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  1. I too work at a hospital that is downright FILTHY!! On more than one occasion I have entered a 'clean' room to check for set up prior to admit and found dired BLOOD on the call bell, phone, side rails etc. I have also found dried crud on the beds...
  2. Unfriendly RN's during clinicals

    Lizz, it saddens me that you (and probably others) think you get in the way and cause stress!! PLEASE do not feel this way. I work in a university medical center and look forward to the students coming. I know my peers feel the same way. It is ...
  3. RN Functions

    I think nurses in general (ICUs, ED, floor, outpatient) have much more autonomy than some of us utilize. There are tons of nurse/physician driven protocols. I personally have never worked in the ED but I know that even on the surgery floor I work ...
  4. Obesity in the hospital

    Ewwwwww :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  5. Need examples of Shift Change...

    I prefer face to face report. And if it is a pt that I have had before and has been in the hospital forever sometimes I play the 20 questions report. Please dont go through the whole history again for me.... hows their urine output? fever today? amb...
  6. Do you have to attend "rounds'?

    Every afternoon there is a formal 'discahrge planning' session that usually last 30-45mins. The charge nurse, social worker, home health nurse and sometimes PT/OT are present. I find this duty is more of a 'legal' obligation to satisfy documentatio...
  7. What can MSNs do that BSNs can't do?

    RN4NICU, you hit the nail on the head!
  8. GTube, med administration..HELP

    As a general rule ALWAYS make sure the head of bed is elevated before administering in a GT. I usually make sure that the meds are ordered as suspensions or elixirs if available. ALWAYS dilute meds down with warm water. NEVER juice or cola. Juice...
  9. Obesity in the hospital

    I work on a med-surg unit that performs gastric-bypasses rather routinely. I don't mind this pt population, and when the outcome is good you are thrilled that the pt has a chance of a somewhat normal lifestyle. As a general rule all of our GB's are ...
  10. Nursing in the UK

    I am presently working as an RN in the US. In the future I may be interested in relocating to the UK. I possess an Associate's Degree in Nursing. Would I need to return to school to work in the UK or is there some sort of reciprocity? Any info wo...
  11. Doctor, Doctor,

  12. Cruise ship nursing

    Just trying to gather some general information about cruise ship nursing. What cruise line? How long were assignments? Salary compensation? Crew relations? Destinations? What was your experience prior to cruise position? Would you do it again? Why or...
  13. Found the link. No detail about incident though.
  14. People complaining about WAGES!!!!

    First let me begin by saying, as many have already, that $34.00/hr isn't nearly enough for the day to day struggles RN's deal with. Salaries have slowly, and I mean slowly crept up. I have been an RN for ten years now and my salary has only increas...
  15. At my place of employment we refer to 'incident' reports as Quality Reports. I think this conveys a less disciplinary-type image. I do not hesitate to 'write' myself up. I feel that USUALLY a report needs to be completed due to a SYSTEMS fault and...