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  1. Profanity in the workplace

    I worked in two hospitals within the same system. in the large, inner city hospital, I hardly ever heard profanity by the staff. But at the small, very upscale hospital the f bombs fly constantly by the staff. I don't care if they are behind closed d...
  2. Hospice Pay?

    I started with hospice within our hospital system, in the summer, taking a pay cut. Our system just equalized the home health employees with hospital employees based on years of experience, so now I got a large raise and now make the same as hospital...
  3. potentially dangerous postpartum situation

    If the sleeping newborn baby was in the same room as you, then my guess is that nurse was (discretely) assessing you too.
  4. this is why I want to call off on my last day

    I had a similar situation and without going into too many details, I decided to take the high road. Six years later, I found myself in a new position, and assigned to do some work on the same unit I left - and some of the staff is still there. I am ...
  5. Please explain how the nurse acted to escalate this? Once he changed his mind after he was discharged and iv and foley were removed, he could have gone back to the ER. Alert and oriented people are responsible for their actions.
  6. I had to re-read the original post and to paraphrase: .... Patient politely asks for coffee. Nurse politely states she will check his fluid intake. Patient becomes irate, cussing and throwing things..... So.... Nurse has no right to refuse patient...
  7. I agree. I'm surprised the OP isn't receiving more support from us, fellow nurses. I understand you have to pick your battles, but under the circumstances, this kind of patient to nurse abuse is not acceptable.
  8. First med error...Advise..please.

    Meds are given late for many, mant reasons. Most of them won't even be close to being your "fault". I wouldn't be too upset about this, but you may want to think about different approaches to try to prevent it. On our EMar system, a little icon appe...
  9. the last time something "happened" to me, it almost took an act of God to get myself a spare pair of hospital scrubs. I was literally standing there covered in someone else's vomit and was told "we don't give out spare scrubs anymore". One of the n...
  10. School Bus Tragedy

    Such a tragedy. So sorry for the loss and sorrow for your community.
  11. Unfair Shift Rotation

    Fair enough, but I do think managers tend to not know or forget how difficult switching shifts can be. That or they don't care. I've seen very good nurses abused this way, and I don't think they were being weeded out. They just didn't advocate for t...
  12. Unfair Shift Rotation

    Assuming she IS a good manager.... She may be clueless or likes to take the road of least conflict. i had a manager who started hiring nurses to work 2 eight hour shifts and 2 twelve hour shifts per week. The nurses working either afternoon or night...
  13. Unfair Shift Rotation

    To me, this is just bad management. On all of the floors I've ever worked, nurses would have to submit days that they did not want to work for approval, and no more than 2 nurses could put in for the same day. For long term things like school, medi...
  14. Today

    So very sorry, what a terrible tragedy.
  15. New Grad SE Michigan

    I'm curious too.... (I work for one of the hospitals listed). I'm not sure that I want to identify where I work on a public forum, but I'm guessing that there are pros and cons to each hospital, and a lot has to do with the manager. I like where I ...