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Ok, my RN program works like this. There are 4 semesters in the program. After the first 2 semesters you can sit for the LPN boards. Then the last 2 semesters are for the RN boards.

Well, I was planning to go ahead and start buying some NCLEX study books and my thoughts were to buy all RN NCLEX books, but now I am wondering if I should buy some PN NCLEX books as well. Since I plan to take the LPN boards half way through I am wondering can you use RN NCLEX books to study for the LPN boards? Or do I need to buy seperate books and study for them seperately? Confused.


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I would assume that the books are different, but not sure... I would do the PN one for the PN test and study the RN when you take your RN boards


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When I took the NCLEXRN I noticed a whole lot of questions dealing with scope of practice & delegation, two areas which I would think would differ at least a little bit between RN & LPN. I would think this might cause a little bit of a problem when you are studying for boards.

Good luck, and be blessed!


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Hmmm....I would ask your professor, but I imagine what you learn as an RN covers both the PN & RN information. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to review the PN books. Maybe see if your library has them so you don't have to spend the money.


Get a book for each.

Each one is different from the other. The Lpn book is more intuned to scope of practice of LPN where a RN Nclex is not. Those are key points. Dont miss them, plus both will have great care plans, diagnosis,signs and symptoms, and information on the disease process, needed for Rn school.


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Just make a note of this... And not to be negative in any way.

I asked my counselor about sitting for the PN when I would finish my first year. She advised me to be careful and if I was going to sit for it make sure I would pass because if I didn't they would make me take the entire year over. Those are my school's policies.

Good Luck in taking the exams. Both books would be helpful in my opinion.


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Wow!I can't believe they could do that since the nclex has nothing to do with the nursing school? What school do you attend?

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As an LPN currently in RN school...definitely study from 2 different books. I had to answer several questions on the NCLEX-PN "Get the RN or report it to the RN"...where as what I have seen from the NCLEX-RN books I'm studying...there is a lot more prioritizing patients, who would you delegate this task to, etc.

Good Luck!

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I go to Barry University and I couldn't believe my ears when she said that. Since I will start the nursing porgram in the fall. I will ask again since as you said attending school for RN should not be comprimised if you are taking the PN-CLEX


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nursing 101, I can absolutely believe what you are saying. The school I attended had a sort of similar practice. We had to take the MOSBY test which is supposed to be a predictor of sorts of how a candidate will perform on the NCLEXRN. It was not a factor in your grade for any class, but you had to pass the test in order to graduate & in order for the school to clear you to take boards.


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Thanks for all your input. My school recommends sitting for LPN boards because if something happens and you withdraw from the program you couldn't get an advance placing without an LPN license. If I do sit for the LPN boards I will definitely get two different books.


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Hey Teresa,

I'm wondering which school you go to, because I'm thinking that I go to the same one.........

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