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Please Help How to study to pass!!


Hello everyone,

I am going to tell you my story of NCLEX. After you read this, please analyze and give me some advice!!

I began to study for NCLEX......... 9/2011

I took NCLEX............................ 9/2012 failed

1/2013 failed

3/2013 failed

The performance report I received after the last exam was.......

I answered 144 items (used 6 hrs)

Above the passing standard; safety and infection control

Near the passing standard; others

Below the passing standard; 0

my current practice materials; KAPLAN correct answer around 50%

NCSBN correct answer 90%

It has taken almost 3 years since I started to study. However I had had some problems ( housing, roommates, VISA, surgery, rehab etc) and couldn't keep to be strong and couldn't concentrate on study. I was depressed.... Anyway finally I recovered my condition and restarted studying again this summer. I don't have enough time to stay in the US. So I'm really want to pass within this fall.

Please give me some advices or encouragement!!

Thank you,


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Don't give up cherry. u can do it. just focus..

yedwards42, BSN, MSN

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Hi -

Only you know how best you study and learn. Possibly, you may benefit from "hearing" and seeing material visually? For example, Kaplan has content videos and content questions you can listen to and they break everything down. For NCLEX you do need base content, though you also need to know about strategy. What the question is asking and the "why" to things. Hurst is also a good review for content and q's. I used Hurst, Kaplan, NCSBN and LaCharity.

Find and use a few good resources for you to review/retain the information. Listen to videos and re-review your notes periodically to make sure you have core content/rationales down. Do a lot of questions for practice (also good for building content). Good luck!!

Check out my post! I hope it helps! Don't give up!!

Thank you very much for your advices. I'm going to try not to have negative mind.

Use Kaplan!!!

I bought the $499 package (includes class session) and it was money well spent. Here's what I did and it helped me pass at 75 questions:

1. Attend the class

2. Listen to the Lectures (videos) and the videos reviewing in class questions.

3. Do all the Q trainers (I did all of them except one, # 5).

4. Do the Q bank- try and do all the questions. (i did 75% )

5. Do the alternate format question 1 day or 2 days before your test date

Do not waste time reading the review book from cover to cover. Do questions, more questions and review/ look up info as you go. If you have time review ALL the questions including the ones you got right, look at all the answer choices as it will give you extra info as to why each choice was right/wrong/not priority. Then if you have time, review the incorrect questions a second time.

If you run out of time look at the analysis section, see how the scores was distributed and what areas you are weak in. I looked at areas less than 60 % and then I would go back to the test and review the questions in that weak area.

Make notes if you notice a trend, I made note for areas that I was weak in or for any concept I could not remember. I organized it by section ( Management of Care/Positioning/Pharm etc). The key with notes is keeping everything organized so that you can find the info easily.

Lastly, this is something you have to think about...get a tutor. Two weeks before my test I was overwhelmed and felt disorganized and I finally bit the bullet and hired a tutor. She really helped me to be organized and provided me with the structure that I needed. When I was taking the test I found myself using the tips that she gave me to answer a majority of the questions, even the ones I didn't know.

Stay positive, during the exam I wrote on the dry erase board " You will Pass !!!" and every time I got to a challenging question I would take a break and read those words before going back to the question. I also took a break when I felt physically tired and overwhelmed by a question (# 33) and I did not wait for the scheduled 2 hr break. I went to the bathroom, washed my face with cold water and took a brisk walk in the hallway. When I returned to my computer, I knew how to answer #33 :) It definitely helps to walk away/ look away from the computer to regroup before answering a challenging question. Prayer also helped me, knowing that I wasn't alone during the test also added to my confidence.

I hope this helps :)

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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For those who can't afford the Kaplan course (which is rent money or mortgage money, btw), go for the NCSBN course that costs significantly less and is made by the makers of NCLEX. They provide a comprehensive resource to review and have a great amount of questions.

I used NCSBN as well as Saunders flash cards-the Saunders breaks down the four concepts of the NCLEX.

Start to understand the four concepts of becoming a competent, entry-level nurse:

1. Safe, effective care;

2.Health promotion;

3.Physiological Integrity;

4.Psychosocial integrity

Will determine WHAT the question is asking you; the question may be Respiratory related-but is it a Health Promotion or a Safety, or a Physiological or a Psychosocial one? Would you know the difference and choose the BEST answer?

Once one understands the concepts of NCLEX, they can answer the

questions successfully

Before answering a question, make sure that you have a good rationale, and there's always 2 answers that are off the wall, and 2 that's really close to each other.... that will give you 50 percent chance of getting the right one... then do the rationale.... practice test questions more, and read all the rationale, including the wrong answers.