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Hi everyone,

After a long search for the perfect new grad position, Texas has been very welcoming and promising for me. I recently got a call from Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler, TX for the general medical unit and wanted to ask my fellow Texans, who know the area, affordable places to live and where I should be looking. I will be visiting for my interview next month (Aug. 2009) and wanted to look around. Wish me luck everyone... oh and an update on the hospital would be greatly appreciated. :wink2:

Much love & aloha


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As far as affordable places to live, well they pretty much run the same as the DFW metro area to live. If you are single an apartment will be your best bet. If you have a family private homes/duplexes are definitely a better bet. Single apt runs from $650-1000 depending on the upscaleness (not a word) and homes $850-1500 for a 3 BR/2BA.

As far as TMFH, they are Catholic based and overall are a decent hospital. Tyler is clichish so the hospitals are too. I personally don't care for some of the management styles at TMFH but that varies with everyone. Most people seem to like it so you will probably do just fine.

Hope this little info helps you.


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I have heard it's a great place to work and I love the Tyler area.


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Thank you for your input. I plan to visit for a week in August for interviews and to get an idea of the area. I am sure coming from Hawaii that it will be very different but exciting. I am looking forward to it :D


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Tyler is a great place to live (at least in Texas anyway). It's a very pretty, medium sized city of about 100,000 pop., with plenty of stuff to do for fun. Tyler is a cleaner city when compared to most cities of it's size in Texas. I currently live in Waco which is a dump compared to Tyler.

The above post said that apartments start at 650. I feel sure that you can find one cheaper than that for a one bedroom. Tyler is absolutely cheaper than DFW. I grew up in Tyler and my wife and I moved from there about 6 years ago. My home mortgage including escrow ran at about 550 or so for a really small two bedroom house (1000 sq. ft. or so)that was in a decent neighborhood. You'll probably want to find a place closer to the hospitals but not too far into the north side of town as it tends to get a bit dodgy the farther north you go. But, price wise, i'm sure that it'll be WAY cheaper than you're used to in Hawaii.

There are two major hospitals in Tyler. Trinity Mother Frances and East Texas Medical Center. Both are located right next to the other. You can imagine the competition involved. Because of this competition, both hospitals are excellent. Lots of really talented nurses and MD's. Lots of specialists as well. My mother worked as an RN for Mother Frances for about 20 years in various departments. Overall, i would say that she had a positive experience. She currently works for the ETMC Psyciatric facility, and she's loving it there.

Trinity Mother Frances (TMF) is a very organized hospital. It's a pretty nice facility and it's pretty large as well. They're huge on customer service. Two of my children were born there and we had a fantastic experience both times. The staff at Mother Frances are partially responsible for my decision to go to Nursing school.

I think you'll like it at TMF. And welcome to Tyler. It was home to me for most of my life and i'm sure it will become home to you as well.


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Thank you AVMADD. I am going to be visiting August 10th for about a week. I am excited to see what Tyler has in store for me.


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I am also from Hawaii relocating to Tyler! I accepted a position on the Telemetry unit at TMF and will be starting my orientation in August. Everyone is friendly there and I'm sure you will experience the same. By the way I think you know who Iam:)


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Hey Sharkasurf...

Well hopefully if I get the position we will be working together *wink*


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I did my clinicals at TMF last summer and this summer. The rest of my clinicals I did at a different hospital. I have to say that I LOVED TMF. It was very organized and everyone was very nice and welcoming. The nurses were not clickish at all. If I lived in Tyler, TMF would be my first and only choice. It was a fantastic experience for me. I think you will like it very much.


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Welcome to Tyler and I wish u the best. TMF is a fantastic hospital, well organized too. I have worked for both ETMC and Mothers as a Nurse extern and I love TMF very much. I work on the telemetry unit and it is awesome. I say u have a good job offer!!!


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Hey ncube, I wanted to work on the tele floor but they had no more openings :cry: but I am excited to interview for the general medical floor and hope that when next week, when I head out there, a tele positions will open LOL... probably unlikely but I am still excited to visit!!! Thanks for the update!!!


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Hey everyone,

Well I made it back safely from my trip to Texas and decided to take the position on the General Medicine floor... I start Sept. 28th so that means I have to pack up everything and move to Texas real soon... Thanks for all the comments!!! Wish me luck!!! :yeah:

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