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  1. BSNRN2014

    Unsure About Current Job

    I am in a similar position. I also struggle with feelings of guilt ,knowing how much it costs to train me and embarrassment that I couldn't stick it out. However, I've decided to put my health and emotional wellbeing first and to seek another work environment/field in nursing. Hopefully we'll both find better positions :)
  2. BSNRN2014

    I want to quit nursing.

    I'm surprised by how insensitive some people are being about this issue. I am in a similar position where I'm unhappy with my current work environment however I've decided to stick it out for a year and get more experience. People say ignore the cliques but that is easier said than done. Personally I feel that you should hang in there until you can find another position. Who cares if it makes you look like a job hopper! Life is too short to live in misery and if you're unhappy then do something about it.
  3. BSNRN2014

    How to soften scrubs

    I have found that after multiple washings they become a little bit softer :)
  4. BSNRN2014

    Rough day

    Thank you everyone for you words of encouragement. I keep telling myself that the first 6 months is the hardest for new nurses. I am watching the the nurses on my unit, seeing how they respond in critical situations so that I can learn from them. I am still having moments when my confidence takes a hit but i'm trying to move past those moments and to learn from them.
  5. BSNRN2014

    Struggling as a new nurse :'-(

    You're not alone. I just finished crying after an overwhelming day where my preceptor made me feel incompetent. When they nurses eat their young its definitely true. This experience has dampened the joy i had when I first started this profession. I'm not sure what I can do or how to proceed.
  6. BSNRN2014

    It gets better.

    Thank you for your post. Week 3 in my orientation and I really needed to read your message.
  7. BSNRN2014

    Rough day

    I had a rough day on Friday. I'm a new grad in my 3rd week of orientation and I froze during my first medical code simulation Which was video taped and recorded. I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself. If anyone has ever gone through something similar, can you please share how you moved on ? Thank you
  8. BSNRN2014

    NICU with no experience

    Hospitals in NJ and NY hire new grads in PICU and NICU. Most of my classmates got hired into both specialties.
  9. BSNRN2014

    No such thing as a dumb question

    I think this cartoon also applies to all the new grads during orientation. Take advantage of the knowledge your preceptors have and ask a lot of questions.
  10. BSNRN2014

    How to soften scrubs

    Hi everyone, I need some advice on how to soften my scrubs. The hospital requires us to wear a specific shade of green which is very difficult to find and are only sold by a few brands. The ones which I have been lucky to find have a very stiff/harsh material quality which chafe my skin. I am planning to wear tights and under shirts to reduce the skin irritation but I would also appreciate any tips to soften the fabric.
  11. BSNRN2014

    Newly qualified - anxiety/hopelessness

    Definitely get some help and find someone to talk to...see if there is an occupational health department where you work. they usually have great resources for staff. I also think that it would be advisable to find a better work environment that is less stressful.
  12. BSNRN2014

    How old is too old to pursue an MSN?

    Go for it. Regret is the worst thing to live with.
  13. BSNRN2014

    I got the job!

  14. BSNRN2014


    Mazda CX-7 is very roomy
  15. BSNRN2014

    First Med Error... Learned Big Lesson

    Don't be too hard on yourself but next time remember to check the BP before giving the med. Also, I just wanted say that it sounds like you have a very supportive team ( RN manager) which is something every new grad needs.
  16. BSNRN2014

    NYU Langone experience

    For all those who have worked at NYU Langone: Would you mind sharing what your experience was like during orientation at NYU? Any tips for new grads starting orientation? How is the work environment and culture at NYU? Any survival tips (lol)? Thank you in advance :)