Please Wish Me Luck


Never heard a peep out of the hospital in South Carolina, and it's been a week. I think I can safely assume it's a no go.

I have two interviews tomorrow, both with the State of Tennessee in the health department.

I'm wondering if someone can tell me anything about what to expect? If they like me, will they hire me on the spot? What can I expect there? I want this so badly but I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall, why won't anyone give me a chance???

Yay two more interviews congrats!!

No they likely won't offer on the spot. Be patient, remain confident!


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Congrats on the interviews.

Have you taken any review courses lately? Something you can use to demonstrate you have been staying up to date over the past two years?

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Good Luck. Congrats on the interviews.


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Good luck! I had an interview today that went well. I can actually see myself working there--the first time I've felt that way at an interview. I was invited back to shadow the other NP I'd be working with. Things are looking up (finally). Stay positive!!


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I hope your interview goes well. Wishing you lots of good vibes and wishes!


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1. We are rooting you on.

2. Very rare at this level of professionalism to be offered anything on the spot. That only happens at like..McDonalds.

3. Don't give up on the other interview yet. can take 4-6 WEEKS for offers to come in. Very normal.

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Yeah, the job I have now involved several months with three levels of interviews.

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Things sound like they are looking up for you if you keep scoring interviews.

I know it's hard not to go into an interview as a nervous wreck when so much is riding on it. But appearing calm, comfortable and professional is essential. I would go for some coaching just to help you get through this hurdle -- in addition to whatever counseling you have been getting up to this point.

Wishing you the best of luck.


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Hope they went well!!