Politely Refusing to Share Grades


Now that I realize the importance of not sharing grades during NS, I am curious to know how you have told people that you didn't want to share your grade(s). It sounds as though your damned if you do and damned if you don't. It seems (from stories here) as if your grades are higher, lower, or not shared, they will find a way to talk smack about you...

So what is the best way of avoiding, or simply telling people you wish to not share your grade(s) with them, or anybody else?


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I would just say when asked " I did ok" and and change the subject. People asking about grades is one of my pet peeves. I don't understand why people spend so much time worrying about other peoples grades. Other people's grades can't help them.

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Just say 100% everytime. I bet they pick up on it after awhile.


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I like the 100% recommendation, but I usually do the opposite and tell them I'd rather not talk about it. Act real upset and they leave you alone.

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I say that I did "all right" or "well" depending on how I feel. I don't give specific numbers unless someone specifically asks for it, or it's one of my close friends (we pretty much share any and all info between us).

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Ask them point blank "why do you need to know?"


I could care less about people 'talking smack' about me.

It seems like high school mentality, IMHO.



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people were always trying to look over my shoulder and being like "what did you get??" and i would just say "i passed" and smile.... well they would take that as i was a smart alleck either way. nursing school and high school were so very similar for me i couldn't stand it.

i got to the point where when the instructor would hand back my scantron, i would flip it over and hand it back.

whatever. let them talk smack about you if they want. those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

good luck in school :)


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Just say 100% everytime. I bet they pick up on it after awhile.

:) good one.

I don't share grades. NS or pre-ns is not grade school and come to think of it I didn't recall sharing grades with too many people other than close friends when I was in grade school.


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Thanks for the great responses. At my school all of the grades are posted online so there won't be any handing out grades in class. That alone will relieve most of the discussion, thank God!

That just made me think of a bunch of responses..."I didn't have a connection this morning", "I forgot to check", "I was running late and didn't get a chance to check", "my computer crashed"

I am starting to get the hang of this!:typing


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I don't get the whole hiding your grade thing. What's up with that? I'm an open book about my grade if someone is interested. I think people who ask are less interested in MY grade in particular than they are in figuring out where they fit in in comparison to others who took the test...average? above average? high? Many of my program's teachers don't post the test statistics, which imo is really what my fellow students are interested in.


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People don't usually ask directly "what did you get", as in the exact grade or number. They usually say "How did you do?" and you can say you did well or not well or whatever you wish to say. It really hasn't been a problem. The truth is that when you didn't do well, you want to know that everyone else didn't do well either :chuckle but if you did really well, you probably don't want to share that, because people may resent it.


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Why is it "important" not to share grades in nursing school?

Like any private information, it is your choice whether or not to share.

If you would rather not, just say so.

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