues and occasionally are called  on to discuss/present these issues to either staff, kids or administration.  This requirement may vary or not exist in some school nurse positions but for many it is an expectation.  

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I use PPT, a lot. It is pretty intuitive (I think) if you  have any computer skills. I I use it to share data; Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results, illness trends, education for staff etc


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I think it depends on your specific role and your level of comfort working with the programs. I do a lot of IEP meetings and manage multiple buildings, so I use Google docs/sheets (the Google version of Microsoft) a ton to write my reports and keep myself organized. 

I don't use powerpoint as much as I did in my old job because I don't have to present as much any more, but I have used it in the past. 

Do I think you NEED it to do a good job? I'd say generally no. But, does it help? Yes.


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I use applications here that I would have never thought necessary.  Powerpoint (or Google sheets) is great for doing training.  My "webpage" is a Google site, and I have recently learned how to make a Google form so that I can send out questionnaires.  I'm also somewhat well versed in bitmoji and adding my cute little bit-self to various presentations and stuff

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Well they never called me, so, whatever.