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    Hurst and then Kaplan

    TRANSMISSION-BASED PRECAUTIONS: AIRBORNE My - Measles (Rubeola) Chicken - Chicken Pox/Varicella Hez - Herpez Zoster/Shingles TB - Tuberculosis) or remember... MTV=Airborne Measles TB Varicella-Chicken Pox/Herpes Zoster-Shingles Private Room - negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges/hr Mask, N95 for TB DROPLET think of SPIDERMAN! S - sepsis S - scarlet fever S - streptococcal pharyngitis P - parvovirus B19 P - pneumonia P - pertussis I - influenza D - diptheria (pharyngeal) E - epiglottitis R - rubella M - mumps M - meningitis M - mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia An - Adenovirus Private Room or cohort Mask CONTACT PRECAUTION MRS.WEE M - multidrug resistant organism R - respiratory infection S - skin infections * W - wound infxn E - enteric infxn - clostridium difficile E - eye infxn - conjunctivitis SKIN INFECTIONS VCHIPS V - varicella zoster C - cutaneous diphtheria H - herpes simplex I - impetigo P - pediculosis S - scabies * I hope this helps! It helped during my nclex!
  2. Justdoit86

    Hurst and then Kaplan

    Goodluck everyone on you nclex!! Just wanted to let you guys know, I just borrowed my friends hurst book. (Didn't attend the review/did online review course) I read that plus purchased the kaplan qbank only. My advice is to do 85-100/day and to make sure you read your rationales. During my nclex, I hid the box that tells me which question I was on. (Just to reduce my anxiety) I also prayed and meditated before I took my test. Let me tell you, I blanked out on my first question. So I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and told myself I could do this!! I finally checked my box once and I was on question 96. (I tried to keep calm and meditated for a sec again) 3 questions later, my computer stopped! :) Don't let your anxiety get the best of you! It can mentally block info. Good luck everyone and make sure to pray!!
  3. Justdoit86


    Finally!!!! ☺️ woooo
  4. Have you had your first sip of coffee yet? Lol Debbie Downer for sure
  5. I agree but I still think that if you had several SATA, you might have been doing good. Test varies. On my first try, I didn't get much SATA's and failed. 2nd time, I had several and passed. Like I said, it's a 50/50 chance.
  6. It's really hard to tell! It could be a 50/50 thing. Try to get your mind off of it. I know it's gonna be dreadful. did you get lots of SATAs?
  7. I was in your position just last week! I know how it feels! But the Pearson vue trick has been compromised! It sucks for Californians! I'm sure you did well! :)
  8. I took my test earlier this august and got my results 2 weeks after in the mail. I passed with less than 100q. I think 99 q's in less than 2 hours :)
  9. It takes atleast 2 weeks to get the results if you live in Cali!
  10. I messaged you!
  11. Cali! The state that makes us wait the longest! Lol :) nice to meet ya too! And you?
  12. I'll pray for you! Don't lose hope! You're welcome! Keep us updated! Or message me if you ever need someone to talk to!
  13. That should be good then! I would say to still wait it out! :)
  14. I know I'm sorry did you get a lot of SATA's??
  15. Oh no I'm sorry! I would still wait it out? Don't lose hope. Try to get your mind off of it. It's hard I know! But just think about this, atleast you know what to expect on the next one? :)
  16. Did they take your payment from your account???