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  1. DragonPurr

    Whooping cough redux; your story?

    Klone is referring to Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) not HIB or HPV which is not given to infants in the hospital before they are released i.e. HBV.
  2. DragonPurr

    need advice/opinions on where to relocate!

    I say go where ever you can get a job! May not be that "exciting" place you are expecting, but it will be a first start in your journey for some where other than where you are now. Good luck
  3. DragonPurr

    Was it or was it not?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought HIPAA covered patient information not anyone else. I hardly see where you could be faulted for a HIPAA violation in referencing the aunt who was not a patient. Meh..all this BS starts to get on my nerves. People just need to get a grip and get over themselves.
  4. DragonPurr

    Maryville University Fall 2014

    Good luck to you Gin820. I have been accepted for the fall FNP start date and I'm really excited. Can't wait to meet more people in that cohort. Let me know how it goes for you.
  5. DragonPurr

    How to get tincture of Benzoin out of clothes

    Awesome tip. Thanks for passing that along.
  6. People can be so ugly. In fact, it seems like I hear it all the time now about the inhumanity that surrounds us. Very depressing and disheartening.
  7. DragonPurr

    Nurses letting other nurses chart on their account

    I agree with Pangea. NOT the students lane of fire. In fact, this may even draw the student into being the focus of unintended scrutiny.
  8. DragonPurr

    Woman gives birth alone in jail, baby dies

    How terribly sad. I can't imagine.
  9. DragonPurr

    Nursing school help! What to do...

    You are probably well advised to volunteer or shadow a nurse for several days before committing yourself to nursing. I'm telling you right now there is no way you are avoiding vomit, poop, sputum, blood, the smell of C-diff. Sorry but that is all part of nursing.
  10. DragonPurr

    Civilian Nurse Working on a Military Base, How?

    I'm a DA Civilian nurse working in occupational health. Even though I'm a veteran, I don't qualify for the veteran bonus points and even though I'm a dependent spouse, I don't qualify for spouse preference. What did get me the job was the three years of experience in the field the supervisor was looking for. In addition, DA civilians are not eligible for hire until they meet the one year of experience requirement. This includes LPN's who are going back to school for RN status. Look at USAJOBS for job postings and you can hand carry a resume to the post Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for direct hire options. Hope this is helpful to someone.
  11. DragonPurr

    Public health nurses: A century of photos

    Thanks for posting. I love seeing old nursing photographs.
  12. DragonPurr

    Joke: What's the fastest?

    Now, THAT'S funny!
  13. DragonPurr

    What is your favorite smiley?

    This one makes me think of happy puppies! How could it not be my fav? Love it!
  14. DragonPurr


    So funny!
  15. DragonPurr

    Certifications/learning while waiting

    If math is not your strong suit, I'd do a math refresher course.