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  1. carachel2

    Columbia admissions

    Columbia University does NOT give merit scholarships. They give NEED BASED aid. What is your EFC? You need to sit down and discuss this with the financial aid office at Columbia so you completely understand how it works. In general, if you have a low income, Columbia will give you institutional grants that help you afford their school. But I don't know your situation and can't say for sure how it will go. Talk to THEM and find out. NYU is horribly expensive and they have a huge reputation for encouraging their students to take out massive loans. DON'T DO THAT. It is foolish and not worth it. I'm sure there are many many other schools in New York where you can get a good graduate school education.
  2. carachel2

    FNP restrictions in Texas

    I worked in family practice for six years with a solo MD/practice owner. Here is how my days went: Arrive at work, review my labs, see my patients all day. Leave at 6. On a normal day I would see the MD once--at lunch or perhaps in the hallway in between patients. If I had a question or needed a consult he was always available. But otherwise he left me alone, I did my own thing and there were absolutely zero restrictions that I encountered.
  3. carachel2

    Vanderbilt ACNP Intensivist Program

    Do not go 70K into debt for the Vanderbilt name. Go to an accredited program in your own state and seek out extra experiences/conferences and training.
  4. carachel2

    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    @kjpham Yes I am still with them! I'm sorry you didn't get an offer...keep your chin up and keep looking!
  5. carachel2

    How to find NP positions in Healthcare Insurance

    Agreed with Agriffin2 The closest I have found in "working from home" as an NP is the in-home Medicare risk assessments. There ARE some things I definitely miss about having an office and actively having my own patient roster. But for me, at this time in my life with an elderly mother and a busy teenager who will be gone from home very soon----this is an ok sacrifice I am willing to make. There are a few members who don't really want to be seen or are grumpy about it--I let them cancel the visit. The rest are great and they truly appreciate having an NP sit down with them to talk about their health. As far as work/life balance: I am in *complete* control of my schedule. If I want to work 6 days a week for just four hours at a time = FINE. The combinations are endless.
  6. carachel2

    Reducing Boys' Embarassment

    "I know this may be embarrassing to *you* but I do it a million times a day and to me it is just like looking at your knee/ears/insert body part"..I say it in a super factual way, make it quick and brief and then move on.
  7. carachel2

    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    I sent you a pm
  8. carachel2

    How are you saving for retirement?

    Good ideas so far. We are actually fantastic at retirement savings. Have always maxed out the 401K and despite 2008, I think we will be recovered enough when the time comes. But I will add my biggest regret: Not saving enough for my kids college. Husband and I are both self-made professionals, worked our own way through college. But that was back when college (undergrad) cost $8,000 a year so you could do it! With average state tuition now $24-27K per year, it is almost impossible for an 18 year old to work their way through school. There are now limits to federal student loans (limit of $5,500 their first year and maxed out at like $6500 their jr and sr. year...which barely makes a chink in $25,000 per year!). Start early and save just $50 a week. Have it auto-drafted to a 529 account. Start it when they are young. You won't miss the money. The average state school now costs $25K a year and a lot of them give very little merit aid. Most NPs + spouse salary will make too much money to qualify for much meaningful need based aid at the elite privates or LACs. Message me if you want college planning tips! I love sharing what I have learned!
  9. carachel2

    I want to move Texas as a new grad NP. Need advice

    First of all, what makes you pick Houston?
  10. carachel2

    Is it bad or unprofessional to hide from drug company reps

    ^^^^ IDK....eating my lunch (that I brought from home) in another part of the office while the reps chat with everyone else is not necessarily hiding. I always called it "keeping my sanity" and "taking a real lunch." I do like the idea about making them set up a loose appointment. I always hated how they would just drop in and then we were supposed to make people wait while we saw them?
  11. carachel2

    Is it bad or unprofessional to hide from drug company reps

    I agree with aligning with them to some extent for networking. Some of them are very helpful and are good, genuine people. I always made it very clear I respected them, but was never going to use their products unless it was a last resort. Their "coupons" rarely worked or if they worked, it was just for a short-time. I am always going to find the lowest cost product to use with a patient and am never ever going to jump right in and use a brand name product when a $4.00 drug will do the job with the same outcomes and the same side effect profile. Don't even get me started on the scantily dressed reps who are overly flirty or the reps who start to get nosey about prescribing patterns after they have done a lunch or two and think they own you. Hmmmm..
  12. carachel2

    NPs working in Texas

    I worked for five years in family practice seeing my own patients, doing my own thing, consulting only with my collab physician when needed. Never felt there were any restrictions or problems. I've never been one dying to have my own practice so maybe if that is your goal you will have some restrictions. Pay in the DFW for an experienced NP seems to run 95k-110K for FNP. I have no idea about the specialty market. Best of luck to you!
  13. I'm back again. Have you contacted all of the public/state schools in your area personally with a phone call i.e. not just looking online to see if there are any part-time options? $80K is gonna be all private loans, right? The interest will accrue while you are in school and the total will be close to $100k total and is such a horrible idea I can't even imagine sleeping at night.
  14. carachel2

    No FNP jobs????

    Heck forget about mailing your resume...stop by and drop your resume off in person! I have many many friends who found jobs that way..usually in privately owned practices. The physician owners are too stressed and too busy to hunt for an NP. You should go to them!
  15. Yeah. Don't do that!! Sorry, but I'm in the middle of helping my high school daughter with college admissions and helping her understand debt. That is a HUGE student loan debt. I think a more reasonable amount is $15-30K tops. You will be paid the same as any other NP...regardless of name and prestige of the university. Do you not have any online state school options?
  16. carachel2

    Nursing Board troubles

    Are you in Texas? Board complaints in Texas can take forever. It is a horrible process. Sounds like you need to consider hiring a different attorney who specializes in board complaints.