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  1. ENT NPs, what do you do?

    Hi there, Wondering if there are any ENT/ORL NPs here that care to specify what they do on a day to day basis in terms of patient complaint and in-office procedures. Thanks!
  2. Negotiating the new job

    Sorry. Yes, the NPs are viewed as a part of the nursing staff and therefor hospital staff meaning there is no special perks such as parking unfortunately.
  3. Negotiating the new job

    Juan-this is a hospital-based position and non-union..
  4. Negotiating the new job

    Hey all. Just curious aside of pay, what types of things have you negotiated into accepting a position? I'm awaiting an offer that will come this week for my first NP position. It's the the city and parking spaces are at a premium. The shortest wait ...
  5. First NP job as hospice

    I say hold out for something more closely aligned with primary care if you're still able to pay the bills with your job now..
  6. Best Stethoscope

    Hello, I'm about to accept a position for an inpatient role-very excited! I lost my old Littman SE stethoscope in the midst of clinical rotations. Which stethoscope is best? Should I just spend the $$ for the Littman Cardiology III? My role is not in...
  7. Experienced NP desiring VA job

    Good luck!!🎰
  8. Is it ever ok to quit without notice?

    I think since you already have another job lined up giving less than two weeks doesn't matter. Hopefully you've said your goodbyes already to your favorite patients or had letters sent out? Not sure how that works. Good luck with the new job and for ...
  9. New Grad NP Salary vs Hourly Pay California

  10. Why is it so hard to find a preceptor?

    Wow, how does every thread become an appropriate place for you to bash NP schools and the profession in general? For someone that has so much negative to say about it, it amazes me you still want to be an NP..
  11. The waiting game, when is it okay to check in?

    Hey all. So I had both of my second interviews early last week. Both went well I think. I have heard back positively for a third and final interview with one but not the other. I know there are other candidates to be interviewed but this one that I h...
  12. Why did you become a Nurse Practitioner?

    1. Increased autonomy 2. A chance to learn new skills and challenge myself 3. Job opportunity in many areas and a modest pay raise 4. Lifestyle- no more call shifts , no holidays or off- shifts
  13. Questioning my decisions...

    Yes, I agree with the others-it sounds like you need to shadow a few APRNs and see what you are drawn towards. NP school is hard work, no doubt about it. If you don't have a solid idea of what you would be intersted in doing when you finish youre goi...

    No, not too interesting. Mostly pulling any pertinent patient history from various MD notes and then completing a limited physical and filling in the blanks of the assessment as well as educating on NPO status, what to expect day of surgery etc etc.....
  15. How many patients are you expected to see daily?

    50 a day?!! Whaaat? That isn't even mathematically possible even if you aren't taking a lunch break and seeing a new patient every 15 minutes from 8am-5pm..