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yedwards42 has 8 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in Maternal Newborn.

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  1. RNC-NIC results

    Saw this post and appreciated the updates about timing/receiving my NCC testing results. I took my RNC-MNN test on 9/29 at a test center; I received a letter saying I would receive my results in 7-14 business days (longer if I took a newer version o...
  2. generic or brand name in nclex

    Generic drug names were on my NCLEX - I took 8/27 (heard through my HURST course that NCLEX would test on generic drugs only)
  3. Best Way to Prep For NCLEX?

    Very honestly, it will be hard for you to study for NCLEX during nursing school. Though your courses and tests should help prepare you. Does your school give you NCLEX type exams (NCLEX questions)? If so, this is a big benefit. During school, abs...
  4. please read :(

    You're welcome. You have everything you need in your head and heart to pass NCLEX. :)
  5. please read :(

    Hi rainbowl, Preparing for NCLEX (and anxiety/nerves) can get the best of us! It's a hard exam to study for as it's very broad. What you're feeling is normal, though like others said try to continue studying your best and not dwell on the "what if'...
  6. failed the nclex with 265 questions, now what

    Hi~ I'm sorry you didn't pass, though you seem to have the right attitude and stamina to get back on the saddle. NCLEX is just a test, and while I did pass, I said to myself I would do my best and if I didn't pass - just take it again. Your determi...
  7. NCLEX RN tomorrow!

    Good luck - you can do it!! :)
  8. How much should I have knowledge?

    Hi ~ You really need to know core content - common illnesses/assessments/interventions/treatments within each body system, lab values, infection control (what diseases are airborne, contact or droplet and what PPE would you wear), medications (commo...
  9. Nclex in 5days. What to do?

    This is part true, as there are some "vague" or "obscure" questions within NCLEX testing on critical thinking skills and not so much nursing. However, that said, I'd say at least half my test was on stuff I knew - fundamentals, infection control, co...
  10. Nclex in 5days. What to do?

    If you have your core content (including fundamentals, infection control and priority/delegation) you can whip NCLEX this next time. I'm sure since you are familiar with NCLEX you reviewed the areas/strategies and are ready to go. Read questions/ans...
  11. What/how to study for NCLEX

    Hi ~ I took NCLEX in August (and passed at 102 questions) and studied almost two months with several resources: HURST, Kaplan, NCSBN, Saunder's and La Charity PDA. I also used the 35 page study guide "cheat sheet" here for some general information. ...
  12. About to take NCLEX 2 weeks from now. Any advice?

    Hi ~ I feel for you as I felt the same way prior to my NCLEX. I had NCLEX scheduled 8/7 and extreme panic/anxiety set in a week before. It was so bad, I rescheduled my exam for three weeks later. I'm glad I did. Anyway, what helped me most is o...
  13. Nclex #3 in 10 days. Need words of advice.

    Congrats!! So happy for you!
  14. 2nd attempt advice pls

    Hi ~ Nobody can tell you if you will pass or not, though your chances are greatly increased if you know core content backwards and forwards (i.e fundamentals, some information on specific diseases/conditions treatments/procedures/teaching within each...
  15. Is PDA + Study guide enough?

    I'm sure you will!! Big hugs and cheer for you