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  1. Jilaweez

    Pediatrics and OB, NW IL

    Hi all, I know this has been put out there many times but I am searching for both peds and OB preceptors for this fall. I had preceptors back out last minute so exhausting all resources before I have to take a semester off. I am in NW suburbs of IL. Any and all leads welcome!
  2. Just good time management, like any other online program. Don't sweat the small stuff, I see students write novels for discussion boards. They want some good info with one or two sources and that's it. There's a lot of group work early on, but the clinical semesters it gets easier. Look for preceptors earlier, esp for peds/ob. Follow the rubrics for assignments. Get involved with online study groups!!!!
  3. Jilaweez

    Dec '09 Grads, raise your hands!

    Graduated with BSN from NIU December 13th, starting my new job early Feb. Still waiting for my ATT! Congrats everyone!!
  4. Jilaweez

    Too poor to become a nurse?

    Are you able to qualify for financial aid? In your financial situation that may help with most of your nursing school expenses.
  5. Jilaweez

    HELP! I may need to drop out of nursing school!

    I don't see why you can't get a part time job during any shift you'd like once you graduate. Who say's you have to work full time and crazy hours? I look in the jobs posted at the hospital where I work all the time and it seems there's plenty to choose from, even for a new grad.
  6. Jilaweez

    First week of Nursing school over!!!

    Hang in there guys.....
  7. Jilaweez

    Return to Nursing

    Go For It!!!
  8. Jilaweez

    Air Force Flight Nurse

    We had a public speaker come to our class to talk about his time as a AF flight nurse and I thought he mentioned you have to have some experience in the ER or ICU as well.
  9. Jilaweez

    Why isn't there's a Men's Health NP specialty

    Well if it was up to my husband to go to the doctor without me he'd never go...haha.
  10. Jilaweez

    How do you transport your steth?

    I had a soft zipper pouch from a flat iron, or curling iron. It holds it well, along with other things I need. It's nice to keep it out of the way or from being buried under books when I need it.
  11. Jilaweez

    New here - introduction

    Congratulations and welcome!! I am not a single mom but I know it's tough to raise kids and go to nursing school at the same time and I must imagine even tougher when you're a single mom. You've gotten this far so keep doing what your doing and know we're all here pulling for you!
  12. Jilaweez

    I Am Finally Here

    congrats tigress, I remember reading threads with you over in the pre-nursing section.....welcome to the dark side..lol!!
  13. Ummmm, i'm not delusional and I have four kids and a job and am also a senior in a BSN program. My kids are healthy and happy, my house is clean, and I still have time for fun. I feel fortunate enough to be in a program that is doable for me. I still have straight A's, I am a member of the student advisory committee and the student nurse organization as well as other extracurriculars and do volunteer work, so I feel it is highly likely to be successful. I think the key is finding a program that fits your needs, good organizational and time management skills, and being willing to give it all you've got. Oh yeah, and don't listen to nay sayers who tell you it's impossible, or even unlikely, because you'll never know unless you try.
  14. Jilaweez

    Proud Moms

    My family brags all the time. They think it's great that I am finishing up college with four kids, me, someone who barely made it through H.S. It does get a little annoying when my mom says, "how's my "A" student?" In front of nursing school friends, but I know she's just proud.
  15. Jilaweez

    Summer Nurse Externship

    Congrats!!! I just landed a nurse internship position, so yay for both of us! I hope you enjoy your new position and learn lots!!
  16. Jilaweez

    Just diagnosed with breast cancer

    Wow.....you are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your very personal struggles and acheivments with us. I am so happy to hear you have made it through this difficult time. Congratulations on your graduation....YOU DID IT!!!