People complaining about WAGES!!!!

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I have 5 kids, 4 in college and my hubby is in college. Our house payment is almost 2,000 per month. Let me tell you I do not make enough. LOL. I love all my kids I just know it is not enough.

Sorry nurses are not paid enough. I have a cousin who is an auto worker and makes more than I do. Always get breaks, vacations and such-wow I wonder what that is like. He is not saving anyones life??




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Just wait...just wait.

Boy, and they talk about older nurses "eating their young". Here we have a new nurse sharpening her teeth on us!



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First let me begin by saying, as many have already, that $34.00/hr isn't nearly enough for the day to day struggles RN's deal with. Salaries have slowly, and I mean slowly crept up. I have been an RN for ten years now and my salary has only increased a whopping $10/hr since my first position as a new grad.

Sure you can choose to go the route and obtain a degree to work as an NP. I personally know a few people who have gone that route and they are still looking for desirable positions. I have even known some who are trying to create positions for themselves at organizations. There is not a big demand for NP's. In case you haven't noticed it's the BEDSIDE nurse role that is in critical shortage.

Sure I would love to make more a BEDSIDE nurse. In case you haven't noticed there aren't any (that I am aware of) NP's working at the bedside. I have no desire to become an NP. I'm sure they are just as unhappy about their compensation for their role. Are you going to encourage them to comtinue their education and become an MD? I should think not.

I do not want to change my role to make more money. I would prefer getting the money I deserve as a RN that works extremely hard at the bedside with patients and families. Because that is where I get the most satisfaction from my job.



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wow hold off, no need to get snippy, I'm merely asking questions...and yeah sorry it did kind of floor me when I heard someone making $34 complaining, guess i didn't consider some things.

but anyway, the people griping and 'being offeneded' by me saying that you don't have to be SUPER smart, geez! Why is it that if someone says anything about nursing you don't think sounds right, you have to rush in and say 'im offended!'

I don't mean that any guy off the street can be a NP, what I MEANT was that you don't have to be a genious. You don't have to be super smart. How is that offending anyone?



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18 years nursing and making 23.50/hour.

This means 12 hours a day with rarely a break to eat your lunch or even go pee.

This is in LTC where I must have the dionostic skills of an MD, the interpersonal communications when dealing with families of an MSW, good supervisory skills with my staff, and superb time managment skills.

These are all things that you will not learn in nursing school. This is what experience on the floor and nothing else gives you.

Oppourtinity for advancement certainly exists in nursing but time is your best ally.

Find your niche and do the best job in the area that you love.

The "pay" is in loving your job.



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Dmr.-- I am not one of those nurses who thinks that anything negative about nursing offends her. I think what these people are saying that you have not been in the position of having to make mortgage payments, car payments, kid's college tuition, dr bills for everyone, as well as dentist, clothing, school fees, and all the rest of the things that go with living longer. If you have, I stand corrected. I am 52 and am amazed at how expensive everything is. For me, my husband of 30 years and our 2 22+ age kids. 34.00 per hour sounds like alot, and it IS for 1 person to live on. But not for a family. I am a school nurse, and I don't set the world on fire with my income. But I am happy-my husband and I both work. He is a medical professional also. He has a doctorate, I do not. I don't take offense at your post at all-I knew what you meant. I don't consider myself super smart at all, yet I almost have a masters degree. I have struggled. The nurse practitioners that I know are not super smart-just dedicated to doing what they wanted to achieve.It's a long hard haul to get to the NP stage-all the pieces must fall into place and one must weigh the debt incurred with future earning potential and job satisfaction. If that is what you are planning-great. But for some, whether it be money, brains, or other thing, it is not an option, and nurses as a profession should be more valued by the public, and thus compensated. I think others feel this way also. We just aren't paid for the level of responsibility and training we have. That has always been a fact.

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Originally posted by BadBird

Just remember what is written down looks good but the actual job of bedside nursing, caring for accutely ill patients and dealing with a multitude of personalities from physicians to wacko families is another story, one that the public has no idea about.

I am very grateful to be living in the U.S.

But, back to the topic of the thread-

I make $22./hr which is competetive for my area and for my speciality. I think it's a good wage, not great, but good.

However, nurses are generally overworked, disrespected, disregarded and have to put up with a huge amount of BS from mgmt, docs, families, etc., have great responsibility and very little authority.

In these kinds of working conditions, no amount of money seems like enough.



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A few surefire ways to get and keep yourself unhappy with your pay:

- Compare your salary to others in your field who make more. Don't worry about their cost of living, experience, or schedule. Forget about all the ones who make less than you.

- Compare yourself to those above and below you who may make more. Forget about all those who make less than you.

- Constantly remind yourself about people in other fields (especially the ones who have less "education" and "responsibility" than yours) who make astronomically more than you do. Forget about all those who make much less than you.

- Keep your standard of living so high that you spend everything you make. If your salary goes up, increase your spending accordingly. Don't save or invest a dime.

- When you hear about someone else making more money, automatically assume that their jobs and lives are easier, that they are happier, that they don't work NEARLY as hard as you, that their lives have ALWAYS been this way, and they are absolutely filthy rich.

All this is, obviously, written tongue-in-cheek, but hopefully you see my point. A lot of is what we choose to focus on, and what we do with the money we DO make.



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I have been an NP in both the US and Canada. In the US the minimum to practice for an NP is a Masters. In Canada a primary care NP can take a post-BSN program and be an NP. No doubt this is the program you are thinking about in SK. ACNP's do need a Masters In Canada. In Canada NP's do make more than RN's but only marginally. The opportunity for the 'big bucks' is less here as NP's cannot bill directly for their services, as they can in the US. In Ontario NP's average between $60,000 (less than the top end RN) and $80,000. Some ACNP's make slightly more. You can go to a nursing station and make 6 figures but as you may know these positions are very isolated and the cost of living is very expensive.

I do agree that the $ amount is only relative depending on where you live and your own personal situation as well as how attached you are to your lifestyle!



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I am about to begin the nursing program(am a student) and after reading the replys to this thread--Im shocked!!! It sounds so discouraging!!!! Am I in the wrong field????


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It is a great thing we do. Most of us are not in it for the money. It would just be nice to make more money as we are saving lives. You are not in the wrong field angela. We knew that going into nursing.


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