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rehab, long-term care, ortho
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Oz2 has 2 years experience and specializes in rehab, long-term care, ortho.

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  1. Oz2

    Nursing school at age 50

    I started school at 45 and regret it completely. Go work as a nurses aide to get a good idea of what the job entails before you make a decision. Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. I want the last 6 years back! I want a do-over!
  2. I would strongly recommend you listen to your gut feelings, OP. I so wish I had. There are many different healthcare positions. What about OT, PT, radiology tech, etc... Excellent post, DNS.
  3. Oz2

    Frustration and Gratitude

    Wow...you actually get to talk to your patients and listen to their stories. You certainly are lucky!
  4. Oz2

    2 job offers... now what???

    Its a no-brainer. Take the job at the VA!
  5. Four years from now would you rather be a nurse with a masters degree or the floor nurse that you are now without the masters?
  6. Oz2

    How do you administer Mucomyst orally?

    So feeling so desperate and hopeless that you want to kill yourself is not a 'legit' reason? You must know there is something inherently wrong with this attitude, or you wouldn't have predicted a response to your post. Not all illness is physical, as I'm sure you learned in your psych rotations. I really hope you reconsider this attitude. Don't serve as proof to your suicidal patients how harsh the world can be.
  7. My clinical skills are definitely lacking, but I can give one h*** of a PowerPoint presentation! My nursing education was definitely NOT what I was expecting when I forked out that $30,000.
  8. Oz2

    Is This Possible??

    lmao...So that's what you call it!
  9. Oz2

    Teaching time management

    I can only imagine what the new grads call you...
  10. I'm female and have had a Foley inserted....it wasn't painful at all. What kind of video was this? Seems like this would be low on the list of painful procedures unless there are extenuating circumstances with anatomy or something.
  11. Ditto. Remove the third party profiteers. I want a single-payer system.
  12. Oz2

    Things that leave you stunned.

    Thank you ChristineN and NurseKitten!
  13. Oz2

    Things that leave you stunned.

    Can I ask a question (I'm not a nurse yet)? What would happen if you let it all drain out? I would feel nervous about clamping it off....like maybe it would burst her bladder!
  14. Oz2

    Emergency stroke treatment time window extended

    Cute!...and very memorable
  15. Oz2

    Positive ppd test

    Sunny, where I live, if you have a positive TB test, you can go to the health department to get a chest x-ray or the blood test (they gave me my choice). It's likely the Health Department in your state is the same, instead of depending on a physician to order it for you (how annoying!) I got the blood test and I think it cost about $40.
  16. Oz2

    job offer dilema

    Would your family not understand your absence since you have been offered a job that you describe as one you really want? Or do they, unlike you, put themselves first?