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Poll:What do you think was the hardest Pre-requisit (science) class so far?

Just wondering what everyone else thinks..thanks!

As far as understanding, Micro because I was less familiar with the terminology.

*Blessed2BaNRS* specializes in Neuro.

Far and away the hardest for me was also Micro. I failed the first 4 tests and was ready to give up. The instructor sat me down, said that I couldn't quit and gave me pointers on how to study for her tests. The next test I made a 97 and the last I made a 93. Too bad I couldn't do that the whole semester!!! But, I think it was so difficult because she tested differently than I had ever seen. The class itself was one of my favorites, simply because it was more hands on than A&P. In looking at review guides for the NCLEX, I think that she was actually preparing us for the type of questions that we will see in nursing school!!!

Just wondering what everyone else thinks..thanks!

I loved all my sciences so much I can't think of which would be harder then the others, but after giving it some thought I would have to say Micro was the bigger challange, so many new concepts for me to learn. I did love it though.

wow..so far it's micro....lol. I am the opposite.....I thought Micro was a breeze, and A&P was a horror show

donsterRN specializes in Cardiac Care.

What's "hardest" is difficult to answer because so many people are good at so many different things. I think if you go into any class prepared, it becomes challenging and fun. However, without a doubt, A&PI & II were the most challenging for me. There was so much information. I loved micro and chemistry, but I earned only B's in A&P, and by the end of it, I was glad for the B. And I'm even more thankful that I will never have to take it again!

RNMom2010 specializes in Home Health, Case Management, OR.

Patho was the most challenging science course I have taken. It was a LOT of information in a short amount of time not to mention the 7 chapter exams! I really enjoy science though so I found it very interesting.

I thought that Chemistry was so boring. ugh That class seemed to drag on forever. Microbiology was very hard, but it was really interesting. A&P was interesting also, but it was definitely the most difficult for me. It just seemed like there was such an overwhelming amount of information to know for each test. I don't know that the concepts were necessarily more difficult than those in Micro, but the class was more time consuming than any class that I have ever taken in my life, and I have taken a lot of classes. I'm sure part of this was because I took it during the summer, but I also took Micro over the summer and it just didn't seem as bad.

For me, it was Chemistry, especially Organic and Biochemistry. I had the Org-Biochem at the same time as micro, and it made micro seem so easy!!!

LadyEJ BSN, RN specializes in Clinicals.

I second the Organic and Biochemistry. This was my lowest grade for my pre-reqs (B). I enjoyed Biology so much more.

My school splits A&P into Anatomy in one semester and Physio in the other. I think Physio was the most difficult concept-wise and Micro was just as far as busy work - it wasn't difficult but we spent a lot more time in class/lab hours and there was a lot more homework in addition to the tests.

HeartsOpenWide specializes in Ante-Intra-Postpartum, Post Gyne.

I liked all of my classes. In order from easiest to hardest I would have to say:

Micro; anatomy; physio; then Organic, inorganic & BioChem. I got As in all; and it was not easy.

prinsessa specializes in LTC/Skilled Care/Rehab.

I think Micro was the hardest. My teacher would have a question from one sentence in the whole book. You had to literally memorize the chapters to do well on some of the tests. And it was funny because she said not to memorize....how else do you learn the information? It would be different if she tested on concepts, but she didn't

By far the hardest for me was microbiology. Although I am thinking it will be Organic Chemistry when I get done with that class next semester! :uhoh3:


SO TOTALLY CHEMISTRY :barf01: :smackingf :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :troll: :confused: :barf02:


Physiology for me was the hardest. Everything else is nothing compared to this class, for me!

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