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  1. LTC Question/Opinion

    If management cared about staffing they would fix it. They don't care what you think. Either deal with it or quit. No management in the history of nursing cares what anyone thinks, so don't waste your time trying to bring anything to their attention.
  2. Bye bye hospital - Bayada? Resume rewrite?

    Go ahead and add your hospital experience. Your experience is invaluable. Agencies will hire anyone with a license. Do you know Advanced Home care in High Point is offering a 10,000 bonus for full time RNs?
  3. Staffing issues

    If all the retired nurses would pick up say 1 or 2 days a week private duty, there would be plenty of coverage. With Covid, what is there to do anyway? I should be retired, at my age, but who wants to do nothing all day? Not me. It's 2022 and I am st...
  4. Power point?

    Well they never called me, so, whatever.
  5. Guilt tripped. Need advice

    They want you to volunteer your time? Your answer is NO. What if something happens? I don't think your insurance or your employer's insurance would cover that. No is a perfectly adequate answer. So what if they fire you, there are plenty of other job...
  6. Power point?

    I just filled out an application to be a school nurse. In the job description it said required knowledge includes Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point. Do you really need these skills to be a school nurse? I have never done a power point in my ...
  7. Has anyone done PDN and Visiting field nursing?

    PD can be a cakewalk. Not always, but usually. If you get fed up there are plenty more cases waiting for you. Some nurses stay on cases for years.
  8. The Things That Come Out Of Your Mouth...

    My patient says "I have a headache". So I say "I will see if you can have some Tylenol". I then remembered that he was in the hospital because he took an overdose of Tylenol.
  9. Unfair Grading

    No one ever said anything in life was fair.
  10. So, It's Come To This...

    Well, some people probably won't question that.
  11. Yes but...people who don't believe in Covid are the people who will walk around with the mask over their chin and not their mouth and nose.
  12. Boundaries in Private Duty Nursing

    If your client is on Medicaid, which they usually are, Medicaid pays nurses to do nursing, not housework. Management needs to explain that to the clients. You are in the wrong forum.
  13. Are you happy with your nursing career choice?

    My experience is different than most nurses, as I will be retiring soon. I am not sure when, but probably this year. I graduated from nursing school in 1971. I have worked in hospitals, LTCs, LTAC, corrections, public health, private duty. In 1971 I...
  14. Nurses, invent what you want.

    Two items. One, an antibacterial Foley cath that kills bacteria, so having an indwelling Foley doesn't mean getting a UTI. A doorway that mists a Lysol type product on everyone who walks through the door. So you enter a patient's room, you are ...
  15. Meet and greets? How to save my sanity?

    You have had some bad experiences. Usually when I get a new case I just show up and start working. Occasionally, if it's a complicated case, or a newborn, I will get a couple hours orientation. Only once have I had an actual interview. Once I showed ...