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  1. List of 100% Online Acute Care NP Programs

    Actually, I did find an online PA program. First I've heard of it. From University of Wiconsin. Still, a PA asking this same question would be laughed at considering their "online" program requires 12 weeks on campus at the beginning, plus 2 campus v...
  2. List of 100% Online Acute Care NP Programs

    No, there isn't. The only online PA program that exists is an online masters completion program for PAs who already have a bachelors or certificate in PA studies. They've already done the hands on training/clinicals. There is no entry level PA progr...
  3. List of 100% Online Acute Care NP Programs

    Really? Heaven forbid you have to "inconvenience" yourself learning skills in person before becoming a provider and taking care of patients. How do you expect the school to ensure you know what you need to know, especially as an ACNP? Could you ima...
  4. South University FNP MSN program???

    Um, no. South University is a for profit school. There are no for profit medical or pharmacy schools because they know for profits tend to ruin professional image. I think you looked up the wrong school. There is no Souh University medical school. Al...
  5. Boycott schools that make you find your own preceptors

    I think that perfectly sums up how I feel about what zmansc has been saying. zmansc, we understand that sometimes rural students need to set up their own clinicals since they don't have local programs. BUT as llg stated, there is a huge difference in...
  6. Let's make a list of all online FNP programs

    Yes, they have, as have some other states including NY. This is wonderful and I hope more states do it, because it prevents those diploma mill for profits from operating. NC has plenty of NP programs so there is no excuse for people to go to Kaplan o...
  7. online FNP program no GRE for NC

    The GRE probably is useless in most master and PhD programs, where the phenomenon of "self selection" occurs (aka: only the bright apply in the first place). As we have seen from posts on this board, every nurse thinks they are entitled to become a n...
  8. Let's make a list of all online FNP programs

    Good luck! I did a ton of research on online programs in case I wasn't able to get into my local program (Columbia) and by far the top 3 seem to be Georgetown, Simmons, and Duke. All of them have big names, especially in healthcare, and no one would ...
  9. Duke FNP Fall 2015

    It's a wonderful service to the patients of NC, however, as they won't run into as many for profits grads unprepared to treat them. I applaud any state that takes steps to limit the ability for any idiot nurse to become an NP. It seems in NC, you mus...
  10. Boycott schools that make you find your own preceptors

    zmansc, Every time this comes up, you defend it because it worked for YOU. I understand that it worked for you. We all do. But things just fell fell into place for you - you had a network of contacts and were able to set up excellent clinical sites. ...
  11. Let's make a list of all online FNP programs

    Hi uscg2RN, I go to Columbia for my NP program currently. No, there are no good for profit programs. Outside of nursing, for profit schools are a joke. They don't exist in medicine or PA programs. Highly educated/intelligent people see them as diplom...
  12. ku vs vanderbilt vs southern alabama

    they are including living expenses. That will throw off calculations. You need to compare cost of tuition online.
  13. ku vs vanderbilt vs southern alabama

    Where do you get that? Vanderbilt tuition is $1195 per credit, and the FNP is 39 credits = $46k
  14. Boycott schools that make you find your own preceptors

    They don't. And do you really think places like Walden or other for profit (and a lot of greedy not for profits) care whether or not they are creating competent providers? If they did they wouldn't have them find their own preceptors in the first pla...
  15. Finding Preceptors?

    Thats the school giving them some flexibility regarding less than 5% of their overall clinical hours when residency is factored in, with the vast majority of med student hours still being entirely set up and facilitated by the school with major overs...